Duality Complex

A Transformers/Code Geass crossover
Story written by Tr3adst0ne

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Code Geass or Transformers. They are (respectively) the property of Sunrise/CLAMP and IDW/Takara/Hasbro.

Rated: T for violence and language. (additional content possibly to follow)

A brief introduction into the timeline before the events of Duality Complex began.


They first arrived on Earth in 1986, hiding among us in plain sight. Giant sentient machines capable of changing shape and size at a whim. The battles that they fought were waged in secret, every continent a playing field. Ever since the war between the Decepticons and the Autobots began, they have traveled far from the planet Cybertron and battled in an endless struggle for survival.

When they discovered a new variant of energon on Earth, the scope of their conflict changed drastically. Their war on this planet lasted for more than a decade, and claimed more lives than we could begin to fathom.

Of course, I was just a technical writer at the time before they fought more openly. I, along with many others were oblivious to their existence until they started showing up all over the world. They fought regardless of the consequences or the damage that would ensue. To everyone they were were the same: aliens fighting for a world which they intended to turn into a mining colony. Until we realized (albeit slowly) that the Autobots were trying to protect us. Our common sense finally overrode our fears, and we formed a non-aggression pact with them.

The eventual victory against the forces led by Megatron proved fleeting and costly. Many of us and our alien allies fell in the face of the onslaught which the Decepticons unleashed. Cities and populations were decimated across the planet, and left much of the Earth in ruins. Since then several of the Autobots took refuge amongst our population in secret, and co-existed with our race on good terms despite the massive anti-alien sentiment mounted against them.

Now both factions are scattered across the galaxy, peace has finally settled. Ever since the war ended one would beg the question: did we truly save the Earth and the our people from the threat of annihilation? Or is there a greater test ahead of us that will determine the shape of things to come?

- Lt. Commander Spike Witwicky, US Navy in 2006