Chapter Two: Distractions

"Another rose," Franziska muttered, holding the the petals up to her nose. "The fool's been given them me for five years, and I still haven't found out who." Two years after Maya joined forces with her, she had received various gifts from an anonymous person. The reason she hasn't found out who this person yet, because she simply didn't have the time to be fooling around. They were not related to being a prosecutor, so they were useless to her. She had to constantly remind Maya that they were both very busy women.

"Your admirer must be very good at being secret," Maya smirked, passing her the box of chocolates. Maya was the master of her village, and yet she still had a child at heart.

"The fool even knows my favorite chocolate," Franziska stroked the magenta box. "One of these a day will be sufficient, because I put on two ounces this week. I must work that off."

"Well, the perfect prosecutor deserves nothing but the best." Maya smiled, clapping her hands. "And since it's only two ounces, you can work that work easily."

"Of course Maya Fey."

"So what do you think about Apollo Justice then?" Maya asked. "He looks really nice, especially his hair."

"He's simply an incest loving fool," Franziska replied. Her face remained fixed on the mirror, applying mascara on. "As I said before, I shall have no problem beating him in court. " She couldn't see how Maya could find a person into incest cool. Confidence oozed from her posture and voice. Her strong voice showed her German roots.

"You're very confident today Franzy." Maya stepped up behind Franziska. Maya pouted for a few seconds, her fingers tucked behind her hair. "You know, maybe you should take Nick's advice."

"I don't need that fool's advice." Franziska mumbled. "I am very sure it will go to plan."

"What's this plan though?" Maya asked, rather unsure what she meant.

"This is where your foolish behavior comes in handy."

"Hey, I'm not fool-"

"No time for foolish bickering, Maya Fey." Franziska interrupted, then dug into a cabinet. "Do I always need to remind you that we have very limited free time. So we must work as hard as we can now." Franziska pulled out a medium sized bottle, containing aquamarine liquid. "Here it is," she placed the bottle in Maya's hand. Maya stared with a puzzled look, that transformed into excitement.

"Wow vodka!" Maya exclaimed. "Can I have it?"

"Yes. You can drink it if you want."

"Aww thanks."

"Now the plan, is for you to distract the defense." Franziska said.

"Distract them?" Maya asked before gulping the bottle down. "Isn't that a bit unfair?"

"No," Franziska replied. "wear something foolish! Foolish enough to distract people. Test it out on Gumshoe if you wish."

"Gumshoe rang me today," Maya giggled clapping her hands. "He was really worked up."

"What did Scruffy say?"

"He told us to kick some ass!" Maya punched her fist in the air as she shouted, "and to give that Kitaki the guilty verdict he deserves. Then went on about how much he must pay for hurting Maggey."

"So do you have anything in mind on what to wear?" Franziska asked Maya, curious to her response.

"Foolish eh?" Maya thought to herself. "Well, I know that skimpy clothes can be distracting. I know!" Maya cried out. "How about a sexy theme? I'll just look in your wardrobe in here, there must be something that's foolish, yet sexy." Maya browsed through Franziska's office wardrobe. Maya knew that Franziska was always prepared, so she had some of her clothes here for convenience. "Franzy, you're so cool, you're clothes here are amazing. Wow purple fishnet tights!"

"I'll be making my way to the courtroom now," Franziska announced, collecting her files and her whip. She was secretly offended: her clothes were never foolish.

"But it's not until an hour."

"Gives us both time to be ready," hissed Franziska. "Meet me in the prosecution lobby at 8:45 sharp."


Yesterday was pretty much embarrassing for Apollo. Phoenix didn't say a word to him, nor looked at him in the eye since yesterday. Surely it was related to what he saw him and Trucy. It could have been a lot worse, if he walked on during sex. That would have just been unimaginable. The trail was starting soon, and Wocky was different to when he first saw him. He was much calmer that usual. At the same time, a bitter tone leaked in Wocky's voice. First being betrayed by his fiancée, and now potentially someone else.

"I can't believe Dessie did this to me." Wocky moaned. "She told me she was pregnant, that the baby was mine. My angel and I were gonna be a family, man. She never told me she was already married." Wocky faced the floor, with drained eyes. His arms were folded showing shame. "You'll help me get through, right?"

"Of course we will!" Trucy responded. "Polly will get you out of this mess, right Polly-babes."

"I'll do my best..." Apollo could only say. He put on a brave face, despite being secretly shaky.

"You seem a bit shaken," Phoenix muttered.

"A-about yesterday..."

"I'll talk about that with you, after the trial." Phoenix breathed, "Von Karma sounds scary, don't she? Trucy was saying you were frightened of her."

"Not really..."

"Don't worry," Phoenix chuckled, "you don't have to hide anything from me."

"You were the one who defeated her in trail for the first time, right?" Apollo asked.

"Yes, I was," Phoenix admitted, "she took it very well: she whipped me unconscious."

"That's awful, Daddy!" cried out Trucy. "You let her do it? She should be fired for that!"

"She whips the judge too." He told her daughter, "don't worry Trucy." He placed a hand on her shoulder, "if she even tries to whip you, I'll sort her out." Trucy hugged Phoenix whilst grabbing onto Apollo's hand. Phoenix then turned to him, "Put it to you this way Apollo, If you lose there'll be trouble!" Phoenix told him, "and if you win there'll be double."

"Heya!" Maya Fey had burst into the lobby like a bull in a china shop.

"Hey Maya," Phoenix responded as Maya banged on his chest. "What are you wearing?" He said it in a rather pleasant tone with a bit of shock.

"Franzy told me to wear something foolish," Maya said, "so I did. The sexy theme was my idea." Foolish? More like ridiculously skimpy. The leather skirt just about covered her buttocks. The fish net tights weren't enough to cover the flesh and her top was just as revealing as her magenta jacket. A magenta bra was just about visible. Those mauve high heels dazzled like diamonds. "These shoes are sure a killer to walk in."

Apollo didn't understand why girls walked in shoes when they are unable to walk in them straight.


The courtroom was packed as usual. The wooden stands had a polished look to them. People were gathered round in seats, below was the defense's stand were Trucy and Apollo were standing. Opposite the defense stood Maya and Franziska. In the center, Wocky stood with officers at his side, The judge's seat remained high above them all. Another stand stood for the witnesses to come forward. The judge was about to arrive anytime soon. Apollo spotted Maya waving to Phoenix and to another young girl around Trucy's age next to him.

"All rise!" announced the bailiff passing by. A bold man with a gray beard up to his chest was behind him. Everyone was on their feet, until he sat on the judge's throne.

"You may now be seated" Everyone sat down, and thrown in some whispers. The judge smacked his gavel like a hammer. "The court is now in session for the trail of Wocky Kitaki," announced the judge.

"The prosecution is ready," Franziska interrupted, leaving a smirk across her face. She wagged her finger at Apollo. "The main question is actually is the defense ready?"

"What do you mean Miss Von Karma?"

"Well," Franziska, "just wondering if his affair with his half-sister is going to effect this trial?"

"The defense is in fact ready Your Honor," Apollo responded, gritting his teeth. "No need to worry, Miss Von Karma." Why did she have to bring it up on a rape trial? Trucy looked over to him, patting his back.

"A simple tap on my heels," Franziska said. Her direct eye contact intimidated Apollo. "And I will crush you, Apollo Justice." What made it even more scary was that she said it like a graceful promise.

"Come on Polly," Trucy encouraged him, "don't let her get to you."

"Is this true Mr. Justice?" The judge asked. His eyes widened and his tone sharpened. "Quite shocking."

"And he can't deny it," Franziska chuckled, "Miss Maya Fey, Mr. Phoenix Wright and myself caught them."

"Well I've seen it all," the judge admitted, "from young criminals to terrorists, but never have I heard of an incestuous lawyer." He hammered his gavel to silence the crowd. "Nevertheless, would the prosecution have their opening statement please?"

"With pleasure," Franziska mouthed before she bowed. Maya passed her some files, but just as she was about to read, Maya fought for the spotlight.

"Can I do the opening statement please?" Maya begged. "If the court doesn't find any problem with that?" She gave what seemed to be puppy eyes to the judge.

"Usually, it's the prosecutor's job," the judge told her, "but I see your excitement. I see no problems with it since you're in the prosecutor's bench. So your opening statement please, Miss Fey."

Just like that, she was allowed to give an opening statement. Franziska smirked and tapped her foot. This seemed to be rather odd to Apollo. He rather hoped that Maya's fashion exposure didn't effect his opinion – or his preformance. Maya the piece of paper back, and read out to the court, "Wocky Kitaki, the defendant visited Mrs. DeLite with the intention of raping her with a sausage."

"A SAUSAGE?" the judge cried out. His eyes received a wake up call.

"What do you mean by sausage?" Apollo had to ask. He wasn't sure weather they mean an actual one or something else. Nothing in the court records mentioned a sausage being involved. He hoped that Maya had misread the paper.

"The ones you get in hot dogs of course," Maya replied in glee. "The sausage was in fact from Mrs. DeLites's freezer. The prostitution and I..."

"Did you just say prostitution?" the judge gasped as if his ears were sensitive like baby's skin.

"She said prosecution, Your Honor." Franziska responded.

"Apologies for interrupting: must be my ears."

"I'm sure Maya said Prostitution." Trucy whispered to Apollo. She pouted and mentioned, "the opening doesn't seem to make sense. Like why would Wocky rape someone with sausages? He never mentioned it at all."

"She did!" Apollo nodded. "And you're right Trucy, the opening statement makes absolutely no sense at all." It didn't even need telling, it showed. The mere thought of penetrating people with sausages gave an oddly disturbing image.

"It would be easier for us then?" Trucy asked him, her pout had vanished.

"I'm not sure, Miss Von Karma seems to be using Maya for some sort of wild plan to win this."

"The prosecution and I have have copies of their MSN story. The latest one suggests the defendant and the victim agreed to meet each other at the night of the elder cape. Needles to say..."

"Where did needles come from?" Apollo had to interrupt Maya. The opening statement was starting to become hilarious, but it not pleasant for Wocky. Needles never came up during investigation either. A leather thread whacked across Apollo's face and bounced on his shoulder.

"Will you stop interrupting Miss Maya Fey, Mr. Apollo Justice?" demanded Franziska. Those fierce eyes alone showed she meant business.

"Needless to say his plans failed!" Maya continued. "When the victim's husband, walked in on them. Poor Ron DeLite alerted the police in a dress. This was where the defendant made his escape wearing nothing but a jacket. Kitaki was arrested for gross indecency. With Bum Delight's call- "

"Ron DeLite, May-"

"SILENCE!" boomed Franziska, her whip violently caused havoc on Apollo's chest. In a soothing voice she faced Maya and smirked. "Carry on, Maya Fey."

"With Ron DeLite's call, Kitaki became charged with rape." Maya sighed as she finished her opening statement.

"Hmm DeLite," the judge hummed. "That name rings a bell. And I certainly remember the defendant from a previous case."

"Eight years ago," Maya reminded, "Ron DeLite was framed by Luke Atmey for murder."

"Yes it is becoming very clear to me now," the judge nodded. "It's impossible to believe that Mrs. DeLite could make this up. They are both obviously devoted to each other. And the court will accept the copy of this MSN conversation as evidence. Although I have no idea what MSN is about."

"It's a program where you can send instant messages on the computer." Apollo told him.

"Ah it's computer stuff," the judge seemed satisfied with that answer. "That explains it, I am not a computer expert b- OUCH!"

"Before we get off topic," Franziska muttered with the whip above her head. "Her cold voice remained soothing. The prosecution would like to call Detective Dick Gumshoe to the stand."

"Very well." the judge nodded in agreement. "Does the defense have any objections?"

"Before we do," Apollo quickly found an opportunity. "I just want to point out something. This should be plain-fully obvious but the the opening statement made absolutely no sense! I had to interrupt." And another whip hit his shoulder again.

"The court has found some rather strange things today," confessed the judge. "Please Mr. Justice, do explain the flaws of the opening statement."

"I think we should hear the the statement again," Apollo suggested, "in a more clearer tone with the right words. The flaws will speak for themselves." Trucy passed him a piece of paper from her pocket. "Kikati visited DeLite with the intention of bringing her a message. Sausages were never mentioned during investigation. The message was placed on DeLite's freezer. By the way Your Honor, your hearing is fine – she did say prostitution. Copies of their MSN history suggests the defendant and Mrs. DeLite agreed to meet each other on the night of the alleged rape. Needless to say, things went wrong. The Mr. DeLite, walked in on them and called the police in distress. Kitaki escaped before Mr. DeLite called the police, just when he was arrested for gross indecency. He was later arrested for rape at the police station."

"You fools," Franziska muttered. Apollo had never such heard a stronger German accent from a woman. "At least appreciate Maya Fey's efforts. She has got a bad case of dyslexia."

"So what did the note say?" asked the judge. Obviously ignoring the fact the trail was going shaky.

"The note said bring on the boobs," Apollo stuttered, "SORRY, I mean booze." Just as expected, a sharp slap by the whip landed on his chest.

"Serves you right, Apollo Justice," Franziska giggled without any remorse. She turned to face the judge, "I would also like the point during the defendant's arrest he was very rude to the police officer and offended his wife."

"Unforgivable!" Maya snapped.

An uncomfortable silence arouse in the courtroom. Unimpressed faces seemed to be aimed at Maya. Franziska was tempted to whip every single one in the court room until they begged on their knees, yearning for sheer forgiveness.

End Of Chapter Two

Notes: Just so you know that Gumshoe and Maggey are married in this fic. I love that couple. I didn't intend to bring Gumshoe into this trial at first, but found it fitting thanks to an new idea. I sometimes wonder if Maya is actually dyslexic in PW world. Not sure how Maya's word mess ups will make the reader's respond so comments are welcome. Weather the word mix ups were deliberate or not we shall find out soon.