Chapter Fifteen: Karma's Like A Net

It was one of those moods, where you were so tired, but you couldn't sleep and had to occupy yourself by doing something. Godot hadn't logged into MSN in years. The last person he spoke to on there was Misty Fey, who joined her daughter in heaven. He knew he was getting a one way ticket to hell, not even his own son could take him there. No one to left to blame but himself at the end of the day. Coffee was his most trusted companion in this cruel world – always there for him though the good times and bad. As usual he was greeted with the morning cup, which would lead to another four or more.

It wasn't bright, but it wasn't dark either. The hands of the clock stood vertically together. On six and twelve to be precise, Apollo managed to get some sleep two hours ago. After re-installing MSN he inserted his log in details and waited for it to load.

Wiping off the dust of his laptop he watched the windows pop up in a que. The majority of email had to be some old spam sleeping on his inbox for years. He could have done with some internet clearing. His computer lagged like a snail in a marathon, so he hopped off for another cup of coffee. Something to keep him busy till the lagging calms down. The rough snoring was the background sound coming from the kitchen. Peering through the spare room Apollo and Trucy were sleeping, the snores became violently louder. It certainly couldn't be Trucy; she was flat out cold. No lady, let alone a girl soon to be sixteen could snore like a siren.

A clicking sound startled Godot. He went to his laptop and put it on mute. A flashing tap with Lana written on it had showed up. He opened the window and a message for him by Lana appeared. There was a display pic of her dancing that night when she met Apollo.

Lana says:

Hello. Nice to see you on MSN again.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

Morning Lana, you never used to be an early bird.

Lana says:

How are you? Yeah I'm up early because I'm meeting Mike Blitz in town later.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

Who's he? I remember Von Whippingburg was bitching about him.

Lana says:

He's a friends of mine. I Meet him through Mia. He has a thing for my sister.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

She's dating that Gavin dude right?

Lana says:

Well Ema doesn't really like him, to be honest. She should dump him. I don't like him, he's a vile glimmerious fop.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

That's a change. Everyone I know seems to adore him.

Lana says:

I saw him kissing April May...

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

April May as in the scallywag who helped that twat kill Mia?

Lana says:


Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

...When was this?

Lana says:

That night we were out dancing.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

Ha! Good times it was. But yeah, Klavier's a nasty man hoe!

Lana says:

It's horrible enough seeing him cheat on Ema like that but with HER! That bitch!

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

Well I guess Ema's gonna dump him in no time.

Lana says:

I hope so. Judge Albert Salsa is going to be meeting up with us as well.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

He knows how to keep it cool.

Lana says:

He's really nice outside the courtroom.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

He kept calling Polly-Pocket gay in the trial cause he wouldn't say Whippingberg was hot. Lol

Lana says:

I hate that bitch. And Salsa gets side tracked very easy and effects his decisions. Like letting female criminals get away with everything.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

Well he only punished Mrs. DeLite with a slap on the wrist.

Lana says:

He let Yew... Shi, Ga whatever her name was get away with it by only throwing her into rehab.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

Ah Yew, she was always laughing at Grossberg cause of his size. I heard she's still in a looney bin.

Lana says:

With insane laughter like that, no wonder.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

LOL! So how's Machi doing?

Lana says:

He seems really happy at the moment. He's sleeping over at Wocky's house at the moment. I'm picking him up in a couple of hours time. He rang up saying he's got a girlfriend.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:


Lana says:

I think so. He told me he liked her.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:


Lana says:

I heard the Kitaki familly were quite the ruthless ones, but they had a change of heart.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

Yeah, they used to be hardcore gangsters.

Lana says:

Thier son still looks like he wants continue the gangster road.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey says:

I wouldn't worry. He was a total teddy bear in prison.

Lana says:


Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

He won't want people knowing he's just a mega softie. How else would a little Kitty like Pearl date him?

Lana says:

I suppose. He got a woman pregnant didn't he?

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

Indeed. Mrs. DeLite he knocked up.

Lana says:

Lol. The DeLites always were a lot of trouble.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

By the way, it's a marvelous day for some coffee. I might meet up with you later on. I need to look around for some jobs anyway. I can't be a lawyer anymore cause of... you know.

Lana says:

That's funny, they let me work there. It was a hassle but I got there.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

But I murdered someone, you were innocent the whole time.

Lana says:
It's still hard to imagine you as a killer Diego.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

A lot of things can change in a decade.

Lana says:

Well that's certainly true. Anyway I have to go. Nice talking to you, Diego.

Coffee is the best medicine (R.I.P Mia Fey) says:

See ya later kitty.


Albert Salsa and Mike Blitz were both men who were a little too proud of what they got. They like the bickering brothers that just won't get on with each other even if they agreed with something. Salsa plus Blitz equaled rivalry, competition and full heated debates. It would take one's mind back to the fond school memories. This was why Lana didn't want to meet both of them at the same time, they would stray off topic about flings which Lana didn't give a damn about. She was here for serious business with Mike.

Mike's black bandanna hid the combination of red, blue and white hair dyed in his roots. Green eyes and sharp smile. A huge trench coat made him appear bigger than he actually was in reality. Salsa was in a yellow tuxedo and his hair in braids. Mike used to a be a gang leader, and Albert used to be in his rival gang. Lana knew Mike despised Klavier and fancied her sister, so he was the perfect accomplice. Salsa might have seemed like an idiot, however he had a creative way of thinking.

Salsa whispered to Lana, "A total womanizer this dude is!" He whispered it, loud enough for Mike to hear.

"You're just jealous that I slept with Von Karma," Mike said to Salsa.

"I've never been jealous in my life," objected Salsa. "I've never needed to be. I like my life just how it is."

"Why else would she be so pissed off at me and go bisexual?" Mike asked.

"The answer is simple: bad sex."

"Just cause I've had more sex than you."

"Them cigs have been fucking your mind up!"

"What I smoke is harmless, unlike the horrible cannabis you smoke."

"You know nothing about what I smoke!"

"It was pretty obvious when you like a huge criminal like Yew to get away with murder based on personal appearance."

"I felt sorry for her, she was beautiful and troubled. She reminded me of the legendary Lady Gaga."

"You should be grateful you still have a job!"

"Why don't we go back on topic," requested Lana relaxing her back against the chair. "We all agree that Klavier has to suffer for cheating on my sister." Instant silence with two nodding heads thrown in. "There's plenty of ways to do it. We could kill him slowly and painfully, embarrass him, expose him, silently knock him out of existence, the list goes on. "

"I've got a magnum I use for self-defence so I could kill him that that," Mike offered.

"You use ice-cream for self-defence?" asked Salsa, who laughed his head away.

Mike punched his face and replied with, "the gun, Salsa!" Then flashed a silver magnum in his face.

"I suggest we push Mike out of the window." Mike glared at Salsa and spat on his face. "Hey MIKEY I WAS JOKING! But I do have a real suggestion."

"Just cause Adrian Andrews slept with me and not you," Mike muttered.

"You dirty lying bastard," Salsa bursted out giggling afterwards.

"Watch it you," Mike said pointing at him. "You push your luck a little too far sometimes."

"Luck is my first born son!"

"I feel sorry for your partner and kids," Mike confronted him. "How they put up with your dumbness is beyond me."

"Can you two stop bickering please," Lana growled punching the table. The two men were silent and Lana looked at Salsa. "You said you had a suggestion," Lana reminded him.

"Yes, this is my suggestion," Salsa announced. "I'm pretty creative, so I know how to do this. It's very simple: we drag Klavier's ass to court! Me as the judge, you Lana the prosecutor and you Mike as the detective in charge of the case. The three of us are gonna kick his ass."

"What if his lawyer is Apollo or Mr. Wright?" Lana asked.

"I heard he's re-taking his exam very soon," Mike said.

"Even if he passes, there is no need to worry yourself darling," Salsa said, smirking away. "I'll hire an actor. Then the whole trial will go through without any problems. Lana can kill herself and we'll pin it on Klavier. Then the acting lawyer will rest and he'll get found guilty in no time."

"... Do I really have to die?" Lana gasped, her face dropped to the table.

"I'm all up for locking Klavier up," Mike told Salsa. "But I don't think you get it. If Lana dies, that will upset Ema. The plan is for me too hook up with her and stop her from getting hurt. It won't work if Ema thinks her sister was killed by her cheating ex-boyfriend. Lana and I only want Klavier to suffer."

"Well you can kill April then," Salsa suggested to Mike. "You hate his guts and since you're friend with Phoenix you can convince him and Apollo not to take the case if such a thing is to happen. "

"I don't think we have to resort to killing anyone," Mike objected.

"For goodness sake man! It's obvious you want to stab Klavier and April to death."

"Why don't you do it?"

"This hair is very precious," Salsa said fondling his braids. "My mama taught me how to braid my hair and we used shampoo with gold extracts. No blood shall lay on my hair."

"Salsa, you're like a girl when it comes to hair."

"Unlike you I care for my about my appearance!"

"Sometimes they like a bit of scruffiness from time to time. "

"I am the king when it comes to the clubs."

"I'm getting the women, not you!"

"Well I don't go round breaking marriages up."

"I'll do it!" Lana snapped in order to stop the two from bickering off-topic. "I'll kill Miss May."

"Are you sure?" Salsa asked.

"Yes," Lana said. "I have my own personal reasons to want April dead, as well as keep that beast away from Ema."

"We've almost settled it," Salsa confirmed to Mike. "Lana kills April. Lana incriminates Klavier, you help Lana do so. I'll be the judge on the trial, Lana's the prosecutor, the fake lawyer, you as the witness and me handing out the guilty verdict. "

"Sounds good." Lana nodded her head.

"And Klavier being exposed as a cheat and a liar isn't going to help his case either," Mike added to the plan.

"Ema's gonna break up with him one way or another," Lana assured them. "But if anyone treats her badly, they'll pay deadly." Lana glared at Mike throughout the sentence.

"You got told!"Salsa grinned.

"And please you two." Lana pleaded. Her arms stretched out with her palms on the table. "Stop bickering like two little kids. You're both over thirty and should be mature enough to work together for once in your life. None of this is going to work if you keep bragging about who's life is better. Shut up about it and focus on keeping Ema safe. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Lana," Salsa and Mike said in unison.


"And when Pearl and I get married that will make lots of money," announced Wocky as he drove around the city. Pearl was sitting in the front seat in glee with her present. At the back was Trucy, Apollo and Klavier. Apollo was still angry at Klavier for what he did to Ema. Wocky was starting to hate his guts but had to tolerate him for Pearl's sake. "I hope you like the present I gave you Pearl."

"I do," Pearl squealed holding onto a pink fluffy pistol. "It's so pretty. And our wedding is going to be amazing."

"Isn't it a bit too soon to talk about marriage?" Apollo asked Wocky.

"You wouldn't know," Wocky replied. "You've never had one."

"What about Trucy?" Pearl asked. "I thought they were twins"

"No Pearl they're siblings and incest don't count," Wocky told her.

"What's incest?" Pearl asked.

"You don't know what incest is?" Klavier asked, a little bit shocked.

"She doesn't have to know," Wocky snapped. "I had enough of you and Apollo talking about it at that club. Now I'm on the wrong side of the road because of you guys."

Klavier bounced back with, "Not our fault you're a bad driver!"

"Shut up you," "Losing your virginity to your brother. Whacked up jerk."

"... EWWW," Pearl shrieked. "Do you have any dignity? Why are you being so naughty?"

Klavier faced the floor in silence. Then he threw his hands in air. "What can I say?" he smirked, "I've been cornered."

"TOO RIGHT YOU'VE BEEN CORNERED!" Pearl screeched. She held the pistol in her hand. Although she had no intention in shooting him, her eyes filled with fierce anger that anyone could predict a murder. "Why would you wanna cheat on Ema? She's so nice."

"Wocky do you think you can slow down a little?" Trucy asked. "You're going a little too fast for me."

The car skidded on a bump. The wheels screeched on the road. Wocky steered the wheel just in time of preventing a car crash from happening. A loud bang was what pushed all but the driver on the edge of their seats. Pearl's seat-belt had saved her from smashing her head against the window. All of them had been lucky. Apollo had never been so scared in his life: he could have lost his friends, his sister or his life. Curious about the entire silence, Wocky turned around to see Klavier holding tight to his right leg. Red stains formed on Klavier's jeans.

"Holy shit it's real," gasped Wocky.

"OBJECTION!" Apollo screeched his lungs out. There was a sudden urge to protect his sister. She had been put in danger and he partly felt responsible, but wanted to blame Wocky. "WE COULD HAVE ALL JUST DIED AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS HOLY SHIT IT'S REAL!"

"Apollo you're squashing my tits," Trucy shrieked.


"Gee, can you calm down you're making Pearl cry," Wocky requested.

"HOW THE HELL CAN I CALM DOWN?" Apollo spat. "That gun could have almost killed Trucy and we could have all died!"

"Look, I didn't know the gun was real," Wocky explained. Apollo was anything but convinced. "I bought it on Amazon for Pearl and it said on there it wasn't real nor loaded."

"YOU'RE ALWAYS SAYING YOU'RE A HARDCORE GANGSTER. SO YOU SHOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REAL AND A FAKE GUN!" Apollo roared, even madder than ever. His heart pounced all over the place and gasped in a violent breath.

"This shit is hilarious..." muttered Wocky keeping his laughter to himself.

"It's not funny when someone gets hurt," wailed Pearl. One look could show she was apologetic.

"Yeah it was funny until Pearl started crying."

"And if Pearl wasn't crying it would be even more hilarious would it?" Apollo croaked. His chords of steel had been used up.

Wocky nodded. "Yeah..."

Apollo had enough. He leaned over and punched Wocky in the face. He didn't panic anymore.

"Watch it! I don't have a drivers license, and I'm not going to court!" Wocky snapped. "I've already been there enough times."

"Well I'm definitely not defending you," Apollo told him. He breathed slow, then exhaled in relief.

"Are you okay Klavier?" Trucy asked. "We need to get you to the hospital."

"I nearly got shot in a bizarre place," Klavier croaked. "But I should recover."

"I'm not going to Hotti's place," informed Wocky steering the wheel in a rough grip. "He's a creep! I don't him touching up Pearl." He took a deep breath and pressed the play button on his car and soulful music pumped up the mood in the car. Apollo thought the song was nice, despite it not being his cup of tea.

Ain't no running from

Karma ain't no running

Ain't no running from

Karma ain't no running

"This is a great song!" Wocky nodded his head throughout the entire song. "Karma's a bitch."

"Sorry for shooting you down there, Mr. Klavier," Pearl sobbed. Something was telling Apollo that Pearl was willing to take the whole responsibility. "We'll get you in a hospital as soon as we can."