Chapter Twenty-Nine: Turnabout Confession

December 15th 2027

Lana could feel the winter storm that was ready to take rampage. The fog hugged the windows and the coolness of the pillows. She sat on her bed, facing the window and spacing out. She touched her red silky dress which was a present from Damon Gant, the biological father of Machi. In nine days time, she was going to make Ema one of the happiest girls in the world. She had the help of Albert Salsa and Mike Blitz. None of this would have happened without the two of their personalities clashing. All these days of planning and by next month, it could all be over.

Her first year of freedom had made a lot of dramatic turns. Franziska von Karma had been dropped from all charges. Maya and Franziska had announced thier relationship and took a holiday. They promised to return in time for Christmas. Godot was still trapped in jail, and Thalassa's murder was far from solved. Lana had a feeling Kristoph murdered Thalassa, or one of the members of his gang.

Alita and Larry had made the runaway that they had desired. Lana only wished it was that easy for her. USA was no longer the place for her anymore, and she didn't want Ema to stick around for long. She wanted Ema to achieve her dreams, do the things that Lana never got to do. The same had applied for Machi, Lana wanted him to speak fluent English. He was improving greatly at school. Lana wanted Machi to travel with him.

Machi had inherited a great sum of money by Thalassa. The two of them had been looking out for each other for a while, still it had surprised Lana that Machi had received more money than Apollo and Trucy. Apollo hardly got anything compared to Trucy and Machi. The poor woman had died thinking the pair of them would have a happily ever after.

Lana wondered if the reason Apollo didn't get as much was because she knew about the affair and blamed it on her eldest or something much more complicated.

Lana knew she had to kill this habit of stalking Ema one of these days. It made her feel unhealthy, but she knew it had to be done. Lana had spent nearly a decade apart with her younger sister and felt like she had to protect her. She had always told herself this; it made her feel less guilty about her dreadful plans.

She was paranoid for Ema. It was coming to the point where she was ignoring her son.

Machi was head over heels for Trucy, while she seemed to be just wanting some teenage fun. She knew Trucy was cheating on her son. She had lied about being raped by Matt Engarde. Phoenix had went to Lana and told her Trucy had lied about it. And last night, Lana had lost and regained respect for Apollo. However, Lana would never kill Apollo: he was a good friend of Ema. He had to trust her a lot to confess to them naughty things he did with Trucy.

Naughty confessions where not the only thing that were going on last night that would be considered immoral. Last night, Lana had been spying on Ema just to make sure she was fine. Mike Blitz was at work, and Ema had invited Apollo to stay for the night. Apollo told her that he had sex with Trucy and regretted it. He also stated the miscarriage was a slice of karma.

Ema had snapped at him. Called him a coward. Lana laughed and continued to watch. In return Ema had told Apollo some secrets of her own. Lana listened on. She was curious to see if her name would be dropped into the conversation.

Ema had three secrets. The first one was that she had a short fling with Trucy. Trucy had begged her for alcohol. Ema rightfully refused, but got herself drunk and ended up having sex. Lana shook her head wishing it was all false, but she knew that Mike would like the idea a little. A few minutes ago, she lost respect for Apollo for sleeping with Trucy, but now the respect had returned. He just needed a thicker skin like Ema. If Trucy was planning on being Lana's daughter-in-law, all that promiscuous activity would have to be chucked in the bin.

The second secret; she had a small crush on Klavier. Just a small one, but even a small one was not acceptable for Lana. Lana wanted Klavier to be forgotten. Just the sound of his name made Lana's skin crawl in disgust. Ema admitted to sending messages to Klavier and had formed some cyber relationship. Oh dear, thought Lana. Mike had to be alerted about this. Lana didn't want Ema to be tricked by him again,

As for the third one; Lana assumed it would be something like she was bisexual or that she fancied Apollo. Ema had told Apollo, "I think Lana is up to something." She wasn't wrong with that at all, but Lana felt it was for her own good that she didn't know a thing for now. Ema had mentioned the day of Thalassa's murder and that Lana had called Mike and not her.

"I got that feeling that Mike's cheating on me to get to Lana..." Ema told Apollo. "Every guy I've dated has cheated on me so I won't be surprised if Mike was sleeping around. I heard that he broke a marridge up once."

"I'm sure he wouldn't do such a thing," Apollo said.

They talked and laughed. The pair of them drunk their issues away, got tipsy and shared a passionate kiss. Lana knew that Mike Blitz used to be a bad guy, but she could safely say he had turned his life around; assuming he ever had one. She was glad that she was spying on her sister now, she knew her plan wasn't going as well as she thought it was going.

Reflecting on last night, she decided a change of plan was needed. She composed an email to Salsa and summoned Mike into her bedroom.

"What was the email you sent Salsa?" Mike asked. He sat down on the chair near Lana's bed. She reached her phone and read out the email she sent the quirky judge.


There will be several changes to the plan. You know which plan I mean. Ema still has a crush on Klavier and has seemed to have lost her way. She thinks Mike and I are having an affair and that idiot has gotten a hold of her again. But we are going to change that! I want to meet up with you today at the church where your brother works. I want to talk to you two and arrange a wedding for 24th December at 11:00 PM. April May's death will be on 1st of January. Klavier Gavin's trial shall take place on 5th December. Needless to say we know what the verdict shall be. I will be discussing the honeymoon arrangements with Mike this morning.

"Does Ema know about the wedding?" Mike asked.

"It's a surprise," said Lana. "She knows we're up to something."

"So I see," said Mike who sighed. He rolled his eyes away from Lana. "I don't think the wedding is going to solve anything."

"You don't wanna marry her?"

"Of course I do," replied Mike. "But... only when she's ready."

"I think this is the best thing for Ema right now," Lana announced. "She kissed Apollo, she's admitted to having a fling with Trucy. She needs you to assure her that everything is alright."

"I will do that," said Mike. "We'll have some talks to each other."

"Good," chuckled Lana.

"Salsa will tell you what you need to do," Lana instructed. "You will marry my sister on Christmas Eve. You will spend your honeymoon in England. You are to not to come back until Klavier is dead."

"What about Klavier's trial?" Mike inquired. "I would like to see the look on Klavier's face when he goes down."

"Sadly you will be missing the trial," Lana announced. "You will wonder why."

"Yes, I am."

"You or Ema would be the prime suspect of April's murder," Lana said. "I don't want either of you to be arrested, so if you two go to England for the whole month, then they'll suspect you. We'll make a nice little runaway to the country where nobody can stop us. Sounds tempting dosen't it?"

"Yes," admitted Mike. "But what if it's not what Ema wants? What if she wants to stay here, with her friends?"

She smiled. "You really do love her," Lana confirmed. "I was right about hiring you."