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He always felt his presence- always.

He could feel his shadowy form standing behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder, whispering by his ear, running a cold finger down his spine- tantalizing.

You'll regret this! You'll regret this! When I die, Sirius- when I die, you'll regret it because it's your fault- because you weren't there for me like you promised! You promised-

Word by word was his brother's rasped scream etched into his mind the day he had run away- and now those words stood true. Regulus was dead and he regretted it. He had drowned in a murky, blood-red pool of the dark arts while Sirius stood and watched.

I'll never leave you! Never! I'll be there every time you close your eyes- I'll make you regret every word you said to me-

Every time he closed his eyes- every time he locked his lashes and saw the comforting darkness edging towards him, it turned to ice-cold stone. Instead, pale grey eyes would stare straight at him.

I'll never leave you-

How many times had he felt that cold hand on his own, the quivering thumb on his wrist and the cold breezes of breath slide by his neck? How many times had he seen a wispy shadow glaring by the corner? How many times did he have to look over his shoulder in search of the whispers that hissed at his ears?

I'll never leave you- you'll always see me-

As he slumped in the gritty, rotting cell in Azkaban, he could see the presence of Regulus standing by the corner, dripping wet. His thin arms were crossed before the slighter boy cocked his head lightly before a wry smile settled on his lips. Sirius bowed his head into his arms, curling in his knees from the cold.

Had he looked up, he would've noticed heaven crying for him.

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