Chapter Nine: Reaching Distant Turnabout

"You better watch out," Wocky warned Larry. Larry seemed like a decent guy, that's why he giving caution. "She's only gonna give ya grief. Just warning ya."

"Shut up; I love her..." Larry barked. He fell silent and gasping for words. "It's none of your business. Just go back to your cell."

"That's how I felt about her," Wocky admitted. "But she betrayed me, she betrayed me bad. She's gonna do the same to you."

"Just go back to your cell." Repeating his words got nowhere, but he didn't want to hear a tweet out of Wocky.

"Push him Larry," Alita requested. She grabbed on the back of Larry's shirt and closed her eyes. "He's the one who ruined my life."

"You nearly ruined my life too girl," Wocky faced Alita with an angry look. "I never thought I'd love a girl again thanks to you."

"Larry!" Alita sobbed. "Just kill the brat already."

"Like I'm scared of you!" Wocky shouted. "As soon as she escapes and gets rich, she'll dump ya ass. Even frame you for murder like she did to me."

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Larry roared and thumped his fist into Wocky's chest as if he was shattering glass. Wocky's body bounced down the stairs. Larry and Alita leapt down the the flock of stairs. Not caring if they just killed someone. Larry had altered everything; he put sleeping pills in the guard's drinks and turned all the alarms off. He could call the ambulance later after Alita safely escapes. Outside the prison gates a vicious wind blew and the fog shrouded the entrance. He picked Alita up and carried her to the boot of his car. She was placed in his boot like putting a baby in a cot. He gave her a gentle whisper, "you stay here, I just need to rearrange the scene to make it look like just fell. Sister Andrew's car will be here soon to pick you up. You'll cope without me, right? I'll visit I promise."

"Yes but, Larry ... it's cold," moaned Alita in a sweet childish voice he loved. "Can I wear your jacket?"

"Sure my fallen angel," Larry replied. Taking of his jacket and passing it over to her. He was very enthusiastic. He was helping the woman he loved, how could he not have enthusiasm. Job after job, woman after woman, he finally found himself as the prison officer who fell in love with a beautiful woman. His affections had motivated him to break the law. Love for him was a good enough reason to commit a crime.

"Larry!" Alita gasped.

"What is it?"

"Could you please, not call me that?" Alita requested. "Sorry it just gives me bad memories of my ex-fiancé."

"Okay, sorry about that." Larry thought Wocky was annoying too. He was hanging around Matt, Luke and those other gangster wannabes in prison. Gangster wannabes, how annoyingthought Larry.

"It's okay," Alita replied. "I love you Larry."

"I love you too." Just as Larry was about to close the door of the boot, car lights flashed into his eyes. He closed them for a few seconds until he heard the engine cease. He opened his eyes to see a woman step out of the car. Purple robes, silver gloves, a white cloak over the head connected with a ball and two flowers either side, and a red obi around her waist warmed her from the cold night. Larry could see blonde hair out of her cloak and glasses on her face. Larry thought she was a cute person.

"Hello there Sister Andrews," Larry smiled at her. "Hey sweetie, this is Sister Andrews." Alita popped out of the window.

"That's Alita isn't it?"

"Yes it is."

"Well you're right Larry," Sister Andrews said. "She is beautiful."

"Thank you," Alita giggled.

"Anyway I gotta go," Larry said. "I'll see you ladies later." He kissed Alita's cheek and hurried back to the prison. Alita froze holding the cheek where Larry had kissed her. Meanwhile, Sister Andrews placed Alita's trunk into her boot.

"I'll be safe in the temple," Alita whispered, "right Sister? And is Sister Bikini nice? It's such a cute name."

"Of course you'll be safe," Sister Andrews assured her. "And Sister Bikini is lovely, she's asleep now but in the morning she'll welcome you with open arms."

"That's great."

The escape had been a success.

Like his father he had drank about five cups of coffee at once. His throat's insatiable lust for coffee felt was burning his throat. The addiction was accidental, he was just wanted to see if he could cope drinking as much caffeine as his father. Everything around him was as black as his father's choice of drink. His hands were in an intense grip of the mug. The handle could almost break from the feeling. It was too late to go back to bed, the clock stroke six. He couldn't be proud of what his father had become, but his curiosity was hungry. He wanted to know what kind of man was Diego Armando, or Godot as he preferred to call himself.

He understood why Trucy called her Mommy Iris, Apollo thought she was a good mother figure towards Trucy. When it came to Phoenix, her mind danced with the fairies. They all had to help put her feet on the ground. Iris behaved more like a parent to Apollo than Thalassa and Godot combined, and she just met him little than a month ago.

"Mr. Justice you're up early."

He turned to see Iris walking up towards him. She took a seat next to him and smiled.

"Hi Iris."

"How long have you been up for?"

"Since four," Apollo admitted. "I couldn't get much sleep."

"All that caffeine in you won't help you get sleep either, Mr. Justice." Iris stared at the empty jar right in the middle of the table. The jar was full last night. "I don't think Feenie's going to be too happy." Iris stood up taking the jar with her. Apollo had clenched to his throat and bit his tongue. "I'll get you some water," Iris said looking over at Apollo. From her angle, Apollo panted, strangling himself with his fingers. His forehead fainted on the table causing Iris to gasp. "Are you OKAY?" Iris shrieked running over to the table with the water in her hand.

"I'm fine." Apollo mumbled as he got back up. "I'm fine, just fine."

"Have some water," Iris demanded. She got back in her seat and watched Apollo gulp the water in a heartbeat. "Feeling better?"

"Yeah I'm fine now."

"Good. Mr. Justice is it okay to call you Apollo?"


"So how long have you been a lawyer for?"

"About a year," Apollo replied. "I met Phoenix in my first trial."

"So Feenie said. He's quite fond of you, you know. And about what happened with Trucy..."

"You know about it?" Apollo interrupted her with a question.

"Know what?" Iris asked, dumbfounded. "Know that you're related or know that you kissed." There was nothing else Apollo could say. "Yes, Feenie told me that you kiss her."

"I think I pissed him off about it though," admitted Apollo.

"I think he's gotten over it," Iris said. "But you gave him quite a shock."

"Well, he's given me quite some shocks too."

"Feenie always used to be full of surprises."

"Anyway Iris," Apollo thought he might as well had asked about herself since they were the only ones awake. "how did you meet Phoenix?" Confident Trucy had already asked, he asked anyway because he didn't know the answer.

"I met him at college," Iris replied. "We were together for over half a year. Those were some of the greatest times of my life." Iris's blush became deeper and deeper the longer she talked. "He was the only man I ever loved."

"That sounds sweet."

For the two hours, Iris bragged about her relationship with Phoenix to Apollo. She loved him, he could tell, but if she wasn't too careful it could turn into a scary obsession. He had a feeling there was much more than just an old college romance. If she was really that much in love with him, they wouldn't have just drifted apart after one trial, then drift apart again after meeting up eight years ago. And why now does Trucy now about her, why wasn't she there with Phoenix when he took her in. Apollo wanted to ask those questions, but Iris seemed sensitive. If he upset Iris by mistake, he might end up in the firing line by Phoenix again.

Trucy entered the room, in her magician outfit. Usually in the mornings, she was up and ready to go, but she seemed really tired today.

"Morning Trucy," Iris said.

"Morning," Trucy yawned. She sneaked up besides Apollo and passed out on his chest.

"Late night Trucy?" asked Iris. Her face turned to see letters fall down from the letter box.

"Yeah," Trucy mumbled, indulging herself into Apollo's chest. "I couldn't get any sleep until five."

"Did you even try to get sleep?" Apollo asked. He knew exactly what Trucy was up earlier this morning. Nothing that Iris or Phoenix needed to know that is.

"Apollo, you got a letter."

"Thanks Iris," Apollo said as he received the letter. It must have been the one he's been waiting for. I'll open it later, he thought. He had an answer message on his phone. A rather unexpected one to say the least. A huge scream was let out through the answer machine. It was a pearl's voice, no doubt about it, so it could have been about Wocky.

"MR. POLLY SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAS HAPPENED TO WOCKY!" Pearl wailed through the phone. Her screaming gave him another wake up call. "SOMEONE TRIED TO KILL HIM IN PRISON. HE'S IN HOSPITAL! GET HERE QUICKLY PLEASE!"

"Was that Pearl?" yawned out Trucy.

"Yes it was," Apollo replied in a sharp direct tone.

"Is she okay?" Iris asked in concern.

"She sounds worried," Apollo told Iris.

"Oh dear, what's the matter."

"Her boyfriend's in hospital." Apollo tapped on Trucy's shoulder. "Come on Trucy, we gotta go."

"Okay," Trucy whimpered.

"Without breakfast?" Iris gasped.

"We'll get breakfast along the way. See ya later Iris!" Apollo assured Iris. He grabbed Trucy by the arm and stormed out.

"I have to go now," Maya said. "I'm gonna have lunch with my brother."

"Wait, you got have a bro?" Wocky though Maya was an only child.

"Yeah," Maya replied. "Well we didn't find out we were siblings until eight of years ago. Oh hi Plum."

Wocky's mother Plum entered the hospital room, the moment her eyes fixed onto Maya she became livid. "You!" she violently whispered. "You're the one who said my darling Wocky rapes people with sausages!"

"I didn't mean to," Maya squeaked out. "I just read the paper wrong, that's all."


"I didn't mean to," she said, but it was all useless. She tried to tiptoe out of the room. Once she was out, she started running.

"Running away from me now you coward!" Plum snapped and scurried after her.

"I hope they sort their differences out soon," Pearl hoped. She held onto Wocky's hand. "How long will it be till Mr. Polly and Trucy get here?"

"I've never seen mom run so fast," Wocky admitted still amazed that his mother was actually a fast runner.

"Herr Forehead should be here soon Pearl," Klavier told Pearl. "Speak of the devil here he is."

"Hello Mr. Polly, hey Trucy!"

"Hi guys," Trucy smiled. "Man I'm so tired though."

"What's up with Miss Fey and Plum?" Apollo asked. "I saw Plum chasing after her."

"Frau Plum is angry because she said Herr Wocky rapes people with sausages," confirmed Klavier.

"Oh yeah," Apollo said. "That trial seriously made me go what the fuck?"

"I had fun in that trial," Klavier admitted with a grin. "I got to confess my love to Ema."

"Well I didn't have fun," Wocky snapped. "I was found guilty of rape. And that whipping chick whipped me so many times I was dizzy for the rest of the week."

"You should forget that trial," Apollo suggested. "There were many mistakes in that trial and Thursday everything is going to get fixed up."

"Of course." Klavier nodded to Apollo's words.

"Hey Apollo," Wocky called. "That envelope in your hand, that the one Luke sent ya?"

"I think it is," Apollo replied. "I haven't had a change to open it but here goes." Apollo ripped open the envelope and unfolded the paper inside.

"Let's have a look at the letter," said Trucy. After Apollo read it, she snatched it off him and read it out.

Dear Sir Apollo Justice,

Wocky should have told you to expect a letter written by a man named Luke. There is also speculation that murder, Luke Atmey has escaped from prison. Wocky's friend, the killer who escaped and the writer of this letter are in fact the same person. You and I are both aware of Wocky's innocence. I know that Mrs. DeLite can be a filthy whore full of greed. Do not be deceived by her appearances. Poor Sir Ron DeLite A.K.A Sir Thief has suffered greatly in her hands. The poor man is sterile so she committed adultery for her desired child. I don't think he even knows it. I give sympathy to my great rival.

Now the game really begins.

Fate is in your hands now, if Wocky is found not guilty, I will hand myself in. You may use this letter as evidence in court if you wish. I will gladly prove it is legal evidence. Mrs. DeLite's humiliation is the key to winning this case. I wish you luck and Wocky the best of luck in the trial. I will be attending, in disguise of course.

Yours sincerely,

Luke Atmey

"I've never heard of him," Klavier admitted. "But it looks like you're getting blackmailed Herr Forehead."

"I'm getting blackmailed?.... DAMN!"

"Herr Atmey sure hates Frau DeLite, that's for sure," Klavier thought. "I wouldn't be too harsh on her."

"Wocky will have a fair trial though, right?" Pearl asked concerned for her boyfriend's sake.

"Don't worry Pearl," Klavier said, "Herr Forehead and I will make sure Thursday's trial is fair and square!"

"Thank you Mr. Gavin. Thank you Mr. Polly."