Law Plus Chaos Chapter Twenty: Deep

Trucy waited until Apollo had fallen asleep to leave her home. Phoenix was out somewhere and Iris was at work. She received a text message by Wocky asking if she and Apollo were interested in partying at Matt's place. Trucy replied yes, even though she never told Apollo. She could feel it in her bones that he would one-hundred percent say no. So off she went, taking the key to the house with her. Once again she was daring with what she wore: a black mini-skirt, red corset, and high heels to match. At least Apollo would have her trusted Mr. Hat around.

She had severe trouble walking down the steps with her high heels. She was worried about a lot of vain things such as her hair, or if her shoes broke or what to do if she had any funny looks from the guys. These heels were from her future step-mother, Iris. Almost falling down the stairs five times made her wish that she had worn flat shoes.

Needless to say, she was relieved when she reached the ground floor. No more steps for a while. Trucy knew she could walk fine in heels on a flat ground. She knew she would need lessons in walking in heels. She eventually met Wocky in the car park.

"Hi Wocky," she said as she approached him. "I'm excited for tonight aren't you?"

"Yeah," Wocky said. "Is Apollo coming?"

"Apollo didn't want to come," said Trucy. "Apollo's still shaken up after what had happened. He's not ready to go out yet."

"Guess it's just me, you and Machi going to Matt's place tonight."

"Where's Pearl?" Trucy asked.

"She's gone on a trip with Maya," Wocky told her. "She's not back until next Monday."

"You look nice today," Machi said smiling.

"Hi Trucy, you going somewhere?"

"Oh hi Kay," Trucy shouted. She held onto her heart, took a breath then hugged Kay. "You have me a shock there. Your hair looks cool tonight," Trucy complimented on Kay's blue curls. She faced the boys and said, "Wocky, Machi this is my new friend, Kay."

"Nice to see you Kay." Machi bowed as he shook her hand.

"Yo!" Wocky gave Kay a high-five.

"Nice to meet you two," Kay said scratching her neck. "So where are we going?"

"We're going to Matt's house," Trucy told her.

"Who's Matt?"

"He's Wocky's friend," replied Trucy. "I met him while we were having a nights out once. We got on really well, we almost kissed."

"That's cool."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, nothing wrong with me at all."

"So how long is this party going to last for?"

"A long time."

"Define a long time."

"Till 6am."

"That's a long time, shouldn't we let your dad know?"

"He wouldn't let me go if he knew,"

"He'd be worried if we don't tell him were you're going."

"Just relax, we'll be safe."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah!" Trucy looked behind her and asked, "Are you excited Machi?"

"Yes, very much."

"It's gonna be fun all round, do you know how many people are going Wocky?"

"No," he replied. "Matt said there would be lots of people. So I don't know. The car's over here. I borrowed pop's old car."

"It's a pretty cool car," Kay said, impressed with nostalgic appeal of the car yet have a modern touch to it at the same time.

"Hop in guys," Wocky demanded as he opened the doors to the car.

Forty-five minutes later, they had arrived to a cottage in the middle of the forest. Lying on the doorstep was Matt Engarde himself. As expected he had a crate of beer next to him. Trucy peeped through the cottage's window and saw lots of guests inside and outside. As the car doors opened, the smell of tobacco and drugs filled the whole car, and they hadn't even been in for five minutes. "That's weird," said Wocky. "None of the cats are about."

"Hello guys!" Matt had dressed up well, his fringe hid his scars and the bronze suit nearly blended with his hair. He flashed his teeth and leaned against the car.

"Where are the cats that belonged to that mad old witch?" Wocky asked.

"The mad woman gave them all up for Mike," Matt replied. "He kept two of them and got his girlfriend to try and home the cats."

"To Mike Blitz of all people?" Wocky chuckled.

"Yeah, he met up with her for a threesome with Mr. Salsa."

"You have got to be kidding me?" Wocky almost jumped out of his chair.

"You know what they're both like?" Matt said. "Mike would screw anything and Namow is a mental woman."

"Yeah I see what you did there."

"And who's this sexy chick?" Matt asked looking up Kay's skirt.

"Kay Faraday," said Wocky.

"Why Hello there," Matt purred. He licked his lips, moving his head near Kay's blue hair.

"Uhm... hi..."

"You know how to impress a friend Wocky," Matt told him, patting his shoulder. "We've got lots of good guests inside," Matt added, "you'll all enjoy yourself here."

"Is Luke in there?" asked Wocky.

"Nah." Matt shook his head and spat on the floor. "He's fucked off somewhere."

"Guess we'll see him later,"


"Trucy, I need a word with you in private."

"Okay," said Trucy as she stepped out of the car.

"I'll be there in a minute, I'm gonna park this thing somewhere." Wocky locked the door and drove near the trees.

"Will Trucy be fine?" Kay asked.

"Course she will," Wocky repllied, smiling. "Matt won't hurt a fly."

Meanwhile, Matt had led Trucy into a bedroom. He had locked the doors immediately after they both entered the room. Trucy was quick to notice the modern style and bright red furniture. "Nice room," said Trucy.

"Thanks," Matt said. "Why don't you sit down on the bed."

Trucy had a feeling that Matt was going to kiss her. She wasn't sure what would happen, but the jiggling in her stomach felt there was an invisible fire in the room. As she was instructed, she sat on the bed. "So what did you want to talk about?" she asked. She watched Matt remove his blazer and undo a couple of his buttons. He pounced on the bed and glared at her. "Sorry, did you not hear me?"

Matt chuckled. "Oh I heard you well. It's just I know your father very well."

"Really?" Trucy gasped. She leaned her head closer towards Matt. "You two are friends?"

"Not really," Matt admitted. He began to tickle her neck. "But we did have a nice conversation."

"About what?"

"Just a general manly talk." He lay on his bed, stretching his arms out and shook his hair. "He's an alright dude, you're lucky to have him as a father. Even though he got both me and my boyfriend in jail."

"What did you do?" Trucy asked. The curiosity about Matt suddenly increased from the minute she stepped into his room to that very moment. She felt like the princess surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves.

"I hired someone to kill my rival."

"How come?"

"Because, my rival had bullied me all my life. He made me feel worthless, but I wouldn't stop chasing my dreams just because he had the same ambitions as me."

"Why couldn't you have just made up with each other?" Trucy wondered. "It would have been much more easier."

"I tried to once," Matt said. "He threw me in a bin for it. My rival and I had been in a war for many years, and I decided it was time to make it stop."

"Then you met Luke?"

"I met him about a week after I was sent down." Matt told her. "We didn't get along at first, but one day we had to share a cell and things just clicked. And eventually we were partners."

"So what's it like dating a guy?"

"No difference to dating a girl."

"It's nice to get out you know," Matt confessed, then roared with laughter.

"Out where?"

"Jail, not easy when a lot of people are out to get me." Matt went below the bed and reached out a bottle of whiskey. "I miss the old days like these."

"So what do you think of me?" Trucy asked. "It's kinda clear that you trust me."

"You're pretty," Matt grinned. "And very reliable. You wanna do it?"

"Okay," Trucy said. "We've got nothing to lose."

"It would be best not to tell ya dad."

Trucy was right. They did end up kissing in the end.


"Where's Trucy?"

Phoenix's angry voice woke Apollo. His footsteps were as loud as his fists flying around the doors. Phoenix didn't need to shake his shoulders to wake him up. Apollo was struggling to open his eyes and yawned.

"Isn't she in her room?" Apollo mumbled.

"We've looked everywhere," replied Phoenix. "She's not here."

"Really?" Apollo yawned again. "Are you sure she's not hiding."

"We are very sure she's not hiding," Phoenix snapped. "Any idea where's she's at?"

"With her friend perhaps, she should be home soon."

"It's midnight, we've been searching for her for half an hour. The door has been left open."

"Feenie some of my stuff are missing!" cried out Iris.

"What's missing?" Phoenix shouted. Apollo had never seen Phoenix so mad.

"My red high heels, my make-up bag," Iris confirmed. "Maybe Trucy wore it."

"She's gone out partying," Phoenix said to himself. He glared at Apollo and asked, "any idea where?"

"With Pearl?"

"Pearls has gone on holiday with Maya," Phoenix roared. He removed his beanie and buried his head in his hands. "I've gotta found out where she is! She might be dying."

Apollo had also never seen Phoenix squeal so much before.

Phoenix grabbed his phone out of his pocket and placed it near his ear. "POLICE! ... YES um hi Gumshoe my daughter has gone missing! ... WHAT YOU'VE FOUND HER WHERE? ... PARTYING WITH MATT ENGARDE! ... GET HER OUT NOW! ... HALF AN HOUR! OH GOD WHERE IS THIS PLACE? ... Okay, I'll be at the station."

"They found her?" Apollo asked.

"Yeah she was parting with that SCUMBAG MATT ENGARDE!"

"Any chance Matt as in the one with the scar on his face?" Apollo asked. "I never liked him."

"Yeah," Phoenix sighed. He punched the table, and then Apollo's stomach. "YOU KNEW MY DAUGHTER WAS HANGING ROUND A MURDERER AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME?"

"I didn't know he was a murderer okay?"

"Have you read the newspaper?" Phoenix roared. "He's a wanted man!"



"Hi Kay," Trucy cheered as she hopped around the room. "What's with the serious face?

"Trucy, it's time to go," Kay told her straight up. Her tone was sharp and agressive.

"Is it?" Trucy asked with a disappointed smile. "I wanted to stay here all night."

"Mike said the police are going to be here soon."

"Who's Mike?"

"I work with him and he's your dad's friend."

"I wanna party all night," Trucy repeated herself.

"I'd like to too but it's time to go." Kay was strict and pulled Trucy with her arm.


"Cause the police are coming any minute and we'll all get arrested."

"Really?" Trucy shouted.

"Yeah and Mike is gonna drive us home?"

"Ah, you've found Trucy," Mike said as he saw the two girls on their way out. "Take her to my car, I'm gonna find Wocky." Just as he said it he saw Machi and Wocky walking around the room with cans of beer in their hand. "Hey!" Mike called as he leaned against the wall next to Wocky.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" spat Wocky.

"You know it's a stupid thing to lie?" joked Mike. He just loved rubbing mad people the wrong way.

"Stalking me isn't cool either."

"Shut up and get in my car!" Mike demanded.

"No you can't tell me what to do," Wocky roared.


"I've already got my own car and anyway, I didn't do nothing wrong!" Wocky growled.

"You put your friends in danger and chill out with criminals and you say you're doing nothing wrong?"

"They're my friends," Wocky hissed.

"You should learn the difference between your fake friends from your real friends, and don't bother mixing them up either."

"Shut up I'm having fun!" Wocky announced. "I'm not taking shit from someone who had a threesome with Namow Latnem and Salsa!"

"... where did you hear that from?"


"Well it's not true... Just go in my car before the police arrive," Mike whispered in a serious tone.

"As if any police officer is going arrive," laughed Wocky.

"They will, I just rang them!"

"You cunt!"

"Don't fight Wocky, it will make things worse," Machi begged. Just as Wocky's fist was about to crash in Mike's face, Machi counted his arm.

"Yep we're going to have have to run!" Wocky said with a look of concern.

"Follow me guys," Mike announced. "We might be able to get home in time." Machi, Wocky and Mike all walked out of the party and Wocky was anything but impressed. He felt his perfect night out was ruined by mike, again.


A large group of police officers had surrounded the area. Loud sirens scared the birds away and two men stepped out of the black car. One was Gumshoe, the other man was someone who Mike had seen around. A man named Lang who was as fierce as his intentions where. His blond spikes stood out from the torch lights.

"Where do you think you're going Blitz?" Lang asked Mike.

"Aww we were just heading home," Mike sighed.

"Well you guys can wait for a while," Lang told Mike. "And what are them kids doing here at this time of night?"

"Beats me," Mike answered. "I was just about to take them home."

"They can stay in the car, you can help me with the investigation." Lang told them. "We got questions for them anyway."

"You guys gotta wait patiently in the car for me," Mike told them.

"Listen up everyone, there are killers on the loose and they are in this area." Gumshoe roared. "Everyone get on the floor right now!"

Nothing happened. Lang held his pistol and fired it on the roof.

"Anyone who does not cooperate in the next 10 seconds will be arrested!" roared Lang. "NOW GET ON THE FLOOR!"

Everyone apart from a rowdy crowd got down and they were escorted by the police. "Search all the rooms," Lang announced. "Check the kitchen Mike!" Lang ordered. "Gumshoe examine the bedrooms! The rest of you ask everyone questions. Feel free to arrest anyone suspicious."

"That was just where I was going to go!" Mike said as he walked into the kitchen. "I think the kitchen is the only place we need to investigate."

"I'll be the judge of that!" Lang responded.

"Look what I've found," Mike shouted as he walked into the kitchen. Matt Engarde soaked in red with his face covered in pies. A seashell card with writing stood out on the bloody floor. Mike bent down to see it. In cursive writing, the card said:

Pleasure doing business with you Luke.

"We'll also need to check the pies too," Mike said.