Law Plus Chaos Chapter Seventeen: Eggs

Ron shivered even from the warmth of the fire, hugging himself. His arms shook like a vigorous tree in a tornado about to crash. His eyes wondered to the locked door, then bowed his head in shame. "I've been useless all these years," he sobbed out. "It's all my fault, I DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT'S HAPPENED TO ME! I couldn't even give my wife a baby."

Ron knew he would not be saved whether he'd cry or not. His abductors left him to fend for himself as if they had a small amount of faith in him. Ron found it was the perfect time to cry and reflect on the troubles in his life. Dessie and Ron had done so much for each other, they both work, Dessie gave up her shopping addiction and Ron didn't need to steal anymore.

Ron's work was dodgy, but at least it was putting money on the table. They had been saving up for a baby for five years ago. Dessie had always wanted a baby, they had been trying since they got married, but no conception. Last year they had discovered the main root of the cause; Ron was sterile. Dessie managed to get pregnant in the end but it would never be his child. He knew he would feel awkward having raise a kid that is not biologically his, and would take a while to get over the affair but he wanted to be there. He wanted to hold Dessie's hand in labor. He wanted to be the good husband he wanted to be.

Naturally, it would be very difficult locked up in a flat in the middle of nowhere. No television, phone, computer or any fancy gadgets for convenience. Pushing his head deeper into his cushion, he stretched his legs out as his foot tapped the mattress. He yawned as he forced himself out of bed and tip toed to the fridge. He wanted to return to his dreams but he knew he had to eat something, even if it was only pork pies with an over-powering pepper flavor. He fancied some boiled eggs now he saw three eggs in the tray, but the room didn't have a cooker, oven or microwave; just a humble kettle plugged in next to the sink.

He wasn't sure if a kettle would boil an egg but he was gonna give it a shot. He picked up two and saved the other one for tomorrow.

For everything Pearl hates about Wocky, there was two traits she liked. She didn't like his whole gangster image, but loved his bravery and the way he treated her. She hated some of his habits like drinking and smoking, but she liked how she was able to tame him when he needed it. Pearl suggested Wocky to give up smoking so Plum wouldn't go mad next time she smelt tobacco.

"Are you going to Mystic Maya's party?" Pearl asked. "I'm sure the clan would love to see you again; that's what Mystic Maya said. She says she has a big announcement too."

"I guess I could come," Wocky said. "Is Maya getting married or something if she says something about some announcement?"

"I'm not sure," Pearl said. "She hasn't told me so it must be big; she usually tells me everything. You know I always wanted her to get married and have babies with Mr. Nick but he's engaged to my half-sister. Maybe it's for the best, only time will tell."

The bold words in today's newspaper lured Pearl's eyes into the article.


Following the news of killer Diego Armando being released on compassionate grounds last month, last week it has been reported that over fifty prisoners have managed to escape jail including former Steel Samurai star, Matt Engarde. Many of the them were found within five days of breaking out, but there are still eleven confirmed to be out on the streets. All the prisoners were convicted murderers. Chief Gumshoe pleas the public to remain calm and report with any information they have regarding the missing prisoners.

"We must get these criminals locked up," Gumshoe cried in the official statement last night. "These are very dangerous individuals who should have been executed a long time all need to work together to get them all back behind bars." Ron DeLite was reported missing days after the killers made their escape. Police believe he was kidnapped by Matt Engarde and Luke Atmey, who shared a civil relationship in prison. "DeLite's disappearance has made it even more vital to find them all as quick as we can before they kill again. New procedures are also needed to make sure they don't escape again."

Prison officers have been heavily criticized for sleeping on the time the prisoners escaped. One was even suspected of having an affair with them.

The list of wanted people follows;

* Alita Tiala - Used mafia family for inheritance and killed boss.

* Matt Engarde - hired an assassin to kill his rival.

* Luke Atmey - A blackmailer/con-artist/murderer

* Kristoph Gavin - Mentally disturbed. Hacked into the justice system for years. Killed two men and attempted to kill a young girl.

* Dee Vasqueuz - Killed colleague Jack Hammer.

* Mimi Miney - Faked her death and stole her sister's identity. Used spirit medium to kill her former boss.

* Lance Amano - Faked a kidnapping and killed a man to frame his lover.

* Ernest Amano - Involved with lots of smuggling and murdering to years.

* Jacques Portsman - Smuggler, shot his best friend.

* Namow Latnem- Chopped up her husband for falling for another woman.

* Edward Fartalot - Killed parents last year using gases.

If you see any of these people report to the police as soon as possible.

"Loads of people escaped jail last week..." Pearl mumbled. The first couple of pages about the killers on the loose. Some of them which, Pearl vaguely remembered when Phoenix was a lawyer. Some of them were new names to her, but she still felt concerned that the killers could be behind them right now or crawling around them. "Alita's one of them."

"That newspaper got it wrong," Wocky said. "Matt and Luke have been out of prison for a while now. And I know Alita's been out longer than a week."

"How do you know?" Pearl asked.

"I've seen her around," Wocky said. "I saw her the night we were out with Matt in that club."

"Did she speak to you?"

"Yeah she did," Wocky said. He saw no point in lying. He didn't want to tell her, but since they both had brought Alita up it would have been better to just tell the truth.

"What did she say?" Pearl asked. "Did she do anything to you?"

"Gotta give her some money..."

"MONEY?" Pearl shrieked. "Give HER of all people money? She's given you pain and you wanna give her money."

"Pearl you don't get it?"

"Then why?"

"She's gonna kill you if I don't!"

Pearl gasped then remained silent. "You still shouldn't give her a penny!" Pearl snapped. "You should have reported her there and then. I'll give her a piece of my mind once I see her. The money you were gonna give Alita should be spent on your child."

"I don't want you getting hurt you know?"

"We've got loads of people to support us," Pearl said. "That's something Alita hasn't got."

"Whose gonna kill who?" A man behind them asked. Mike Blitz had been listening to their conversation.

"Uhm... sup Mike?"

"Just doing my job," Mike replied, confiscating Wocky's bottle, then consuming some vodka for himself.

"What stealing wives or dropping into people's private conversations?" chuckled Wocky.

"No my actual job, investigating... wife stealing doesn't apply today one cause the girl I wanna woo is single," Mike sighed. "Anyway I got some questions for you."

"What kind of questions?" Wocky said. "If it's about the car incident the other day, I'm not talking about it."

"Actually, I wanted to talk about Matt and Luke," Mike said.

"What about these Matt and Luke dudes?" Wocky asked, snatching his bottle back.

Mike sighed again. "You know who I'm talking about; the dudes you met in prison." Wocky looked at him blank and Mike asked again, "have you heard from Matt and Luke since they escaped prison?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"I know you really get along with them so don't lie out of this one."

"Well I ain't seen them since I left prison."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure"

"Lying to the police is not a good thing," Mike warned him. "I will find out. Oh and was it you who shot Klavier?"

"It wasn't me if was my girl Pearl," Wocky answered.

"I swear it was an accident," Pearl squealed.

Mike tapped Pearl's shoulder and said, "good on you."

"Back to your wife stealing now," Wocky laughed.

"Watch it you!" Mike warned Wocky. "I can get you arrested for being cheeky."

"Yeah right!" Wocky muttered. "Why do you wanna know about Matt and Luke anyway?"

"Working on a case," Mike announced. "Dessie DeLite's husband has gone missing. He was kidnapped on the night after Matt and Luke escaped prison. We believe the two cases are connected."

"Damn really?"

"Yep," Mike replied. "One of the prison officers believes you Wocky, are working as their accomplice."

"Why would I wanna help kidnap her husband?" Wocky snapped.

"Well the prison guard thinks you wanted revenge on Dessie for setting you up, so you team up with the one person she disgusts the most and his lover to set it up."

"Surely his name is not Larry."

"Yes, you've been in some trouble with him have you?" Mike asked.

"He's dating my ex and he pushed me down the stairs."

"I taught Mr. Butz a lesson though!" Pearl said putting her fist up.

"Come to think of it," Mike thought,"your ex escaped prison too. Larry couldn't stop crying."

"He helped her! He pushed me down the stairs the day he helped Alita escape."

"I'll look into it ASAP Mike said. "After I've finished talking to Ema I'll help look into Alita and Larry's history. Anyway I'll see you later Wocky and Pearl," Mike said then walked up to Ema's apartment at the more upscale side of town with a bag in one hand and a watermelon scented herbal cigarette in his other hand. His mind drifted back to his conversation with Lana and how it ended on somewhat tense terms.

"If you upset Ema, I'll kill you." She had warned him. "And that's fine with me," was his reply, despite the fact that she hung up before he could even say it.

Truth be told, he always had a soft spot for the teenage scientist that always looked up to him in Europe when he said she could be his partner in investigation. She was always perky and full of energy. He could also tell she had a crush on him and he was banking on her having that old flame still burning somewhere inside of her as he went to woo her.

What he had heard from Lana wasn't all that pretty. Ema had changed a lot in the years he had not seen her. She was more beautiful, for sure by the pictures he was given. Yet he heard she was also jaded from apparently not getting into CSI like she had wanted. Ema had become somewhat bitter, eating snackoo's like there was no tomorrow. If he knew that she would get so addicted to them, he would have never given her that bag such a long time ago.

Before he knew it, he was in front of her door. Resigning himself to being taken, if this flirting worked, he knocked on the door after taking a deep inhale of his cigarette and letting the fruity scent out.

"Who is it?" came a muffled female voice.

Deciding to tease her a bit, he lowered his voice one octave. "Snackoo delivery for Ema Skye."

He heard the sound of someone walking to the door and grumbling, "That had better not be you fop or I'll..." whatever else she was gonna say was lost on her lips when she opened the door and saw him.

Mike's eyes glinted with amusement as a grin made its way to his face. "Hey Ema, miss me?"

He was ready for the hug she gave him.

"Mr. Blitz! It's been forever! How are you? Come on in we need to..." Mike put a finger on her lips as she started to say the words too fast for comfort.

"I'm fine and thank you for inviting me in." he told her, playing the suave gentleman as he went inside.

He heard Ema close and lock the door behind him as he looked at her place. It was clean, that was for sure. It was also full of scientific equipment. Her living room looked like a lab.

"Ehehehe...sorry...I wasn't expecting company today. If I knew I would've moved all this stuff." Ema said, blushing slightly out of embarrassment.

"You never change. Is that your kitchen over there?" he asked, pointing to a door next to a TV stand with a plasma screen on top of it.

"Yeah. There's also an ashtray there. Honestly Mr. Blitz, you really need to kick that habit. Non nicotine or not, that stuff will be the death of you." Ema said as she opened the door for him. "What's in the bag?"

Walking over to the kitchen counter, he turned his bag upside down, revealing a gallon container of chocolate ice cream and a dozen bags of snackoo's.

"Heard about your breakup from your sister. She wanted me to see if you were alright so I thought, 'why not just drop by for a chat while I'm here as well?'" He explained as he watched her grab a bag of the snacks with a scary speed before starting to munch them down.

"Yeah...Klavier was a real gentleman. I always thought of him as a fop, but a good person overall. He was sweet to me on our dates, but apparently I didn't give him what he wanted." Ema said, bitterness and anger lacing her voice.

"That would be?" Mike asked, grabbing the ashtray she pointed out to him and dumping a bit of the ashes of his cigarette in it before taking another breath of the addicting substance.

"Sex...I refused to sleep with him...then he goes and cheats on me with some big titted cow cat girl!" Ema said quietly at first, but eventually her voice rose up to shouting level.

"Heh." Mike knew this story all too well. Being the ladies man he was, he had seen and done a little bit of everything that did not require him to bow at a woman's feet.

"If I ever see that fop again I'm gonna punch him in the face!" Ema continued to rant before munching on her snackoo's at a wild pace.

"Simmer down there speedy. Let's just go towards the good times and try to forget about this 'fop'." Mike suggested, rummaging through her kitchen drawers before pulling out an ice cream scooper and getting two bowls before putting a generous amount of the ice cream in them.

"You're too sweet Mr. Blitz. You always put me first, back then." Ema said with a somewhat sad smile as she remembered her adventures of sorts in Europe.

"I'm still putting you first now." he pointed out as he led her to a sofa that was put up against a wall across from the TV stand.

"Yeah..." Ema said with a blush on her face.

'Such a troubled girl.' Mike thought as he sat down next to her.

"You must be Phoenix Wright," the woman spoke. Phoenix shook hands and said, "I'm Kay Faraday, Edgeworth's told me a lot about you."

"It's nice to you again," Phoenix said. "I see you haven't changed much."

"Yeah," Kay replied. She removed her scarf which was just a lighter shade of blue than her hair. "So what did you want to talk about?"

Phoenix grinned, then looked seriously asking, "I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"