It had been a week, and still no one had told him. He was in his dorm with his current girlfriend when the call him. It was frantic to say the least, barely understandable. It was his brother, Ian who had finally decided to call him. He had to know that his child had just been made motherless.

Ian didn't tell him the specifics, well maybe he did, but Lip could only make out Mandy... she's...she's...Dead.

Time felt like it had stopped. His girlfriend kept kissing his neck, but for the first time he couldn't feel the pleasure that her lips touching his skin brought. He couldn't feel anything but pain. Sure he'd left her to go to university, dumped her for a girl that he'd finished with within a week, but it was for her own good. Long distance relationships never worked out.

When he got back to the Chatsworth estate, he'd been planning on becoming a family again, and now that could never happen. Lip knew that Katy was with the Maguire's; he also knew that it was no place for a child to be. He had no choice but to drop out of university, and go back to the place he had grown up in.