Law plus Chaos Chapter Twenty-One: Shock

"Why are you packing your stuff for?" asked Trucy. Her stomach jumped, and her back bounced upon the wall. "Where are you going?" she stuttered again. She was startled by Apollo's movements and they seemed to be far too hasty for his own good. She didn't want him to go, she'd had almost nobody to keep her company. She flicked her hair, rolled her skirt up to see if he would notice.

"Moving in with my dad," said Apollo who had all his stuff packed. and on his back. "I think it's the best thing to do. To spend some more time with my dad." Apollo faced the wall when Trucy's skirt shrunk.

"No it isn't."

"How do you know?"

"Cause I'm grounded and I need some company."

"Like I said I need to spend more time with my father. He's helping me out on a case."

"I'm going to be all alone for the next few weeks."

"No you won't," replied Apollo. "You'll have your dad and Iris."

"No list of boyfriends, no partying, no getting drunk."

A pause of noise and then Apollo said, "I think it's exactly what you need."

"You should be supporting me!" shouted Trucy.

"I think one boyfriend is more than enough anyway."

"Nothing went wrong," Trucy defended herself. "I had a fantastic time."

"You could have been arrested," reminded Apollo. He despised seeing Trucy in such a state, the sooner he left, the more time she could spend to recover.

"Arrested for what?" Trucy seemed to be completely oblivious about last night. "The police arrived cause they wanted to arrest Matt."

"You don't have any idea how serious this is don't you?" Apollo glared at her.

"What are you talking about?" giggled Trucy. One minute she was panicking, next she was angry, or giggling then returns with a vicious cycle. "I'm grounded for two weeks and Daddy will get over it."

"You were partying with a killer!" Apollo grunted. He dropped his luggage and screamed. "More than one actually, Matt was murdered last night, Luke's been arrested for it."

"Matt's dead... That can't be true."

"Well it is," Apollo announced in a more colder tone. "Never liked him anyway."

"You can at least show some respect for the dead."

"He could have hurt you maybe even killed you."

"Well he didn't!" spat Trucy. "He liked me Apollo."

"You can't be serious."

"I am because I slept with Matt!" Trucy announced it like a prostitute with no remorse. it wasn't the sister he adored anymore. "You're just making this up to just to wind me up because I can't remember what happened last night." Apollo very truly wished this was the case.

"I really wish you were lying about sleeping with Matt," Apollo muttered.

"I wish we were never related now!" Trucy faced the wall and refused to look at him. "I wish we never met."

"My dad's waiting for me, bye." Apollo held his head down and scurried his way out. The door slammed in time with Phoenix's fist on the wall.

"That's four months you're grounded," announced Phoenix.


"And another," Phoenix shouted again.

"Why is it three months? Don't tell me you were listening to me."

"I heard every word of it!" "And I'm disgusted by the way you're reacting right now. You slept with a killer and pushed your brother out the house and there's not even any remorse in you. That is not the daughter I knew and love. You worried the hell out of us and you're just acting like it was an amazing. Tell me, why are you being so out of character lately?"

"I... thought it was fun."

"What makes it fun?"

"Being the center of attention."

"For all the wrong reasons."

"I guess I just got owned."

"Yeah, you got owned big time."

"Five months of freedom down the drain."

"Look Trucy, everyone was worried sick about you. I was screaming the whole place down and Iris thought we had a robbery." Phoenix felt like a tear had leaked out of his eye. "It was the first time in my life since Iris' trial that I had a panic attack so severe. "

"Will I still be able to do my magic shows?" asked Trucy. She couldn't really think of anything else to say. Her apology was stuck in her throat.

"I guess so," said Phoenix. "And you're allowed out in town, but you have to stick with Kay or Iris at all times. If you do make up with your brother you might only be grounded to two months again. Am I being fair?"

"No, I'm only joking Daddy you're being more than fair." Trucy had finally noticed how awful her judgment was with alcohol. She massaged her forehead, knelt her head down and wished she never had said them horrible things to her brother. She wanted to chase Apollo right now.

"Iris will have talks with you later. For now why don't we see what's on TV?" suggested Phoenix. Trucy nodded and reached out for the TV remote.

A gang of police officers slammed through the door. Without a care in the world, Lang marched inside held Trucy against the wall and handcuffed her without another word. He tossed her to the police as if she was a piece of meat being thrown at a wolf.

"What do you think your doing?" Phoenix shouted.

Lang turned, grinning he said, "I'm arresting her for the murder of Matt Engarde."

"Lang is it?" Phoenix said. "Edgeworth's mentioned you a couple of times. Have you ever heard of knocking?"

"I'm innocent!" Trucy squealed.

"Nobody is innocent in this world, lady!" Lang roared.

"YOU LET GO OF MY DAUGHTER RIGHT NOW!" Phoenix shouted as he followed Lang and the others to the police station.


Apollo didn't know. His eyes were beginning to droop. He was fighting with himself to stay awake. He couldn't afford a wink of sleep, thanks to Wocky's firm belief he was set up and Godot's belief Trucy killed Matt. In an ideal world, he would straight away have disagreed with both of them. It was the spur of the moment that he chose to accept to defend Luke, and they haven't met properly yet. Although he had heard some good words about him from Wocky.

The case was now a double murder. Matt's death bed was nothing more than murderer pies. Apollo yawned, stretched his arms out and stared at all the court records. Apollo asked himself why he took on this case when he knew he was going to lose it. The answer; he wasn't so sure. In fact he didn't have a clue. Wocky and Godot were sitting on the table when Apollo received a phone call from Ema. He always knew her as a moody madame, but her tone though the telephone represented rage flooding his ears.

"So what's going on Ema?" Apollo asked.

"Bad news is bad," Ema muttered, her clattering teethe could be heard from the phone. "Lang's arrested Trucy, and they're questioning her."

"... What?"

"They're wasting their time. Atmey turned Jacques Portsman into pies, Matt found out and killed him for it. CASE CLOSED."

"I heard Ron DeLite was related to the case as well." Apollo wanted to rage, but right now didn't seem like the right time. Just how his dad taught him to be; smooth and calm. He expected Trucy would be suspected, but it didn't make the news sink in any deeper.

"DeKiller spotted Ron around the area Matt was killed. Also the secret location to serial killer, Namow Lantem. But she's gone too, Mike's been re-homing her cats and he's kept two himself. He gave me their kitties."

"That's nice." Apollo was pleased to have one nice comment of the day.

"How is a serial killer on the loose nice?" Ema snapped.

"I didn't mean that I meant the cats," Apollo said.


"What are they asking Trucy?"

"They're asking her about what happened in the bedroom and if there were any arguments.I gotta go now, they just told me to turn my cell phone off."

"I don't think we have a chance at proving Atmey innocent of murder," admitted Godot as the call ended.

"Luke never even showed up last night," Wocky responded to Godot. "It couldn't have been him. I've met him in prison and he's really nice. Not as bad as everyone made him out to be."

"It's pretty pointless defending him," stated Godot. "Even if he's found not guilty he'll still be thrown back in jail."

"But he's my friend," Wocky said.

"I know," Apollo said. "And we're going to get to the bottom of this. Dad, what do you mean defending him will be pointless? If it wasn't him then we've got to find out who is. So any news on detective Blitz?"

"He didn't catch Shelly De Killer," confirmed Godot. "However, he managed to get a statement from him. Here it is:

I has hired by the delicate beauty, Mrs. DeLite to snatch her husband from Mr. Atmey. When I met him, he confessed to holding DeLite hostage and refused to hand him over. Mr. DeLite was tired up in a bed with harsh scratches on his back. I have heard that Engarde had escaped jail, and that he was assisting Atmey. he then gave me an offer I couldn't refuse, he would let me kill Engarde for an offer of $1000 to take home to Mrs. DeLite. He also gave me a letter, written by Mr. DeLite to send to his wife. After killing Matt, I tried contacting Luke with no response. I hunted around to see if Mr. DeLite was around, but no success."

Apollo read it twice and showed it to Wocky. With no hesitation, his eyes rolled an he objected, "Luke wouldn't just let Matt get killed like that. De Killer is working with Mike."

"Really?" Apollo asked. "You think that Mike guy is behind this?

"Well Mike was a gangster," added Godot.

"He still is," Wocky shouted. "I'm sure of it! I hate him. He tried to split my parents up and he's always stalking me."

"He didn't seem that bad when he was over," said Apollo.

Godot finished his coffee and said, "Trucy was in the room that night. If we can prove Trucy killed Engarde then we'll have a case."

"No." Apollo shook his head. He knew he had to disagree. "She doesn't have a motive."

"She shagged him for the money then killed him and dragged his body to the kitchen."

"If that was true, Trucy would have blood on her clothes, but she hasn't."

"How do you know she didn't have any secret clothes or changed them?"

"She used Iris' stuff and came home in them."

"Are you sure it's Iris' clothes?"

"Yeah," Apollo replied. he hated to admit but Godot had made good points. "Iris said some of her clothes went missing and Trucy came home wearing the clothes."

"Apollo," Godot's voice became slow and his tone lighter. "As much as you don't want to hear it, Trucy could have killed Matt."

"Just because you don't like doesn't mean you have to frame her. Wocky what time did you see Trucy leave Matt's bedroom?"

"I dunno dude," replied Wocky. "It some sometime between nine and ten."

"The autopsy report said he died at 11:30 pm."

"Close," Godot said. "But no cigar." Just as Apollo thought he had convinced him. Looked like he still had a lot to prove to his dad. "Trucy could have still knocked him out."

"She was hanging round with Machi at 11:30," Wocky confirmed. "Trucy followed Machi to the forest."

"It wouldn't be that hard to get defend Trucy," Apollo admitted. "If we're lucky she might be released without charges." He decided he was on Wocky's side. As much as he would love to agree with this father, he just couldn't. He will never believe Trucy was a murderer, no matter how hard the evidence.

The phone vibrated in Apollo's jacket. He picked up his phone in a split second as if his life had depending on it. "Hello, hi Ema what is it?"

"Trucy's been released without charges. I'm driving her to your dad's house."

"Great news," Apollo cried out. All the tension had seemed to vanish when he heard Ema's voice. "Tell her I'll see her in a bit!" As the phone call ended he punched the air and said,"Trucy's been released without charges. She's coming round now. Maybe she can help with the trial tomorrow."

"Are you sure you're going ahead with this?" Godot asked. "Can ya do it?"

"Can I do it? Yes I can!" Apollo roared with enthusiasm.

"Even if Franziska Vonwhippingburg is the prosecutor tomorrow?"

"...Maybe." Apollo knew that Godot was hiding a smirk, slurping his millionth cup of coffee. "Thanks for being a moodkiller dad."

"My pleasure son."

"My pops is like that with me all the time," said Wocky.