" …the city has been destroyed beyond all imagination but all government officials are telling us its is finished… whether you believe that or not that is for you to decide" the news for the day ended and a 25 year old woman with brown blond hair sighed. She shook her head.

"If only it were true" she whispered, she hated the media, they always told lies. That girl was named with Paige, she was a striking young woman, with brown eyes. She had a shapely body, one that could turn the heads of most men. She headed toward the kitchen, there she dropped of her breakfast dishes. Then she headed toward the shower, it was time to get ready for work. Once out of the shower she grabbed a nice pair of jeans and one of her tight fitting t-shirts. One look in the mirror told her she looked fine. Some mascara and lip gloss was then slapped on and she was ready to face the day.

Paige grabbed her keys and headed down, her apartment was located on the bottom floor and so no elevator was needed. She then checked her watch- she was going to be late. With a sigh she ran out and headed for her car. Unfortunately for her car, a beat up Honda, was stuck. Two huge trucks had her car caged in; she couldn't back up or move forward. Paige sighed, now she was going to have to run… oh goodie. Paige was the sportsy type but running to work wasn't exactly the best thing at the moment, she was on a clock…. A seriously messed up clock at the moment.

With that she took of running in the direction of her work. Paige worked for a photo shoot company. Today she had an appointment with three babies… another oh goodie. Trying to get the bundles of joy to sit still, the criers to shut up and the other to look in your direction. That was what was waiting for her at work. Secretly Paige enjoyed the situation she was in. Let her partner take it. Paige took a path down a park road, it was a short cut.

She ran a few minutes more, when finally a prickling sensation filled her entire back and neck, she was being watched. Paige didn't get those feelings often she was fairly sure it was real. She whipped around just in time to see a massive bulk heading towards her…

It was a large burly man, he was masked and his hands were out stretched towards her. Paige screamed… this wasn't good. Paige braced her body for impact but that really didn't help, the man pounded her to the ground, his hands were around her neck, her head banged painfully against the hard pavement. Paige was gasping for breath, the man was trying to keep a firm hold on her neck and he was trying to lift her at the same time. Paige did her part in making it difficult for the man, naturally she lashed out with her hands and feet, she also tried to bite him but he some how had evaded all of her blows, until her fist hit him square in the jaw.

"Bitch" he shouted. His hand pushed down on her neck hard, her head slammed once more onto the pavement. Stars appeared, the one man was now three. She couldn't focus on anything.

"Help!" she managed to scream. The man sighed, this really wasn't working. With one hand he reached into his belt and he pulled out a hand gun.

"Now we could do this quietly or I could shoot your pretty little head off… now shut up!" he hissed. It shut Paige up, alright. "I didn't want do this" he place the gun against her temple.

"Then don't" a gruff, low voice came from behind him. The man looked behind him and screamed. Paige was a little dizzy from lack of air so she thought she was hallucinating when she saw a massive black robot pick up her attacker and throw him roughly away. This had to be a dream. The man was away and now Paige was trying to get up. A large hand propped her up "easy now" his voice made her calmer and she breathed somewhat easier, the man had cut off a lot of air and she was still finding it hard to breathe.

"Thank you" she gasped with what little air she had left.

"Don't talk, I bet it hurts- don't it?" Paige nodded, she decided to look up and see who her savoir was, when she saw she gasped, a large metallic face peered down at her. This was a dream. With that she was enclosed in darkness.

"Damn" the girl had fainted. Ironhide hated having that effect on humans. Now what was he supposed to do? He couldn't leave the human lying on the pavement for others to get at her. He didn't know her name and so he couldn't find where she lived. There was only one choice, he would have to take her with him. With that depressing thought in mind he transformed and grabbed her. She was light and fitted comfortably in his seat. He shut the door softly and filliped on the radio to his favorite station, he then drove off. The rest of the Autobots were going to get a surprise.

Ironhide drove along, he was taking his time, the girl in his seat wasn't in critical condition, all she needed was rest, and an aspirin. The girl slowly turned around in his chair in her unconscious state. Her hand came to rest on his arm rest, it curled around it she was having a dream, any one could tell. It looked like a good dream; she was humming and mumbling a bit. Ironhide turned down the volume of his music and tried to listen to what she was saying. But it was incomprehensible. She looked at peace for the moment, and Ironhide meant to keep it that way. So he drove as quietly as he could, avoiding bumps and pot holes which he normally would have floored over, some days he would even get air time. But that didn't matter at the moment; he just wanted the woman to be comfortable.

It took a while but Ironhide made it back to the Autobot base, it was well hidden in the side of a rocky cliff, far away from any human activity. It was the perfect spot for the autobots, the base was near the top of the cliff, and it required a hidden elevator to get to the base. The elevator could stop at the base or it could go all the way down to the bottom of the cliff. There were the autobot training grounds; there they could walk around in their robot mode without the worry of being seen by humans. Ironhide drove over to the o' so cleverly hidden elevator, which he had installed. The elevator was just a platform which could move up and down the rock face, Ironhide drove onto it and mentally activated the elevator.

It didn't take very long for the elevator to reach the base, a hidden door opened and Ironhide drove on in. once he was in he was greeted by the Autobots, old medical officer. Ratchet, he grunted obviously displeased that Ironhide was back.

"I was just starting to celebrate, I thought you were gone for good" Ratchet said.

Ironhide would have transformed and pounded the crap out of that good for nothing mech but of course he had a human in his cab and that just wasn't possible. "Blow it outta your ass" Ironhide snapped at him.

"What no threats to pummel me?" Ratchet joked. He paused when he noticed that Ironhide wasn't transforming. He frowned at him "Why aren't you shifting?" he asked.

"Well…" Ironhide wasn't sure if telling Ratchet was the best idea, he figured it would be best to tell Optimus first, he was more understanding. He would also be less likely to hurtle hammers, wrenches and other such projectiles in his general direction.

"Spit it out" Ratchet stalked towards him "you didn't somehow break yourself did you? Cause if you did, im gonna make fixing you so painful-"

He was cut off by Ironhide "I didn't break my self" how dare he for thinking that, Ironhide took very good care of himself.

"Well then what happened?" Ratchet was growing impatient, he had work to do and Ironhide was being extremely un-co-operative.

Ironhide took in what sounded like a deep breath; he was tense and ready to dodge any oncoming projectiles. "I was driving along, minding my own business, when I passed this lady in the park, she was a victim of a mugging or rape whatever and so I saved her but then she fainted on me and so I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, so I picked her up and brought her over here, she's asleep and I think you should give her a check up or something cause when that human was grabbing her he was holding onto her throat real tight she couldn't breathe I think that was what made her faint in the first place so now you gotta check on her. Ok?" Ironhide had said that all with no stopping so it had sounded like one big word. Lucky for him Ratchet had understood him, so a repeat of what was said was not needed.

"ARE YOU INSANE" Ratchet roared after a few moments of silence. The black truck jumped to the side as a massive hammer flew by.

"Insane? I saved her life, and then she fainted, I didn't know what to do with her so I brought her here" Ironhide roared. Not only was he trying to save his paint job but pride as well.

"You could have dropped her off at a hospital of something, why give away our base by bringing a human here!" Ratchet was holding a full arm load of numerous items which he intended to harm Ironhide with.

"Oh" Ironhide hadn't thought of that hospital thing.

"Wazzgoinon" the woman's voice exited the cab.

Paige was feeling very groggy, she was in a small space, which she recognized as the cab of a truck but how she had gotten there she did not know. Slowly she sat up and pulled the lever opening the door, to the truck, she then exited the cab.

Ironhide hadn't expected the human to get out of him, and when she pulled on the handle of the door he hadn't reacted fast enough to keep her caged in him.

"Ah crap" Ratchet stood stock still as the woman looked at him.

"Im still dreaming?" she said, as she looked around the base. "This is so real" Ironhide transformed behind her, she turned around and frowned. "I know you, you saved my life" she paused "is this real?" she asked. No one answered her. She then slapped herself, Ironhide snorted.

"What was that for?" he asked kneeling down.

The woman turned to him and pointed at him "Real" she whispered. Before Ironhide could answer her she fainted.

Ratchet laughed "Well that was certainly amusing" he picked up the woman and examined her in his hand. Ironhide looked over his shoulder, their fight was forgotten.

"Is she gonna be ok?" he asked.

"Yah, she's just a bit stunned and her head took a bit of a beating, all she needs is rest." Ratchet began walking to the med lab, which was just off to the side of the entrance.

The med lab was a big room with computers lining the back wall. Cupboards lined the right side of the wall, they were filled with all sorts of fix it up tools. And in the middle of the room was a big metal table. In the corner there was a door that led to Ratchets private chambers, no one but him had been in there. He placed the girl on the cool metal table, she moaned and turned over.

"Is she coming to?" Ironhide asked. He was crouching so that his face was level with the table.

"No" Ratchet said. He had produced some blankets out of nowhere and placed them on the woman. "You need to report to Optimus"

"Right" Ironhide said glumly. He got up and walked out of the med lab.

Ratchet watched him go and then turned back to the woman; she was snoring, quite loudly. Ratchet smiled at her, and then went back outside of the med lab back to his chores.

Ironhide knocked on the door to Optimus' quarters; the door was opened almost immediately.

"Ironhide?" Optimus' voice was calm and kind but it still commanded authority.

"Sir" Ironhide began "we may have a situation"

Optimus leaned against the door "really?" he asked.

"Well you see sir… I uhm… saved this human, and she fainted before I could make sure she was ok, and I didn't know what to do so I brought her here. Ratchet is taking care of her as we speak"

Optimus frowned "Why didn't you take her to a hospital?" he asked.

Ironhide imagined an arrow going through him, why hadn't he thought of that? "I didn't think about that sir" Ironhide said, he was looking very glum.

Optimus smiled, trying to cheer up the bot before him "I'll talk to her, and we will see what will happen from there"

Optimus sent Ironhide away for a bit, hoping that he would let loose some stress by shooting something. The big robot then walked down the hall towards the med lab. Before he could walk in the room though, Ratchets voice stopped him.

"She is a asleep, and I don't want my patient woken up, thank you very much" his voice sounded bored.

"I will wait then" Optimus leaned against the door; he scanned the woman in the room and made sure that she was truly asleep.

She woke up and hour later moaning and grumbling about randomness. Optimus walked into the room as she sat up. When she noticed him the woman's mouth formed an O and her eyes went wide.

"You, you" she kept repeating just that word.

"My name is Optimus Prime" he walked up to the table and looked down at her. The woman stuttered.


"I know this is a bit strange for you, but I can explain it all. Just calm down" he could see that she was trying to do so. She had crossed her legs and was gripping her knees tightly. She craned her neck all the way back to look at him. She then took in a deep breath and let it out.

"Wooooo, hooooooo" she made really strange noises, but Optimus was patient. "Ok, I am calm" she told her self. Then with her most professional voice she said "proceed"

"Thank you" Optimus knelt down so she wouldn't have to hurt her neck when looking at him. "As I said my name is Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots, the one that saved you was named Ironhide and the other you saw was Ratchet. Both a good bots and will not harm you, you have no reason to be afraid."

She nodded "Ok" she had let go of her knees and was now rubbing the back of her neck with both hands. "I have a question for you" she said once she was done rubbing her neck.

"You may ask" Optimus said. He was amazed at this woman's ability to adapt. She had gone from a stuttering afraid human to a curious human who took his appearance totally in stride, in a matter of minutes.

"Why are you here, like I mean. Robots, I can totally understand that but what country made you or, are you aliens"

"The latter" Optimus said.

"Aliens?" she rubbed her chin. "I've never met an alien before" she said. "Why are you on earth?" she questioned.

"War. We the autobots are in a war against the decepticons the evil part of our race. And unfortunately the war has been brought to earth." Optimus sounded sad.

"What is the war over?" she asked.

"The Allspark, giver of life" Optimus said simply.

She didn't question him further, this gave Optimus the chance to question her. "What is your name?" he asked genuinely curious.

"Paige Rollen" she said.

"Occupation?" Optimus queried.


"Like for a newspaper?" Optimus sounded concerned.

"No, a photo gallery, it's like taking pictures of families or their kids." She paused "though sometimes I do a bit of freelance for the newspaper. But if you think I would betray your secret your wrong. First I don't have my camera, second no one would believe me." Paige looked up.

"Thank you for answering my questions" Optimus said.

"No problem" Paige paused "What is going to happen to me?" she asked.

"Someone is going to take you home" Optimus told her.

"Oh" Paige said sadly.

"What is the matter?" Optimus turned his back to her; he was preparing to ask Ironhide if he could drive the human home.

"Nothing, everything is fine!" Paige smiled, when Optimus had left she sighed.

A few minutes later Ironhide came in, when Paige saw him she took an instinctive step backwards but didn't scream.

"I'm not going to hurt you" he said, holding up his hands in a surrender like fashion.

"Your name is Ironhide right?" she had a nice voice; it was a soft musical voice.

"That is correct" he said, wondering where this was going.

"I'm Paige. I-I never got the chance to thank you, for saving me. So thank you" Paige was stuttering, the robot before her was far more menacing that Optimus, in her opinion.

"Your welcome" he said softy, he knew he was intimidating and was trying his best to get rid of that image. He held out his hand for her to climb on "I am to take you home" he told her.

"Oh alright" she took a small step towards him but then she saw the ledge, and the height she was at. She backed up "oooo" she sat down. "Im up high"

Ironhide looked at the small human confused, "are you ok?" he asked.

"I have vertigo" Paige said, "Heights just scare the crap outta me"

"Oh" Ironhide wasn't sure what to do with that. He didn't think that the distance from the top of the table to the floor was all that long. If she had jumped she could have survived easily, only having a few bruises on the backs of her feet. "Why don't you close your eyes and I'll pick you up and move you to the floor.

Paige looked up at him "will it work"?

"Dunno" Ironhide shrugged, had he been human he would have winked at her "but there is only one way to find out" Paige nodded and took in a deep breath.

"Ok" she closed her eyes tight. She then felt large metallic fingers circling around her torso and legs and very slowly she felt her feet leave the ground. She closed her eyes even tighter and held onto Ironhide's hand for dear life. Then it was over. Her feet were back on the ground and she was safe. Paige opened her eyes and saw she was on the ground and was very relieved. She wiped the back of her hand on her forehead and sighed.

She then looked up at Ironhide who was giving her a concerned look. "T-thank you" she stammered. Heights and Paige just didn't go well together.

"Your welcome" Ironhide said softly. The poor woman was terrified, she had been though a great ordeal, with being attacked seeing robots and now having to face her fear of heights. But Ironhide knew it wasn't over, they still had to go on the elevator, up a cliff face.

… oh joy.

Slowly Ironhide led the human out into the docking area, there he watched as the human got a good look at the base for the first time.

"Woah" she breathed. "You guys live here?"

"Yup" Ironhide said proudly, he had been a part of the production of this part of the base, and was happy that his work was appreciated.

It was then Bumblebee walked in, he was carrying Sam. Paige turned her head to look at them and her mouth formed an O.

"Hey, Ironhide, Whose this?" Sam asked, Bumblebee set him on the ground so that he could walk on over to her.

"I'm Paige" she held out her hand for Sam to shake.

"I'm Sam, Nice to meet you" they shook hands, his grip was firm and tight. "How did you get into the base?" Sam asked.

"I brought her in" Ironhide said. He knelt down next to Paige.

"Yah?" Sam smiled at Paige.

"Yup, Ironhide saved me" Paige looked up at Ironhide and gave him a smile.

"And now I'm taking her home" Ironhide said. He made a move to grab her but stopped remembering her fear of heights. "Come on Paige" Paige followed after him obediently but not before waving goodbye to Sam, and Bumblebee. As Paige was walking she stopped and turned to the yellow robot.

"Im sorry, Mr. Robot, I didn't catch your name" she smiled sweetly at him.

"Oh uhm, I'm Bumblebee." He sounded nervous.

"Nice to meet you" Paige gave him a bright smile. She then turned and walked towards Ironhide.

"You're a very open person" he observed.

Paige craned her neck back to look at him "Is that bad?" she asked.

"No" Ironhide paused "Just different"

Once they had reached the opening to the elevator, Ironhide paused and told Paige to stay where she was. He then went over to Ratchet who was cleaning up a pile of tools.

"Hey, Doc…?" Ironhide mumbled.

"Yeah?" Ratchet stood up.

"The human is afraid of heights" Ironhide said softly, he knew their voices carried so he was trying to stay as quiet as possible.

Ratchet took a look at the small woman who was teetering back and forth on her heels trying to keep herself occupied "Uh-huh…" he said not sure how this dilemma affected him.

"If I knocked her out do you think she would mind?" Ironhide asked, he sounded deadly serious.

"Hell yes! She would defiantly mind!" Ratchet hissed. "Your just gonna have to tint you windows or tell her or something!" he raised his hand and poked Ironhide in the shoulder "But you will not harm a human!"

Ironhide slumped his shoulders and sighed "fine…" he then returned to the task at hand and left Ratchet and walked over to the human. He took one last look at her in his robot from and transformed. Once he was a black truck again his door swung open and Paige climbed in. If Paige noticed that the windows were darker than usual she didn't comment. She merely put on her seatbelt and settled into the seat.

The doors to the elevator opened and Ironhide drove forward, as they entered the sunlight the windows darkened even more. Paige kept her eyes forward and did not speak until the lifting sensation she knew quite well was over. Once she felt Ironhide beginning to drive she let out a sigh.

"Thank you…" she mumbled.

"Huh?" Ironhide had been focused on the road and had not heard her properly.

"I said thank you" Paige repeated for him.

"Oh… why?" Ironhide had reached a public road and reached the normal speed.

"Well because you hid the big height stuff from me" Paige said.

"Oh so you noticed…" Ironhide said, had he been in his robot form he would have been rubbing his neck in embarrassment, the thought of wanting to knock her out was making him feel guilty.

"I'm not dumb" Paige said, she had crossed her arms and was looking out the window. "And thank you for no knocking me out…" she grinned and turned to look at the dashboard.

"Oh so you heard that…" Ironhide felt even guiltier now.

"Well it's the thought that counts" Paige said, she shrugged it off.

They drove in silence for a while until Paige broke it:

"So… in the group of the Autobots what do you do?" she fiddled with the seatbelt while she asked her question.

"Well I'm the weapons specialist" he sounded pleased with himself.

"Do you make guns?" Paige queried.
"Yes…" Ironhide wasn't sure where she was taking this.

"Do you make human sized guns?" Paige began to fiddle with her hair she twisted her long blond hair until it could not longer be twisted.

"Yeah I've made some for the army." Ironhide knew now where she was going "But I don't make any for non-army people" Paige pouted, "look what ever happened to you today, I don't think its gonna happen again, you don't need a gun"

Paige let out a big sigh "I suppose" she slumped into her seat. After a moment she said "I'm hungry"

Ironhide looked at the time, it was well past lunch time so her hunger was understandable. He pulled up a GPS search and found that a Denny's was close by. Since the human was in his charge for the moment he figured her had might as well tend to her needs. He pulled into the Denny's and allowed her to get out, Paige stretched and breathed in the fresh air, but then she froze and turned on her heel to face the black truck.

She knew she would look insane but she spoke all the same "I don't have any money" she said.

"Ah…" was all Ironhide said for a few moments. Then the door to his cab opened and a man stepped out. Paige had a very delayed reaction and jumped as he walked and stopped to stand in front of her.

"Woah…" Paige said, she reached forward and touched his arm, she felt flesh. "WOAH!" she shouted. "Cool!" her other hand reached out and she grabbed his shoulder. Ironhide's eyebrow lifted and he watched as the human felt at his arms.

"Ahem…" he tried to distract her, from his holoform but she was in too much of awe to hear him. "Hey Paige" Ironhide said, she looked up at him but kept her hands on his arms. "Ever heard of a personal space bubble?" Ironhide smiled sweetly at her.

Paige got his drift and let got of him she looked down at the ground "Sorry"

Ironhide put a hand on her forehead and winked at her "S'ok" he said. He then walked off into the Denny's and Paige followed after him.

Once seated Ironhide watched amazed as the human before him ordered a milkshake, three pancakes, four sausages, a bowl of cereal, and a French toast. As she ate he blinked and watched in amazement.

It was his turn to say "Woah…" Paige looked up at him a sausage sticking out of her mouth.

"Wha?" she swallowed and wiped the grease form her mouth, then she reached fro her milkshake and slurped some of it down. When she noticed Ironhide still staring at her she offered one of her pancakes but he shook his head.

Ironhide continued to stare at the woman until a question popped up in his head "Why aren't you fat?"

Paige dropped her toast and looked away, he saw her go red "I dunno, cause I get exercise and other stuff like that"

Ironhide knew he had hit a subject that offended her and mumbled "sorry"

Paige shrugged and shook her head "It's my problem not yours. I just love to eat"

At the end of her meal Ironhide found out just how much she loved to eat and just how much Denny's loved to charge for their food. He sighed and thanked Primus that he did not have to eat human food.

They left in silence, Paige waddled her way to the truck, being stuffed with food she found it difficult to walk. Ironhide followed after her. When he had reached his car form he disappeared and the truck was started. Once Paige had flopped down into the seat she felt the seatbelt snake around her bloated body. She turned her head slightly to look at the steering wheel and laughed.

"Thank you" she smiled brightly.

"No problem" from his voice it sounded as if he were smiling.

The drove to Paige's work, she occasionally gave directions and soon enough they were at their destination.

"Well…" Paige said, she had unbuckled her seatbelt and was leaning forward in her seat. "Thank you once again for saving me" she paused.

Ironhide watched the woman; she seemed to be struggling with something "Are you ok?" he asked.

"No I'm not" Paige said, she put her hands on her hips.

"Are you still in pain from the attack? If so I can contact Ratchet…" she waved him to silence.

"No its not that," she hesitated "I just haven't repaid you yet" she let out a big sigh.

"Huh? Repay me?" Ironhide sounded as confused as he really was.

"Yeah, you saved my life and bought me lunch and drove me to work, I need to repay you" Paige rested her elbow on her knee and her head on her hand.

"There is no need…" Ironhide made a pitiful attempt to stop the woman.

"No I have to; this is a matter of pride." Paige said she had sat up and was apparently thinking quite hard. "Do you have a place where I can contact you?" Paige asked.

"Uh yeah" he gave her the Autobots email, which he figured was a safe thing to do, she seemed trustworthy enough to trust with their secret.

"Alright" Paige smiled. She patted the hood "I'll be in touch soon" he said. Then she left while Ironhide was left to wonder what surprise he would get from her.