Chapter Thirty-Nine: Six Months Later

Stephen Ronald Walter DeLite was brought into the world on 26th June 2028 not long after midday. The clock has just stroked twelve again. Dessie rested on the hopital bed with Ron sprawled ontop of her. The young baby laid fast asleep in the crib without any knowledge of the chaos that circulated around his parents during the past nine months. The parents were Dessie DeLite and Wocky Kitaki. Just the thought of it made Alita Tiala laugh. Lana agreed to give her a private jet to take her to California to Blackpool whenever she wished. Lana had always kepted her up to date with what was going with Wocky through her son, Machi.

Lana's plans of locking Klavier up had failed. He was still unconscious at hospital and there was a theory that Klavier murdered April then tried to harm himself to free him from suspicion. Another theory was that it was Ema and that she pretended to not know about the wedding so she could get away with murder. The only accurate theory she heard was the same person who killed April and tried to kill Klavier was the same person who murdered Edgeworth and Kristoph.

None of them guessed it was Lana. Lana still had Mike and Ema stuck in their honeymoon place. Lana was doing a good job in keeping them away from the police force. Alita had expected them to be back at work by now. She could easily imagine the two of them held hostage by Dahlia, but Lana wouldn't have liked that and Mike seemed a bit too ruthless to be locked up for six months.

She wasn't going to bother turning anyone in either because Lana was the only tool she had left to get close to Wocky. To hurt him. To kill him inside. What better way to hurt him then to take something precious away from him. She wasn't thinking of Pearl, she had enough of her and she was fine with the money. She looked down at the peaceful infant and grinned. Stephen was starting to giggle and Alita knew she had to be swift and careful if she wanted to get out without waking Ron and Dessie.

Alita tiptoed to the glass crib. Her finger crawled around Stephen's face. She remembered the time she told Wocky that she had sympathy for Dessie because she predicted the child would be hideous, but to her surprise, he was actually quite cute. Stephen's eyes were shut but his lips curled. She took one more look down on the unlucky couple and whispered, "Stephen, it's time to say goodbye to your parents... well your mother anyway. Your real daddy's screwing some slut."

Alita carried Stephen out of the room and crept outside the garden door where the scurrying nurses and doctors had their backs turned. She wanted to laugh so desperatly, but she knew she had to maintain her giggles in her throat. It would have been awkward for her to be caught holding the child of a man she despised. She felt even more sorry for Ron, who was determined to be a good father figure for Stephen and even claimed to be doing karate classes.

Alita had no remorse, none whatsoever. If it were up to her she would still be in Blackpool flaunting herself at the beach, but she knew that Larry wanted to return. He was torn between his friends and her. As long as Larry didn't do anything stupid, Alita was fine with Larry spying on Phoenix, there was nothing to see in his flat other than clutter. Last time she went she saw Godot slouching on the desk. With that in mind she cradled Stephen in her arms and said, "this is a fucked up place. Let me take you to a much better place."

"So you got him?" said a voice behind her. Alita knew the cold voice well. Lana had her back against the tree as Dahlia stood by her side holding a cigarette.

"How kind of you kidnapping your ex-boyfriend's child," Dahlia murmured. "Are you really as bitchy as you claim to be?"

"What do you mean?" asked Alita.

"You claim to be a cold hearted cunt," Dahlia said as she chuckled out smoke. "I know I'm a million times as crueler as you are."

"Because I know it will hurt Wocky," Alita replied.

"I know what will happen," Dahlia murmured. "You'll fall in love with the ugly brat again and spoil the child rotten."

"I won't..."

"I've seen it happen."

"Doesn't mean it will happen to me."

"It will be just like them disgusting fairy-tales."

"I guess I'll have to take you back," Lana said. "Larry's asleep in my flat."

"Machi won't report him will he?"

"Machi is over at Trucy's house."

"The sooner you're gone, the better!" Dahlia snapped. "You'll be out of the way while Lana and I plan the final steps to our revenge."

"Nice to know you have at least one friend," Alita snapped.

Lana marched over to her car and opened the shiny black door. "Jump in Alita," Lana demanded.

"Bye Dahlia," Alita said as she gulped. She stepped into the car. Lana hopped in the car, placed her seatbelt around her and started the engine. Stephen cried just as Lana drove away. Alita had trouble trying to keep him quiet ever since. "Why on earth would Dahlia thing kidnapping a child is an act of kindness."

"Probably because her parents treated her like shit," Lana responded.

"Good point." Alita looked down on Stephen's face and said, "it's sad that she never got real love." Alita was starting to wonder if Dahlia was either right, jealous or both? She had told so many lies about Wocky abusing her she started to imagine and hallucinate them. She knew they weren't true and everybody did too with the exception of Larry who would believe anything she said. Alita kissed Stephen on the cheek and then freeze for releasing it was the first time in her life she had given real affection to anyone.

"I'll tell them you ran to San Fransisco."

Alita thought Larry had done a wonderful job painting the walls. She loved the use of colour and simple compositions. The hues of blues had made the golden stars and rainbows stand out in their own right. It was a lovely atmosphere for baby Stephen. He thought that Larry's art had improved since the day they first met in prison. She admired the painting of herself, Larry with Stephen lying peacefully in Alita's arms.

A week had passed since Alita had kidnapped Stephen. Things seemed to be a lot calmer and the atmosphere between Alita and Larry seemed to have improved. As expected, Larry was timid around the little boy. Alita had already gone and bought material for the baby's comfort. Alita had learned no matter how much you try, you would never be fully prepared to the adventure of raising a child. It could be tiring, frustrating, beautiful and fun all at once.

Alita had never intended to have children. She only kidnapped Stephen just to aggravate Wocky and she knew it would work. They were most likely hunting for the three of them in San Fransisco and hunted throughly like idiots. As long as they never arrived at England, Alita knew she was fine. She could breathe and raise Stephen like her own. Poison his mind with whatever lies come to her head and them return him to California with a huge hatred against Wocky.

If the lies had worked on Larry, she was confident they would work on a child as they both have the same mindset.

She could see it in Larry's eyes. He wanted to approach the child, but the thought of having a child had terrified him. That was why he said he wanted to wait until Alita was thirty. She hoped raising Stephen would help Larry man up to his responsibilities. He wasn't doing too bad, but Alita knew he could do much better and since Larry would do anything for her, she was determined to take as much advantage of him as she could.

Alita felt her plan to hurt Wocky had been complete.

"Larry," Alita said. She placed Stephen back in his cot and said, "I love you. I haven't said it in a while."

"It's okay," responded Larry. He patted her back with gentle fingers. "You've been fantastic. I know you'll be a wonderful mother to Stephen. At least with us, he'll be able to have a gorgeous life. And I'll look for a good job and you can be sure that there'll be some good money for us."

"You're so sweet," Alita said. She smiled, and something inside made her feel like she was a glowing star. Her stomach churned and she felt the tingling lips of Larry kiss her neck. She thought of Wocky. In her mind she saw him crumble down to the ground and scream at himself and at Alita. She wondered if she really taken it too far?

"Why isn't that fool Apollo Justice here?" Franziska bitterly asked. "Shouldn't he be here to support his friend? Klavier Gavin always stated they were friends."

"He's with his dad in hospital," Phoenix replied. "Godot's sick again."

"I hope Godot gets well soon," Maya said. "Being arrested for Thalassa's murder triggered his illness again."

"So Professor," the young boy in the defence lobby said. "What do you think about this?"

"Well Luke, there are only two possibilities. The prosecution is either lying or passing down inaccurate facts," Professor Layton announced.

Klavier Gavin's trial was coming across as rather odd. This was Maya's first case as a lawyer, she had become shocked at the lack of common sense in the court room. Had Miles Edgeworth had still been alive, the case would have been settled before New Years Day. There was simply no way that Klavier could have murdered April under the circumstances, but the only people that were really paying attention to her was Franziska, Phoenix and Professor Layton. Franziska had hired Professor Layton because she knew his passion for puzzles would help win their case. Judge Salsa refused all of Maya's objections and refused to give Lana any penalties where she should be getting. The people in the trial were too scared to make a sound, it was as if they had been threatened.

Layton's assistant, Luke Triton had been equally helpful. He reminded Maya of Pearl when she was around Luke's age: full of honour and determination. Maya had a strong defence team behind her, but she was starting to lose hope that she could clear Klavier's name. She really wanted to maintain the hope, but it was proving to be a struggle. Judge Salsa had suggested a fifteen minute break for Maya to cool down. Maya was anything but calm. Her fingers were shaking with vicious nerves.

"The prosecution's been lying to us!" Maya snapped. She had finally figured out how Klavier had managed to hurt himself. "They were both run over at the same time." "How could Salsa believe that Klavier hurt himself."

"Cause he's fool," Franziska replied. "That man loves Lana Skye and will believe her every foolish word."

"There's gotta be a way to prove it," Maya said. "I'm so stressed right now that I can't even think properly."

Phoenix grabbed her shoulders and took her to the seat near the door to the court. "Now calm down," said Phoenix. "You're doing great, you just need to calm down."

"That lady stole my notebook," Luke snapped. "It had all my notes in it."

"We'll get it back," Maya said. Her fingers still shook. "Don't worry."

"Just listen to us," Phoenix whispered to Maya. "Think about the events that happened before the murder. Anything you consider strange, we've got no defendant with us nor witnesses, but we've still got some good evidence. We just need to prove that the prosecution is lying."

"You're right," Maya said. "Franzy, did you keep the message on your cell phone."

"What message?" Franziska asked.

"The ones Mike sent you."

"Let me guess it's a sexual one," Phoenix said. "I know what's he like. But he's really nice once you get to know him."

"I got to know him for years and he's a dirty scoundrel," Franziska barked. She flashed her cellphone to his face and the messages from Mike was revealed to Phoenix. He could tell Franziska refused to reply to them. Phoenix chuckled and he knew he would get whipped for it; but he didn't care as he was used to it.

Franzy, I love you.

Hey Franzy why don't you show me what's hiding beneath those tights.

Lesbian pictures please?

I'm married to Ema, but I still love you. You can be my second wife. Lol.

Franzy why don't you answer my calls?

Franzy please accept my calls.

I got something special to send you soon. Love from Mike. X X X

Did you like what you got? Now it's your turn?

I'm waiting...

"These messages are absolutely disgusting!" Luke shouted in disgust.

"It seems that Mr. Blitz was not a true gentleman after all," Layton summarized the whole situation and pictured Lana gritting her teeth.

"This needs to be mentioned in the trial," announced Maya. She held Franziska's phone and took it with her to court. She smiled. The thing was finally going to get sorted out.

"Oh my," Judge Salsa roared. "The defence seem to be very happy. What's up?"

"We've got something we want to show the prosecution," Maya announced. She smartened up the collar of her robe and faced Lana. "You know your brother-in-law, Lana?"

"Yes," Lana sighed. "He's a good man."

"So good you wanted the two of them to get married?"

"Yes," Lana replied. "I'm sorry," she started to mumble her words, "but what has this got to do with the murder of April May."

"Stop acting," grumbled Maya. "We know you're lying. Klavier was run over at the same time as April. You know he's innocent!"

"He's not innocent!" Lana spat back. Her body leaned over her desk as she slammed her desk. "He's a filthy whore and a cheat. I don't care if he's a murderer, he should still be guilty."

"Preach my love," Judge Salsa cried. "I want to give him a guilty verdict just for you."

"OBJECTION!" Maya screamed.

"Calm down baby," Salsa told Maya. "You'll get your turn."

"I guess you didn't know that Mike sent a picture of his penis to Franziska," Maya said.

Judge Salsa dropped his mouth and gasped. He jumped out of his seat and then exploded with laughter. "OH MY GOD! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! PICTURES OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!"

"Here's Franziska's phone," Maya said. She walked out of the bench and passed it over to Judge Salsa. Salsa's eyes had opened.

"That's one hell of a thing," Salsa said. "He's sent Franziska messages too. Lana you have to look at this one: Hey Franzy, this is Mike Sexy Blitz. How are you doing? Just had sex with Ema and I wish you were here to make a sexy sandwich."

"PASS IT OVER!" Lana screamed. Maya retrieved the phone from Judge Salsa and she walked over and showed the picture and sexual messages that Mike had sent to Franziska. She gritted her teeth and bit her fingers as she wailed in the progress. She then banged her head on the table and then with one mighty scream, she roared, "FUCK!" She stormed out of the court room and Salsa moaned.

"Damn you Mike Blitz for making my Lana-baby cry," Judge Salsa roared. "I hate to admit it, my plan on giving Klavier a lesson to tell him that those big boobies were trouble have failed in some degrees. I can honestly say that he is innocent and it looks like Mike is the guilty dude here. I find Klavier Gavin, not guilty... for now. The court is dismissed." He banged the his gavel and then said, "I believe we should a warrant out to hunt down Mike Blitz."

Judge Salsa scurried out of the court. Everyone knew it was so he could chase after Lana.