Chapter Thirty-Four: Regrets

Looking outside the window Larry could see the street was full of cars and trams. On the last day before Christmas, he looked over and saw the sea shouting, but overshadowed by the traffic. even more of a reason to stay at home where it's cozy. On the white sofa, Alita browsed at some man with a microphone on the television. He stood out clearly in the moonlight themed stage. Larry erased it out of his mind, looking forward to summer where he and Alita could wander down to the beach and sprawl out on the sand.

A lost northern star walking alone seeking joy was how Larry described himself right now. He helped escape a prison doll who became his little princess. He didn't want to die alive or become a man dating a ghost. 'Someone sing for me an oasis without poison...' Larry prayed for. Alita was damned and divine. At first Larry thought it would be a minor heaven destined for a quick sunset. Then he got his wishes to be with Alita and fly to a distant land.

In the still of the night, Larry went through his archive of lost dreams. Falling awake to the crimson deep rivers of lust. desires. Was she really the angel that Larry had been waiting for? Or was all her words little lies written in the dark stars?

Since moving to Blackpool, Larry believed that his ex-girlfriend, Cindy Stone's ghost had been watching him. He knew her parents moved to England after Cindy's death and there was a chance that he would see Cindy's parents again and they would wish for him to be behind bars.

Whenever Larry woke up, he was lost and always afraid. The first week was brilliant, he and Alita had spent so much time together and they went partying without a care in the world, He enjoyed his new life in Blackpool, but not sudden fear that pumped in his system. He had no idea how wrong he could be. He thought running away with the one he loved would make all his issues melt away. So far there were no real problems, but he felt the day he would have to let all of this go. If the police find him: he will lose Alita.

He wished he could have also attened his best friend's wedding and be the best man, but it wasn't to had pictured that Phoenix would have worn his old blue suit for the wedding. The one he used when he was a lawyer. Iris would be wearing a frilly white dress suitable for a wedding. Many would attend the wedding and all the problems they had would be pushed aside. It took him back to the time where he and Phoenix went to a palm reader twenty years ago. She suggested that Phoenix would be married and that Larry would become a fisher.

It was a shame that the letter he had sent to Phoenix would be the only contact he will ever have of him. Larry would not be offended or shocked if Phoenix wished never to see him again. He would understand, this might have been throwing everything he did back in his face.

He couldn't believe he had never been thoughtful until he ran. He went on his first decision without thinking about the consequences. He always went with his gut instint, but it wasn't correct this time. If he had thought about it a bit more, he would have moved more closer to California: a safer place.

The regrets left him trembling in irritation. To add to it, Larry dreamed that someone was dancing on his grave. The dancer sent shivers down his spine, then took him to the promised land where she revealed laughed as she shook her soul. She roared, flaunting mechanical jaws. He woke up before she could take a bite.

No turning back, Alita was now the other half of Larry. He couldn't surrender at least not tonight.

"Larry," Alita mumbled. "We have to do something special for Christmas. Make me a cup of tea."

"I will sweetie!"

Alita fluttered her eyes and Larry stopped to stare at her heavy dose of mascara. Only Alita could ever pull it off, he thought to himself. He walked in the kitchen to make tea for his queen.

"Could you make it quick as well?" Alita requested, "I don't want to be mean."

"Okay," Larry responded. "By the way did you know that my friend Nick is getting married today?"

Alita shruged. "Whatever," she muttered. "Hey! You said they were getting married on Friday?"

"It is Friday, Princess," Larry replied. "Your tea is almost finished. Do you want anything in it?"

"No thank you," said Alita. "Just on it's own. I'm cold but only a little bit."

Larry returned to the room and just as promised, he gave Alita her cup of tea.

He couldn't dare for another stare. He near Alita's legs and leaned his head against the wall. He left no space for Alita to crawl. As much as he adored this place, he wanted to see his best friend's face. He wanted to be elsewhere, to his best friend marry the sweet Iris. He will miss the chance to see a good pal in utter bliss.