Chapter Thirty-One: Queen Of Science

December 15th, 2027

It's Christmas in ten days... I should be excited, but I'm not. The rain is starting to turn into icebergs and it's freezing: even with four jumpers on.

My love life currently sucks at the moment. I know many girls like the idea of having around three guys that have a crush on you, but it's not glamorous to me. My ex-boyfriend is still sending me messages and I reply to them. He's apologized and I forgave him. I made out with a friend who made out with his sister, and I suspect my boyfriend is cheating on me with my sister. I know, it's confusing. I still don't understand it.

I still like my ex and I don't even know why. He embarrassed me, he cheated on me and he's so vain he looks at himself in his iPod's reflection and grins a lot. He drives me nuts. I'm Twenty-Six, I shouldn't be having these stupid crushes anymore.

I love Mike, I really do. He's nice and all, but I think he can be too nice. First few weeks of dating were great but his smoking habit pisses me off. I don't care if it's electric or fake; it's still scientifically smoking. That's just a silly thing though, I can do whatever I want and he'll let me get away with it. Even when I look like a tramp he says I'm sexy.

Though it was since I began sending dirty pictures to my ex that I got suspicions that Mike was cheating on me with my sister, Lana. I haven't told Mike because I don't want him to fight with him, so it's better left unsaid. Knowing my ex, he'll most likely leak them or show them to my friends, but I don't care.

The reason I think Mike and Lana are having an affair is because the two of them are always together and instead of ringing me, Lana rings Mike. The two of them are always spending time alone with each other. I asked Mike about it at work and he said they were planning a Christmas present for me.

I'm disabling comments on this entry at the moment. I'm not really in a mood for talking right now.

December 20th, 2027

I've been so busy in the past few days. An hour after I wrote the last entry, Mike came in the room and gave me a hug. He talked about our relationship and how I think it could be improved. We both said the same things: no more secrets and no more lies. He bought me a really huge bag of snakoos and we shared them while we were watching documentries. Mike promised that he'd spend much more time with me.

And he was true to his word. We visited Apollo to see if he was okay, he's been having a really bad time lately. I'm hoping Christmas and Phoenix's wedding will help mend things up a bit. It's not good for him spending hours in jail trying to clear his dad's name. I still text my ex sometimes, just not as much. He asked me for some more pictures but I declined. Fifty pictures are more than enough and being sexy is seriously hard work for me for goodness sake.

I don't think things are going too well with his girlfriend. His girlfriend left prison some months ago and now works as a stripper. The two go rather well together if I do say so myself.

Mike also made a Snakoo sandwhich, in which he made the loaf himself. It was bloody delicious, I could taste the raisins, almonds and honey in the loaf and the awesome taste of the snakoo. A great muncher. Sex with Mike has been very good lately.

I haven't even got Mike a present yet. What do you guys think I should get him?


Magic_Panties16: SEX!



Kay_Faraday: Only you Trucy.
Queen_Of_Science Nothing rude please.
Magic_Panties16: How is my brother? Is he okay? Why don't you buy Mike video games, he seems to be the type who likes them.
Queen_Of_Science: He seems fine when I saw him. Thanks for the suggestions.
Magic_Panties16: I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve! My Daddy and Mommy Iris get married and I'll meet Apollo for the first time in ages.

Sucks2be_Maggey: Nice to see things going well for you Ema.
Queen_Of_Science:Thanks Maggey. How are things with your family?
Sucks2be_Maggey: They're very good. Working at McDonalds at the moment. Dick still has to bring Copper into work sometimes, but not as much now.
Queen_Of_Science: That's good Maggey!

December 23rd, 2027

Tomorrow is Phoenix's wedding. I'm really happy that Phoenix has made up with Apollo again. Mike said at that Phoenix announced on the stag night that he's a lawyer again, but he's not working until after his honeymoon. Even greater news. I'm going to be one of the bridesmaids with Maya, Pearl and Trucy.

But why are Lana and Mike packing my stuff into a limosine?


Sucks2be_Maggey: That's weird.
Queen_Of_Science : I know!
Sucks2be_Maggey: It's good to see Mr. Wright back on track again though.
Queen_Of_Science: It is!