Hero´s Heart Chapter 1: Distress

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'Roxas´s Thoughts'



Chapter 1: Distress

The sound of running could barely break the eerie silence. A single lonely figure was desperately making his way across the fog that covered most of the dark area. It was a boy barely in his teens, he had spiky brown hair and wore a strange outfit. It consisted of black shorts with red pouch-like bags at the side of either leg, attached by yellow straps. A blue and red shirt was worn underneath a black hoodie, a crown pendant hung from his neck swinging side to side as he ran. The teen also wore fingerless gloves, oversized shoes with a similar design as the rest of his clothes. His most amazing feature however were his eyes, they were a beautiful shade of azure. Their beauty however was shadowed by the uneasiness that the eyes expressed.

Sora warily eyed his surrounding as he continued running, he knew he was being followed. He also knew that if he didn't get back he would die, or worse. Sora looked down to see that he could see his own breath, it was colder than he thought, to make things worse he could barely see where he was going because of the thick fog. Suddenly the brunette felt a chilling sensation down his spine followed by goose bumps , he knew the sensation all to well, THEY were coming.

'How did I get myself into this?' Sora groaned quickening his pace despite his exhaustion. He couldn't afford to slow down and fight, right now running was his only option.

'You know very well how it started.' Replied the an all-too-familiar voice within Sora's mind, it was Roxas his nobody. Both of them had been together since Sora had first awoken from his year long sleep in the basement of Twilight Town's mansion. Sora however was not exactly aware of Roxas's presence until The World That Never Was. That encounter cleared up a few things for him, like why the organization members kept referring to him as Roxas.

'I was being rhetorical.' Replied Sora sounding a bit annoyed. Of course he remembered how this whole ordeal started. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a silver charm bracelet, eyeing it and then putting it back as to make sure it was still there. 'We have to make it back.'

Right now it seemed like so long ago since he was last with his friends Riku and Kairi, looking at the sunset in the islands, without a care in the world. To think that so much had changed during the day that had passed since then…

Sora had been looking at the beautiful sunset from his favorite spot on the bent palm tree. A comfortable, warm tropical breeze surrounded him, the sound of the crashing waves were music to him, he could feel the sand on his feet a feeling that he had missed while he was on other worlds. He closed his eyes and smiled, he had finally found his friends Riku and Kairi, Organization XIII was gone, and he was finally back in the islands. Everything was perfect.

Overall Destiny Islands hadn't changed, the island he spent his childhood in, the one he was glancing at the sun from right now was almost exactly as it was before the heartless attacked. If anyone had changed it was him, a lot had happened since the islands got attacked and he received the mysterious keyblade, for starters he couldn't get into the secret spot so easily now since he had grown a lot. Crawling through the entrance was harder than he thought. The tiny cave was the place where he had spent a great deal of his time with his friends drawing doodles on the wall. That was the place were he had secretly confessed his feelings to Kairi by drawing himself giving her a destiny-sharing paopu, much to his surprise Kairi had drawn herself giving one to him in return. Sora blushed intensely at the thought, he could hear Roxas holding back a laugh.

'What are you laughing about, you feel the same way about Naminé.' Sora smirked, Roxas DID feel the same way towards Kairi´s nobody Naminé.

'Well at least my furiously blushing face doesn't show.' Roxas laughed knowing that he was right. Sora´s face was as red as Axel´s hair.

Sora put his hand in his pocket fishing out a beautiful silver charm bracelet that seemed to shine gold with the setting sun. It was going to be Kairi's birthday in two weeks, he had missed her birthday before because he was off on his important quest, deep down he wanted to make it up to her. It had taken a while to save enough munny to buy the bracelet, he could still remember how many heartless he had to slay, as well as all the odd jobs he took. In the end he was happy with the results, all his hard work had paid off.

'Do you think she'll like it?' Sora asked the former nobody.

'She's gonna love it.' Replied Roxas. 'You know she will like whatever you give her.'

'Yeah I know but that is exactly why its so hard to get her something.' Sora said looking at nowhere in particular.

"SORAAA!" A familiar voice yelled behind him. The keyblade master almost had a heart attack, he frantically put the charm bracelet back in his pocket and turn around to face Kairi, still a bit shaken from the surprise. He quickly tried to subdue his blush and calm down, in his mind Roxas was on the floor laughing his butt off. Behind him was a girl about his age with reddish brown hair, she wore a white shirt underneath a pink dress that had a hoodie in the back.

"Hey Kairi." Said Sora grinning sheepishly.

"Hey Sora, looking at the sunset?" Asked Kairi

"Yeah the twilight looks amazing, I think Roxas has rubbed off on me." Replied Sora crossing his arms thinking. It was true Roxas´s personality had not vanished like it was initially thought it would, instead it lived in him coexisting with his own. As a result they shared memories and now they sometimes found themselves doing things they usually did not do. This was the case with Sora, he found himself contemplating the sunset just like Roxas used to contemplate the sky on top of the clock tower in Twilight Town.

While busy in deep thought Sora failed to notice the silver haired teen that slowly crept behind Sora waiting to strike. He looked older than Sora or Kairi, and wore a pair of baggy jeans with a yellow vest.

"AHHH!" Cried a surprised Sora as he found himself stuck in a headlock.

"Hey Riku." Kairi laughed as she saw the surprised expression on Sora´s face.

"I thought I would find you two slackers out here." Said Riku in his usual cool tone. "I was starting to think you wanted to spend the night together out here."

This comment caused the two younger teens to look away both of their faces were blushing.

"Anyways I really should head back." Said Kairi quickly leaving the two boys.

Both teens just stood there, Riku had a smirk on his face, Sora on the other hand was quite oblivious to what had just happened.

The boat ride back was calm, both teens were putting their plans together for a party to celebrate Kairi's birthday in two weeks. The gang from Disney castle were coming, as well as the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee from Radiant Garden. Unfortunately because of world order and all most of their friends from other worlds wouldn't be able to make it. It would have been amusing to see all those different people from different worlds interact in a room, Sora could only imagine the chaos that would ensue. Most guests would run at the sight of either Jack Skellington, Simba or the Beast. Not to mention that the Beast wasn't on good terms with Riku.

After reaching the main island a strange sight caught the teens off guard. Two small brown blurs dashed towards Sora who summoned the keyblade and took a defensive stance. He dismissed the keyblade after a better look to realize that the small blurs were his mechanics Chip and Dale two chipmunks from Disney Castle. Riku looked somewhat confused when the two chipmunks began to talk in their high pitched voices. Of course he would look confused, Riku didn't fly in the gummi ship with him, in fact Sora was pretty shocked the first time he met the gummi experts too.

"Hey Sora long time no see!" Said the red nosed chipmunk called Dale.

"We missed you!" Said Chip.

"I missed you guys too, how is everybody?" Said Sora kneeling down to get a better look at his friends.

"Everyone's great!" Said Chip. "But that's not why we are really here, the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee needs you for a mission, we were sent here to pick you up."

Sora and Riku glanced at each other. It had been a while since the HBRC needed his help, last time they did he was still on his quest to defeat Organization XIII. Since the heartless situation in Radiant Garden was under control, Sora´s missions usually consisted of going to other worlds that weren't as lucky. It didn't come as a surprise that the heartless situation would never stop, it was after all like Yen Sid had told him; As long as there was darkness in a person's heart the heartless would continue to exist.

Sora cast a sad glance towards the ground, he didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to Kairi. At times like this he wished he could just forget his duties and just live a normal life. But this was different, the fates of worlds and their inhabitants rested on his shoulders.

"Its OK Sora, we know you have to do this." Said Riku as he patted his friend's shoulder. "Oh and don't worry about Kairi, I'll explain what happened. Just make sure to come back in time for her birthday."

'Wait how did he know, is he psychic?!' Thought Sora.

'Nope, he's just a good friend, a good friend always knows what's bothering you.' Replied Roxas.

'You still there?' Asked Sora laughing.

'No Sora I am out drinking tea, where else am I supposed to be?' Replied Roxas sarcastically.

He knew Roxas was referring to an experience with Axel. Axel had been a big enigma to Sora during his quest, although he kidnapped Kairi, in the end it was because of his sacrifice that Sora was able to make it. The flurry of the dancing flames and the key of destiny were best friends till the end. Who knew, maybe Axel was able to regain his heart, he was sure that the nobody had feelings.

Having said goodbye to Riku and quickly packing some stuff from his house (also saying goodbye to his parents of course), Sora headed to the gummi ship, taking one last look at the setting sun from his world before heading inside the gummi ship setting course to Radiant Garden.

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