Chapter Thirty-Six: The Start Of Something New

There was not an empty seat in the church on the day before Christmas. Just how Larry had imagined it to be: Iris wore velvet frills that clung to her body-frame. Phoenix and Iris stared at each other with a pleasant grin on their faces. In their heart, now rests a paradise just for them. Phoenix was not bothered that Larry was absent, he put all the troubles of yesterday behind him and thought of the joys of the future with Iris.

What made the moment even more unique for them is that they didn't say I do. Instead they said: No objections.

A Special memory that will be recorded in their hearts forever. Humbly the two speak their vows and wait for them words to come.

"I now pronounce you man and wife," Reverend Salsa grinned at Phoenix and told him the news that he had been longing to hear for years. The reverend closed the bible in front of him. He faced Phoenix and gave him the sweet words: "You may now kiss the bride."

"Well done Nick," Maya screamed in joy.

Without a second thought, Phoenix cupped Iris' dace and kissed her lips. Fireworks exploded from outside and the crowd cheered with clapping hands and big mouths. When the pair finished kissing, Phoenix bowed to the crowd. He spread his arms out and lowered them down on the floor. Everyone remained silent as if he was their favorite teacher in their favorite class. "I would like to thank you all for coming," announced Phoenix. "This has been a very important day for me, Iris, and I know it's been an important day for Trucy as well. This year has had some fabulous time. I'm officially a lawyer again and there has been not-so-fabulous times."

Apollo found it awkward that Phoenix looked at him when he said that.

"However, I am glad that I can end this eventful year on a high note. We'll be having our photos taken, and then we'll be going to Blackpool for our Vacation. Anything you want to say Iris?"

Phoenix wrapped his arms around her as she spoke. She closed her eyes and felt comfortable. She played with her curly ponytail and giggled. Her accent was soft, high-pitched and could be compared to chocolate. "I would like to say thank you for attending the most happiest day of my life. It would be nice to have a photo with all of us on."

"Right, if everybody could go outside and stand behind out outside on the field we'll make some awesome photos together!"

Lana watched her friend tip-toe
Down the aisle,
While petals curl alive
And squirrels peek inside.

Rejoice butterfly~
Wear your flames in the winter sky~

Glitter written on a wedding dress
Blending with her flesh.
Iris is marrying a phoenix by heart and soul.

Rejoice butterfly~
Wear your flames in the winter sky~

Lana will take away her light.
She's the witch hunting in her sister's name.
Her vengeance takes flight!
Lana wishes
They are prepared for evening pride,
For the red bridesmaid will be another bride.

Rejoice butterfly~
Wear your flames in the winter sky~

They will not know,
What Ema has to know...
Until the clock strikes eleven.
They return to God's den,
And hear more another vow,
For another now.

Rejoice butterfly~
Wear your flames in the winter sky~

Phoenix and Iris sit on a chair.
Bridesmaids stand on the left,
and best-men to the right.
The photos captured the white air.

Rejoice butterfly~
Wear your flames in the winter sky~

The wedding party had already started and continued even when Iris and Phoenix left straight after the photo sessions. Lana slurped all the wine she could have and performed some wild dance routines. Her legs moved like the jaw of a laughing crocodile and a lot of people were speechless. Miles Edgeworth dropped his face in horror and clenched his eyes shut, feeling very embarrassed for Lana.

Judge Salsa approached her, following her tipsy dance movements with the addition of rigid hip action. He tapped her shoulder and she hugged him instantly. Judge Salsa jumped back and gasped as the huge amount o make up on her face: she looked like a hot mess. "LANA WHAT THE HELL IS ON YOUR FACE?" Judge Salsa asked.

"Glitter," Lana replied. "You mad?"

"You look drunk!"

"No guarantees on that," Lana said. She claimed another glass and smiled. "But I do promise tonight will be fantastic."

"If you want to make things even more fantastic come to my bedroom," Judge Salsa requested. He held onto Lana's hips and smooched her lips. "Merry Christmas baby!"

Lana kissed him back on the cheek. She giggled and said, "and to you too... Albert."

"It's ten to eleven," Salsa reminded her.

Everybody thought Lana was drunk by the way she skipped down the stage. "This Christmas I have planned something special for Ema," Lana announced. "She doesn't know this yet, but tonight, SHE'S GETTING MARRIED TO MIKE!"

"EVERYBODY BACK TO THE CHURCH HOUSE," Judge Salsa roared. "It's gonna be one hell of a party!"

There was not a still person in the house except for Ema and Mike. Ema gasped and stood still on the chair. She fiddled with her hair and began to think through Lana's actions over the past month. The surprise wedding hit her as if a knife had stabbed her in the bottom. She loved the idea of being married to Mike, but it was way too soon and she wished Lana had at least given her some hints before dragging her into this mess.

The suddenly she hit her. It was what Lana was planning all along. Lana didn't want to see her in agony and with relationship problems anymore so she hired a guy who fancied her for a long time. Her whole relationship with Mike had been planned by Lana and together they wanted to make her the happiest woman on earth. That was why the two of them spent so much time together, not to have an affair: but to plan a wedding.

Everything all started to make sense.

"Ema I can explain everything..." said Mike.

"I GET IT!" Ema screeched. "I get it! Lana's been planning this the whole time."

"Well yes," Mike responded. "You got that part right, but it's quite hard to explain."

"You can explain at the honeymoon," Ema interrupted Mike. "We better go the ceremony before Lana goes psycho!"