Chapter Twenty-Six: Unexpected

The sound of the ocean was just a doorstep away. The moon was sleeping and the sun wide awake. Standing on a white balcony was Alita and her former cellmate, Lana. They had just reached their hidden location and were grateful no police stalked them. The two of them didn't expect to meet each other at a murder-scene-to-be.

Alita and Lana found each other interesting, but didn't expect to stay in touch after leaving prison. Now they had become overnight partners-in-crime. For the two of them, time had been frozen. They could relax and stare at the ageless sea.

Lana passed Alita a cup of tea. Alita accepted and held the cup with her hand. "Thanks for your help last night Alita," Lana bowed and shook Alita's hand. "I appreciate your support."

"You know I'm always happy to help a friend," Alita said.

"Men are all a waste of space. I can make it better so you won't have to worry about money or men at all," Lana assured Alita. She held onto her scarf and flicked it on her head.

"How would you do that?" Alita asked. "I'd find my life very diffulcult without a man or money."

"I'd kill you."

"Oh Lana," chuckled Alita. "You're full of cruel jokes. So last night you said you teamed up with Albert Salsa and Mike Blitz."

"They're not just the only people, I've had a quick deal Kristoph Gavin."

"Ironic," Alita reasponded. She patted Lana's back and contunied with, "since you're trying to frame his brother for murder."

"By the way I planted evidence that Franziska hired you to kill Thalassa," Lana confessed. "I hope you don't mind?"

"Those two brats have probably told the police I killed her anyway," replied Alita. "You're hoping Klavier gets into this case..."

"Yes," confirmed Lana. "Kristoph being snapped in the car park with that lady who looks like Iris should be enough to lure Klavier in. If he chooses to prosecute Franziska, it will be even better. Salsa is the judge for that trial and he will make sure he will fail the trial."

"Surely it's going to be equal if Maya has no experience."

"Maya's Mia Fey's younger sister," told Lana. "She's stronger than she looks. I'm sure she knows the tricks and tools of the trade."

"Do you think they'll find me here?" asked Alita, changing the subject. "If Larry fucks up and the police come here I'm doomed."

"I might have almost tarnished you from that fake evidence," Lana muttered. "Since they didn't catch you, you're fine. I'm the last person they'd expect to help you. If Everything goes to plan, you and Larry will have your happily ever after, Klavier will be executed, Mike and Ema will be married and I will runaway with my son."

"You just said men are a waste of space," Alita reminded her.

"To me they are," Lana replied. "But Mike really fancied Ema, so I used him. I told him to date Ema and he agreed to help me frame Klavier. And Machi is my son, so he's the only exception."

"So when are you going to kill that bitch April?" Alita asked. "Now seems a bad time to do it."

"New Year," Lana announced. "I've got everything all planed."

"I'll be long gone from here by then," Alita mumbled. "Larry bought me a new ring and he's says we're moving to this town called Blackpool."

"Where's Blackpool?" Lana asked.

"He said it's far away from here," Alita replied. "That's good enough for me. Lana you said you had a son named Machi."


"He's friends with them two brats that saw me," Alita admitted. "A few of them are a huge threat to them. There's my ex-fiance and Machi's girlfriend."

"Trucy?" Lana asked. She raised an eyebrow. "How is she a threat?"

"She might be a little love rat," Alita replied. "A bad one too."

"Where did you hear this?"

"From Larry," said Alita, "he tells me everything. He told me about this rumor that Trucy slept with her brother and slept with Matt Engarde."

"Where does Larry get this information from?"

"Word of mouth," Alita said. "These things can leak easy nowadays. Weather they're true or not, I don't know. Still, you should keep an eye out on Trucy. You don't want her to hurt Machi."

"If anybody would want to hurt Machi," Lana told Alita, "I'd kill them too. If them rumors are true, I'm not afraid to let Trucy suffer for it."

"I like you Lana," Alita said. "So clever."

"Fuck my life," muttered Apollo.

"Don't be so hard on yourself," said Trucy. "You only lost because I fainted. You probably could have beaten her easily if it wasn't for me. I'm ready to go now."

"You have to wait until the nurse says something," Phoenix told them. "They did a check up on you."

"All I did was faint," moaned Trucy.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Iris asked. "You gave us all a heart attack."

"Yeah I'm fine," Trucy replied. "The nurse will say the same thing to me as well."

"Do you know what happened last night?" Apollo asked.

"What happened last night?" Trucy asked.

Apollo turned to Phoenix and Iris. "You guys tell her about our mom?" Apollo asked Phoenix.

"Not yet," Phoenix admitted. "I was going to tell her when we got home."

"What happened to our mom?" Trucy asked. "How come she hasn't turned up?"

Phoenix bent down to Trucy's bed, held her hand and said, "Mom won't be turning up: she was murdered. They've arrested Godot and Franziska for the murder, but they suspect Alita Tiala."

"Really?" Trucy gasped. "That's so sad. I can't believe it. So that's why Apollo's saying his life sucks right now."

"Got it in one," moaned Apollo.

"Good morning Trucy," called the nurse as she walked through the door. "We've had a check up on you and we've found what happened to you."

"What is it?" asked Trucy.

"I am sorry for inform you that you've had a miscarriage," announced the nurse in the hospital room. The news had made Apollo, Iris, Trucy and Phoenix gasp in unison. A silent shock shaking their sanity to rock bottom. Everyone was speechless. Phoenix removed his beanie and looked at Trucy with a mixture of anger and sympathy. His eyes had widened and the words were stuck.

"I was pregnant?" Trucy stuttered

"You were pregnant," the nurse told them. "You were in your eight week of pregnancy."

"I didn't... know I was pregnant," Trucy cried. "I didn't get morning sickness or anything like that."

"Did you have any cravings at all?" asked the nurse.

"I had one for vodka if that helps..."

"The alcohol might have killed your baby," said the nurse. Trucy knew she was trying to hold back the anger. She knew that woman had no pity for her; only sympathy for the child that never got the chance to live. If Trucy knew she was pregnant, she would have been determined to stop getting drunk from time to time. She would have been a lot more sensible.

It was too late; she had lost her mother and child in the same day.

"Daddy..." Trucy whispered. She hid her face and bawled her eyes out behind the plain hospital quilts. "This is my fault, I'm so s-sorry."

"You guys are free go home," the nurse informed them, "but we advise that you stay for little longer. I'll leave so you can guys can have some time to grieve." The nurse left the room and the silence continued.

Iris knelt over the bed and hugged Trucy whilst Phoenix's head lay still on the bed. Apollo was getting the feeling that his family was cursed. He knew things couldn't have gotten any more worse than they are now. Apollo thought who would have screwed Trucy eight weeks ago. The very answer of his own question disturbed him. He knew only one person that could have gotten Trucy pregnant at that time: him.

Apollo slapped his forehead, sighed and leaned his back against the wall. He had no idea how he was going to handle defending his father in court. Things had gotten worse.