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Set before the arrancar arc, apparently.


When he came to his humanoid form, he didn't have a sword.

Instead he had a little girl clinging to him, fast asleep - slumbering peacefully.

Stark was not pleased. Who the hell is this kid? And where is his sword? A huge amount of his power should be in it and yet it was just not here.

Aizen had taken the liberty to explain such phenomenon, seeing the blank, scrutinizing look his new creation had shot the little being. Additionally, he had declared Stark the Primera.

Stark could only nod and follow some unecessary pleasantries before the others had left him alone.

A few minutes later, he found himself lounging on a mountain of pillows - ah, bliss - and staring down at the little girl still dozing off on top of him.

When she opened her unique, pink eyes and uttered her first sentences and showed him her fiery personality, he realized that this wasn't going to go that well.

He shouted at her - he wasn't the type to shout or get angry so fast, in fact that was the last thing he would've done - but realizing that he'd be stuck with this little annoyance for the rest of his existence...

.. she shoved her hand down his throat, for the devil's sake. She stepped on his balls and called him a moron and pulled at his hair and-

It was just annoying - that his other HALF was... her.

And she didn't stop talking and complained about everything WHILE asking him what the hell is she and who the hell is he and who the hell are they.

Too lazy to have to plead, he grabbed her.

He kissed her then. Forcefully, while he held her wrists on either side of them and she could only freeze in shock.

When he let go, she didn't speak.

"Lillynette. That is your name."

Because he thinks it's enough and it's pretty.

"My..name? Li..lly..nette??"

"And I'm Stark."

And he explained in short sentences and brief statements. Too lazy to elaborate and motivated to answer just barely enough to shut her up with the questions.


And she went on as soon as he finished, strangling him with her little hands and cursing him, calling him a pedophile and telling him he'll pay for that and everything else.

The kiss didn't work then.

And Stark only rolled his eyes and tried his best to ignore and get accustomed to his other half, because he would need to be.

She didn't shut up.

At least he tried.

And he was glad he did. She tasted unbelievably sweet.

And for once he didn't believe that his aspect of death is 'loneliness'.


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