Chapter Twenty- Seven: Memoirs From Alita

Who would have thought of Lana Skye to be such the nasty type? Everybody in prison thought she such a lovely and kind-hearted... what a lot of fail those girls were. If she was really that kind-hearted she would never have landed in that dirty cell in the first place. I knew Lana was a piece of dirty work right from the moment I saw her.

Prosecutors were usually commit the biggest crimes, because it's so easy for them to get away with it. Lana used to be a police officer as well. I'm not so sure what happened next. She told me she hated being a prosecutor and that she was blackmailed. The blackmailer was the father of her child and he said he would kill Ema if she ever rebelled.

It's sad really. But I think it's the best thing that ever happened to her. The father of her son had turned her into a crazy bitch: and I liked it. Bitches are always more interesting than nice ones. I'm not really so sure why Lana and I get along: we just do.

As much as Wocky and his slut assume I murdered that lawyer's mother, I actually had nothing to do with it. It was by sheer luck that I met Lana that day. She told me her plans to destroy Klavier Gavin for revenge on cheating on her sister. I'm supporting her because I don't like him either, well of course I wouldn't; he caught me out.

I don't know about this deal she made with Kristoph, but I don't care about it since I don't know him that well. Larry hates his guts and with horrible fake blond hair I can see why.

After I met up with Lana, I heard Wocky and Pearl's voices. I went over to them just to pay them a visit. I wanted to know how much work he was putting in to my lovely pocket. As I expected, he wasn't going to give me any of it. They were such cheeky little monsters. I should have killed Pearl right there, but Wocky's heart is still damaged, I wouldn't wanna break it... just yet.

Screw Wocky's money though, Larry and I have got a fortune. So glad I left that stupid temple. It was all work and no play, the women in the temple were boring. They drove me insane. I hate Larry for forcing me to go into that awful place. I pushed one of the nuns who were stalking me into the river. Don't think she's ever coming back. That silly woman showed me were Bikini (what a stupid name for a nun) hid her money. I filled an empty suitcase of it and ran off in Larry's car.

Larry had always been there for me ever since I was convicted. I hate him; he's ugly, annoying and had no sense of style. I also think his dedication and determination to make me happy is also kinda cute. Still, he makes me cringe. That orange jacket he wears all the time is just bright and hideous. If I had known him before, I wouldn't have even approached him.

He does so much for me, if I was any nicer I would feel so sorry for him. I should let him go, I'm constantly taking advantage of him. Nah! That's way too soppy, that's not the real me. The real Alita is a bitch, and proud to be one. I'm not like Iris, who gets beat around the bush with no idea what I want in life.

I know exactly what I want: money and a rich husband. I'm half way there, Larry isn't exactly rich, but he's been robbing banks and saving money to buy me fabulous gifts, it's almost too much. I know he loves me, but I'm too much of a bitch to love him at the moment. Maybe I could love him someday. Right now I only love the attention he gives me. If more people were like this to me, I would have probably turned out better.

Not that it matters anymore. It won't be long until I can finally have a chance to have the wonderful life I deserve. I will have money that will never run out and a man who genuinely loves me. Oh how the ladies would envy me. I can't help it that I still live in a teenage dream, I love it. I don't wanna grow up at all.

But no one can be perfect can they?