Chapter Eleven: The Girl In Pink

The heavy sounds screamed in Apollo's ear at the club. Klavier had invited Apollo and Wocky for a guys night out. It sounded perfect – he needed to clear his mind. After everything that had happened to him since being a lawyer. Crazy mentors, defending crazy clients, wild characters, finding out the parents he thought were dead, and the affair with his sister. Yes, it sure was an eventful life maybe too eventful. But the trial today was something else. And he thought that he just saw Judge Salsa swaying his hips on the dance floor.

Wocky didn't really seem to be in a mood for going out. He had been sending messages to Pearl non-stop. He was just completely crazy over her, just like how he was crazy over Alita. It didn't really seem as if he had learned his lesson yet. Pearl seemed innocent, but so did Alita and she turned out to be a gold digger. He just had to be careful. At least, Apollo hoped Wocky was treading with care.

"That trial was whack," said Wocky with his eyes glued to his cell phone.

"But it was fun, ja?" Klavier asked.

Apollo admitted: "I wouldn't exactly call corrupted court proceedings fun."

"We got to the truth, and that's matters," said Klavier. "Herr Judge was funny." Apollo thought Judge Salsa was a jerk. He feared for anyone who had him as a judge in court. It was just so unreal, that it was like dream material. "I have one question for you Herr Forhead," Klavier announced in a cheeky tone.

"What is it?"

"Is it true what Fräulein Von Karma said?" Klavier asked. "Did you really kiss your sister?"

"I'm not answering that question." Apollo snapped. He chose to go on a night out to forget what had happened, not to reflect on it. Wocky gulped down his bottle as Apollo thought hard of a way to get out of the topic.

"Why not?" Klavier moaned. "It's just a yes or no answer."

"And I don't wanna talk about it," Apollo spat. He clenched his fists as if he was going to punch Klavier.

"I need to know though..."

"WHY do you need to know?"

"I want us to be good friends, ja?" Klavier informed them. "You can trust me."

"Can we just ... change the subject?" requested Apollo. He noticed that Wocky didn't speak since Klavier brought up the incest topic.

"No," Klavier replied. "Just answer my question then we'll drop it."

"Yes..." Apollo mumbled. "Happy now?"

"Hey nothing to worry about Herr Forehead," Klavier replied. "I lost my virginity to my brother. So did you lose it to her?"

"How did you..." Apollo whimpered then shook his head. "I mean NO! Of course I never did it!" Apollo screeched. "I wouldn't of... touched her like that – she's my sister."

"You're a bad liar Herr Forehead."

"I'm a virgin," Apollo claimed. He wanted Klavier to believe that. "It was just a kiss and that was all it was – nothing more."

"So many times have you screwed her then?" Klavier asked as if Apollo's virginity claim never happened.

"Uh... none: I just told you I WAS A VIRGIN!"

"I wouldn't shout that out too loud if I were you," Klavier whispered.

"Well I wouldn't go round telling people you lost your VIRGINITY to your BROTHER!"

"Only you and my brother know," Klavier admitted.

"You guys are fucking weird," interrupted Wocky. "It's just sick talking about incest man. Can we just drop it?"

"Okay it's dropped!" Klavier dropped. Apollo heard Wocky sigh in relief.

"Finally..." said Apollo who grabbed his beer.

"Guys, look at what Pearl sent sent me!" Wocky shouted, flashing his phone. "Read it," his words jumped, "READ IT!"

You're one of the most sweetest guys in town. I love you with the bottom of my heart. I hope you are enjoying yourself with Mr. Klavier and Mr. Polly. Hopefully I'll come with you and do some dancing in the club. Hehe you take care. X

"That's cute," giggled Klavier.

"I know, right?" Wocky replied in vivid excitement.

"Wocky..." Apollo mumbled, "please be careful."

"I don't need to be careful," Wocky snapped. "Pearl's the most cutest and innocent girl I've ever met. I don't need to be careful."

"That's exactly why you have to be careful," Apollo warned him. Wocky only frowned and his back faced the pair of them. "Look Wocky, we're only doing this because we care for you."

"Whatever," Wocky muttered.

"You heard what Klavier said," Apollo tapped Wocky's blazer. "We wanna be good friends."

"You got a funny way of showing it!" Wocky barked and nudged Apollo's hands away.

"That's what friends do," Klavier reminded them. "We all look out for each other. Like Herr Forehead said, we both care about you."

"For a starters I don't wanna hear any more of this incest shit, ya got that?"

"Crystal!" was Klavier's immediate answer. His blue eyes then wondered to the bar into the sight of a curvy woman. Her dress was cropped low to show her plump breasts. Her hair and shoes matched her shocking pink theme. Her diamond necklace sparkled like water facing summer sunlight. "Wow!" Klavier mouthed. "That girl in pink is hot! That girl at the bar, she's got a cute face to match that hot figure."

"Yeah," Apollo agreed. "She is pretty hot."

"She's all right," Wocky said when he took a glimpse of her. Apollo was surprised Wocky didn't end up saying something like: my girlfriend is hotter. And wasn't Klavier suppose to be madly in love with Ema?

"I'm going to talk to her," Klavier instantly decided. "Yes I will be careful. I am dating Ema after all." Apollo followed Klavier, just in case. Wocky ended up following them too, with his eyes on his phone.

"ALL RIGHT GENTLEMAN!" roared a Jamaican. voice in front of them. It was Judge Salsa from the trial. A bright yellow top and crimson shorts that were baggy enough to carry shopping in. "How is it going?"

"Nice to see you My Lord," Klavier said as if he was in a hurry.

"You seen any fine women on this lovely night?" asked Salsa.

"Ja!" Klavier replied. "That pink one at the bar."

"She looks sexy indeed, but them big boobies are trouble." Judge Salsa said. "Be faithful Klavier, be faithful. You see that brunette over there!" Salsa pointed at a woman sitting on a table on her own. "That's Lana Skye."

"Is that Ema's mom?" Apollo asked.

"I defiantly should be careful," Klavier vowed to himself.

"That's her sister you pair of douches!" Salsa responded as he banged both Apollo and Klavier's heads together. "If she catches you doing your thing on another woman, you're dead."

"Nothing wrong with harmless flirting," Klavier announced. "I can dance to something so the girl in pink will notice me. Herr Forehead, Wocky dance with me."

"I ain't dancing to no shit song!" Wocky told them. "You guys better choose a good song."

Salsa grinned as he got a disc out of his pocket. "How about this one, it's called boombastic. It is sung by Shaggy. It's my favorite song of all time!"

"I hate that song!" Apollo reacted.

"Hey what are you talking about?" Wocky asked, gritting his teeth at Apollo. "That's an awesome song!"

"I'll make sure you get a penalty if you don't dance," threatened Salsa. Apollo shouldn't have expected anything better.

"Fine I will," Apollo said, as much as he didn't want to do it. He tried to think positive, he might end up having fun. It wasn't as if he was trying to hook up with a random woman like Klavier was intending to. Then he thought: it wasn't such a bad idea. He couldn't dance a single step, but he couldn't imagine Wocky being that good either.

"You guys go downstairs," Salsa ordered them like a caring brother. "I'll go to the DJ's stand."

"I suck at dancing though," Wocky admitted.

"Me too," Apollo replied.

"Just follow what I do, and you'll be all right!" Klavier requested. "I'm a god at this. They're going to pay more attention to me."

"Ladies and gentleman," Salsa's voice boomed across the club and dance floor. "Dancing to one of my favorite songs of all time, Klavier Gavin, Apollo Justice and Wocky Kitaki dancing to... boombastic!"

Bright lights gazed upon the three of them. As the music started, Klavier did some flexible arm movements around his active hips. He still could not believe he was actually dancing to a song he hated, and with Wocky and Klavier. Then the feeling he had that he would learn to enjoy it had faded again. He couldn't resist making bizarre facial expressions. As much as he wanted to pretend he was having fun, his eyes turned and his cheeks went bright red. What the hell am I doing?


"Evening Lana." Godot swung his hips, grinning at her as he sat down. "This is Winfred." Godot and Winfred wore matching white tuxedos with the click gentleman's hat on their head.

"It's nice to meet you Lana," said Winfred.

"Evening," Lana said smiling.

"Heard you got your job back," Godot said. "I would never have thought you would be back as the Chief Prosecutor after everything that happened."

"The Chief said it was out of compassionate grounds," Lana responded, pushing her shoulders down. "At least I can watch over Ema now. I've had quite a few miracles this month."

"I've had one of the most biggest miracles a man could ever find," Godot said. "Finding the son I never knew I had."

"Right now I'm happy Wocky was found innocent," Winfred said.

"I'm happy to be there for my son's fifteenth," Lana said. "How old is your son?"


"My son turned twenty two months ago," Winfred stated. "That bullet in the heart has finally got out of him. Then that bitch set him up because she wanted a kid."

"Do you think you'll ever see your grandchild?" Lana asked.

"Maybe, Little Plum is talking to her now. She wants Wocky to see visit the kid."

"What about Wocky?" Lana asked.

"He's too focused on his new girlfriend," admitted Winfred. "She's a good girl though, she could help bring some sense into him."

"That sounds good!" Lana announced as she finished her bottle.

"Winfred, our kitties are on the dance floor!" Godot's visor spied on Wocky and Apollo's cartwheels, noticing Klavier was out of sight. "I think I'll join them," he decided after one last sip of coffee.

"I second that," Winfred responded as he stood up.

"I haven't done that sort of thing in years," admitted Lana. "But I'll join too."

"I like your spirit kitty!" Godot smirked as he hopped onto the floor. "All right there son?" he asked when he got in front of Apollo.

"PRETTY FINE DAD!" roared Apollo.

"Apollo, what ya doing?" Wocky asked, trying to imitate wild arm shaking and hip twisting. Then watching Godot follow as if he was a natural of dancing. As for Winfred, Wocky had no idea what he was doing here at all.


"Your old man can sure see that." Godot nodded his head with his swaying hips. "Man if Mia was alive right now..."

"Godot and Ema mentioned you," Lana told Apollo standing next to her on the dance floor. "I'm Lana Skye, Ema's sister. Nice to meet you."



Klavier had crept out to the back of the club. The lights and noise inside eliminated the dark silence from the night. The girl he was keen on was besides him, holding his hand. They had been exchanging flirty body language for the whole evening. Klavier smirked as if he had just won the lottery. "So Fräulein, what's your name?"

The night lights had made the woman glow. Her hair shined and her lip gloss sparkled with her jewelry. "It's April May, and I think everyone knows your name," she said seductively, "Klavier Gavin."

"You got it in one April," Klavier smirked wrapping his arms around her.

"Are you hitting on me Klavier?"

"Maybe I am and maybe I'm not."

"I like how you don't directly say yes," April giggled, flashing her rack at him. "You should come to my hotel room," she offered with slow winks. Klavier stared as if she was a grand prize. The palm of her hands resting on her breasts and how slowly she breathed. Klavier knew exactly what she wanted, and it was an offer he couldn't refuse. "We can get to know each other in my room."

"Sounds sexy!"


Apollo was exhausted on the Sunday morning. He laid on his bed like a bag of bones. His muscles ached from the dancing, his head felt dizzy from the alcohol and his vision felt unstable from being up till half-five. Wocky slept over at Pearl's, and the only other thing he could remember was being in Godot's arms – smelling that breath of caffeine. Trucy was on top of him in her purple pajamas Valant brought her for Christmas last year. Don't tell me I had sex with my sister again, thought Apollo. As if enough things have gotten out of control already.

"You must have had a lot of fun last night," assumed Trucy. "Luckily you weren't throwing up everywhere. You scared Mommy Iris to tears though. It's okay though, Mr Hat's cheered her up." Iris could be a little over-protective at times. "It was funny when you touched my breasts though," giggled Trucy. That was the last thing Apollo wanted to know during his hangover. That must have been what frightened Iris.

Apollo's phone went off and he got Trucy to get it for him. "Hello," Apollo growled.

"Hey Herr Forehead!" It was Klavier on the phone sounding as enthusiastic. "Have fun last night?"

"I'm not sure," groaned Apollo. "The only thing I remember is my dad's coffee smell."

"You've had a bit too much to drink," Klavier chuckled. Soft moans shook Apollo awake, he could have sworn that he heard a woman moaning. "I'm just having some fun right now."

"I hope that's... Ema I'm hearing?" Apollo muttered though the phone.

"You know that girl I liked last night?" Klavier laughed. Then everything before the dancing came flooding back. Klavier was warned about her and he even said so himself that he could be faithful to Ema. "Her name is April: it's her you can hear."

Apollo felt his blood sizzle in an instant. Grabbing onto his phone and screamed though his cell phone: "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" After he felt a strain in his voice, Apollo hung up and chucked his phone of the bed. If it landed on a hard surface, it would have broke. How could Klavier be so stupid. And he wouldn't be surprised that he wasn't using protection.

"Hangovers suck don't they Apollo?" Phoenix asked with a grin on his face.

"Yes Phoenix," Apollo replied. "They do."