Law Plus Choas

Chapter Four: Distant Turnabout

"Despite this shaky start," the Judge killed the silence that dominated. "Witness step forward please?"

A tall beefy man took to the stand, with raven hair and scruffy coat. An instant look of disdain on his face occurred the moment he laid his eyes on Wocky. His teeth gritted a seething breath. The whip whacking his shoulder made him return to his senses.

"Your name and occupation please, Scruffy?" Franziska asked.

"I know the drill pal," Gumshoe nodded. "It's Detective Dick Gumshoe."

"And you solemnly swear the evidence you shall give, shall be the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?"

"I sure do, pal."

"Mr. Gumshoe," the judge said. "Congratulations to you and your wife for new your baby boy."

"Thanks, I named him Copper, pal."

"What a fine name that is."

"Copper-Pal is a cute name," Trucy whispered to Apollo.

"If you say so," Apollo said, despite thinking it was a weird name.

Franziska stepped in, "Mrs. Maggey Gumshoe is still in maternity. So Scruffy will have to give his testimony and leave."

"Objection!" Apollo shouted. "How am I suppose to cross-examine the witness when he's not here?"

"Both the prosecution and the defense has raised good points," the judge hummed.

"You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off you. You feel like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much..."

"I think that's Klavier's voice!" Trucy whispered to Apollo. "I wonder who he's singing it to?" The courtroom turned silent, as a melody of a man invaded the court's proceedings. Turning around they found no trace of anyone singing. Soft music echoed in the courtroom as the man continued to sing in a sweet tone. "Maybe he's singing it to Ema?"

"He could have chosen a better time than this," Apollo grumbled.

Klavier had indeed tumbled down from the ceiling. Bleached blond locks swayed to one side, dressed in jet black and attached to chains. "At long last love has arrived, and I thank God I'm alive." Klavier flew his way over to a brunette dressed in white cloak, who was nibbling on her snack of choice. Most of them known her as Ema Skye. "You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off you." He winked at her and blew her a kiss.

Ema munched away, trying to avoid Klavier in whichever way possible. That didn't stop Klavier: he only just started. As the music started, the judge and Maya both tapped their feet. Klavier clipped a spare harness on her belt and his fingers rested on her hips. He then held her into her chest and moved around the courtroom with Ema dropping her bag. "I love you, baby, and if it's quite all right, I need you, baby, to warm a lonely night. I love you, baby. Trust in me when I say..."

The judge had to duck under his seat, and some of the people watching the court had to be weary too. Apollo and Trucy bent down, just in case. Franziska froze trying to act professional. A contrast to Maya, who clapped her hands. Ema's face of shock was visable to everyone. She tried hard not to scream.

"Oh, pretty baby, Don't bring me down, I pray. Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay and let me love you, baby. Let me love you." Klavier shamelessly kissed Ema with passion, not caring if there was at around thirty people in the room. Everyone stood up for an applause, apart from Franziska and Apollo. Klavier was fortunate enough to dodge three whipping attempts from Franziska until the fourth vibrated the chains on his belt. Meanwhile Maya nibbled on some snackeroos, which fell on Franziska's hair.

"What a lovely love confession," the judge smiled as he applauded the blonde prosecutor.

"Danke Herr Judge. It was Fräulein Fey's idea – she said you all needed some cheering up."

"OBJECTION! Franziska snapped. "Klavier Gavin has just interrupted our trial in the most foolish way possible."

"I'll let you off this time Gavin," the judge told the rock-loving prosecutor. "Do it again, and I'll no choice but to give you a penalty."

"That's fine my me Herr Judge."

"Bailiff help remove Mr. Gavin and Miss Skye out immediately"

"The next person to interrupt this court of holy judgment shall feel the wrath of my whip!" Franziska threatened them, with violent whip lashing about just like how Maya entered the defense lobby with what she was wearing. Apollo gulped, knowing that she was looking for an excuse to whip him. That was the least of his worries, Maya looked as her breasts were going to be exposed. He couldn't help it – they were right in front of him. In a shockingly soft voice Franziska said, "now, you better testify, before you get interrupted again, Scruffy. HOLD IT! Mr. Apollo Justice you disgusting fool," Franziska mumbled, whipping him to show her outrage. Her tone became soft and bitter, "ogling Maya Fey and Trucy Wright at the same time, you disgusting foolish pervert."

"I wasn't do-" Apollo shrieked out in a raspy voice trying to explain. But no reason would ever be enough. He feared her angry pose.

"A fool who doesn't think is more foolish than a fool who foolishly thinks!" barked Franziska.

"Quit using the word fool," slipped out of Apollo.

"I refuse to accept orders from you Apollo Justice!" The whip caused havoc on the prosecution stand, and Maya was lucky not to get hurt.

"Would the prosecution and the defense please leave their personal issues outside my court?" the judge requested. "Mr. Gumshoe, please testify about the arrest."

"Okay," Gumshoe started. "My wife went into labor, so I drove her to the hospital. I saw Wocky tied up on a tree, wearing nothing but a jacket. I didn't do anything about cause all I thought about was Maggey and the baby. After Maggey went to hospital, I went down at the scene and arrested him for gross indecency. He was charged with rape at the police station."

"I'm curious about one thing," Trucy told Apollo. "Maya used to be Daddy's assistant, and I'm wondering why she would want to join sides with Miss Von Karma?"

"We'll have to find that out later," Apollo answered.

"Clearly you put your wife first in a tricky situation," the judge told Gumshoe. "Mr. Justice, your cross-examination please."

"When when Kitaki was tied up? Was anyone with Kitaki?" Apollo asked.

"No, it was just him all alone. The rape happened in the victim's home." Gumshoe nodded as he spoke.

"Are you sure of that?"

"Of course I am," Gumshoe replied. "Along with traces of seaman, the rest of this clothes were there and some bad marks on Mrs. DeLite's arms."

"Any idea why he was tied up to a tree?"

" Ron DeLite admitted to tying him up there, so he wouldn't escape," Gumshoe said. "He must have been there for a good half hour, but he was drunk and didn't notice."

"You also mentioned Wocky Kitaki offended you deeply," Franziska added.

"Sure!" Gumshoe snapped. "He was damn right rude! He kicked me, punched me and called my wife fat! That's unforgivable."

"Hold it, how could he have called your wife fat?" Apollo asked.

"A picture of my wife last week," Gumshoe replied, he showed the photo of a pregnant brunette in glasses. "It fell out my pocket and in these exact words, the defendant said: 'EW Who dat fat mother fucker, oink oink oink oink?' I arrested him straight after that."

"Wocky was drunk at the time," Apollo stated reading through some files. From the way it looked, it seemed that Gumshoe only arrested him for offending Maggey.

"I could smell it off him a few feet way," Gumshoe admitted. "Must have had a thousand units of alcohol!"

"Mr. Gumshoe..." Apollo became sort of scared about what Gumshoe had just said, "a thousand units of alcohol can kill you."

"Indeed it can," the judge said playing with his gavel. "Of course the defendant's words were out of order. The court will accept the traces of seaman and clothes as part of evidence. And I think Gumshoe, you will be wanting to head back. We may need you later but for now, you may go."

"We shall call the victim herself, Desirée DeLite to the stand." Franziska oozed in self confidence and her image of perfection. Desirée DeLite, was a beautiful blonde in a shimmering biker's suit. Nerves had settled into her face. She took to the stand and seemed rather horrified. Franziska stared at her, as she said, "witness, state your name and occupation."

"I'm Desirée DeLite," she sweetly responded, "and I'm a motorcycle rider."

"What kind of an occupation is that?" Apollo muttered quietly, but enough for Trucy to hear. His bracelet had reacted rapidly to her. All those nervous habits stood out; the shaking, the lip biting and the long face.

"No need to be scared," Maya assured the 'victim'. "Franzy's really good."

"We are on your side Desirée DeLite," Franziska told her. "Remember what I said in prosecution lobby, do what I told you to do. You'll be just fine."

"Aww you're so sweet Miss Von Karma," grinned Desirée.

"Sweet is the last word I would describe her." Apollo admitted to Trucy.

"Rape is a very traumatic experience for anyone," the judge felt the need to add. "Mrs. DeLite, I admire your bravery for stepping up in the court like this."

Trucy gasped out loud, bounced onto Apollo as they both landed on the ground at the same time Franziska's whip of fury lashed on the defense bench. The judge fell off his chair in shock and it started to get chatty again. The elderly judge returned to his throne and banged the gavel down. The next bang of the gavel happened just as Apollo and Trucy got up. One final crash with the gavel and everyone was paying attention.

"Sorry Polly," Trucy whispered in his ear. "I'm not letting Miss Von Karma whip you like that!"

The judge's eyes had widened and his lips became slippery. "T-the court shall take a break for half an hour." The gavel strikes once again, and then the judge fainted.