A/N: Little sequel for the 'Fluff' series for Torina. I say these are for her, but they're also for me. If you're keeping up with P&C, you'd know why. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed this little piece of fluff.

"Severus!" Harry cried as his lover entered the room. He held back a snort of laughter when he took in Severus' shocked expression as he looked their sitting room over.

He had moved all the furniture along one wall so there was a wide space across the floor, with nothing but the carpet covering it.

"Did you know..." Harry asked as he drew Severus into his arms, "that all electrical devices work in this room... not only the television?"

Severus looked amused as well as a bit annoyed. "What have you done, brat, and should I be frightened?"

Harry left Severus' embrace and went to the far wall where he'd left the CD player Hermione had gifted him with. He nearly skipped back in his excitement.

"Do you know that in addition to not having watched any films, I've hardly listened to any music?"

Severus lifted an eyebrow but seemed to have taken what Harry said seriously. "Really? Define 'hardly.'"

"Well, I think I listened to whatever my aunt had on the radio or Mrs. Weasley on the wireless..."

Severus shook his head. "Yes. Right. I should have thought of this." He looked around the room and at Harry's device. "And I take it you've spent the afternoon acquainting yourself with a few artists?"

Harry nodded his head.

"May I ask who gave you this music?"


Harry laughed as Severus rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath. "Of course, the know-it-all... I shudder to think what she would view as music."

"No, I actually really like it. I mean, it's kind of girl music, but-" Harry pushed the play button and looked over to Severus, feeling shy for the first time in several years.

Severus looked amazed to hear Joni Mitchell's Clouds begin to play before Harry skipped to the song he wanted.

"Er, I, um- I know this is kind of girlie music-"

"'Kind of?'"

Harry smiled shyly. "Well, it is girlie music, but I-"

Severus moved to grab Harry from where he was still trying to apologize for his musical tastes.

"Harry, I am about to tell you something that you must never share with another soul."

Harry nodded a silent yet solemn vow, more than willing to take Severus' confession to his grave.

"I adore Joni Mitchell. If you ever tell anyone, I will be forced to kill you."

Harry smiled. "Oh, good. Then... you'll know this song." Harry smiled as Severus recognized 'Both Sides Now' as it came on.

"Er, I know it's a bit corny, but- this line... 'the dizzy dancing way you feel...' It really reminds me of you. Sometimes when we're together, I swear... Well, I just-"

Severus smiled and seemed to understand what Harry was trying to say.

He leaned in very close to Harry's ear and half-sang in a whisper, "As every fairy tale comes real."

Harry smiled against Severus' neck as his lover swept him into his arms and proceeded to sway slowly to the music. Neither one of them was truly dancing, but Severus thought it was enough to have Harry's heart pressed against his own, close enough to feel it soar.