Chapter Thirty-Five: Dahlia's Letter

24th December 2027


How time flies. You notice this even more when your dead. Never would I have imagined being part of a team with you, Alita, and Kristoph. Let alone being part of a team. By the time this letter arrives, you will be at that wedding. Most likely being a two-faced bitch stalking your brother-in-law-to-be. Nice to know you are such a marvelous parent. Anyway, I should be immensely thankful that you have helped Kristoph bring me back from the dead, but don't expect me to reward you generously. Why should I? You're friends with that dull Feenie and my sister Judas. Remember I am not here to be your friend, I don't care about your sister or that boyfriend of hers. The two happy couples got married on the same day, how romantic... and revolting.

Your plans to send Klavier to his grave, but your will to help his older brother escape prison. You claim men are waste of time, but you insist that Mike Blitz , a man that makes your skin crawl is to marry Ema. Bad-mouthing Alita and then helping her escape prison the next. Are you trying a little too hard to impress me? Or are you really that much of an awful person? And what do you think of me? What use are we to each other? Mia was your friend and you know she destroyed me.

I will never forget the day of my death were you laughed as I was hung. Trying getting hung yourself and decide then if it's a laughing matter. How can you associate yourselves with them vile mortals? All you do is contradict yourself and I have no idea where your loyalties lie... but I don't care. Still, you have been useful to me - I can't forget that!

That whore Thalassa is finally dead... I hate her. I loved every minute of killing her. You know she was a whore right? She slept with Damon Gant, Diego Armando (she must have been desperate), Zak Gramayre (who is a jerk) and Kristoph's father. By the way, did you know that Thalassa is also Klavier's mother? She abandoned him too, she left Kristoph holding baby Klavier as she ran off to marry that jerk Zak. I'm guessing it's just a portion of the men she had been eating. Poor Feenie having to take care of that woman left behind. And all this nonsense about her being an amazing singer... meh: it's hype. I listen to better sopranos than her. Thanks for helping me stab the bitch to death. Alita did a mediocre job of distracting Pearl and her boyfriend.

You were right, Alita has hideous taste in men. I think I had to swallow my vomit when I heard she was getting married to Larry Butz. And that Wocky... I'm not going there, his face is enough to make me feel sick but he's perfect for that little sister of mine.

This Apollo dude... is a threat. Well, he was a threat. Killing his mother, and framing his dad should have done the trick but let's give Phoenix, Iris, Maya, Mia and everybody the final blow. Make them pay for the pain they gave me. I've got one final task for you. Since your son is dating Trucy at the moment and the fact she is unfaithful to him. Just like her mother, she slept with other people. Maybe Trucy is worse than Thalassa, because Trucy slept with her brother. It's not our problem, it shows how brilliant Feenie and Thalassa are at parenting. What parenting?

You are the perfect one for the task.

After you've sorted all your personal bullshit against Klavier, I would like you to kidnap Trucy. This is not a request, this is a demand. Once you have kidnapped Trucy, I want you to bring her to me fully alive. I know you want to kill her yourself, but you can't have all the fun. Besides, you'll be having full pleasure watching Klavier's reputation burn in front of you. And I thought I was a bitch. You remind me of my mother, you do things and claim that they are to benefit the ones you love. I know it's not true! Don't sugarcoat it! You're doing it for own selfish pleasure.

When you have completed your task, you can do whatever the heck you want. I won't care anymore. Don't forget, I want your house clean and free for tomorrow. You are to cook Kristoph and I a feast. I'm not really a Christmas woman, but I deserve a feast.

Here we will discuss the plan in more detail.

Yours Sincerly,

Dahlia Hawthorne.