Chapter Five: Betrayal

"You disgraced Wright," Edgeworth snapped. Before solitary confinement, Kristoph Gavin was the genius defense attorney, who was also a cunning murderous criminal. Insanty got the better of him. Miles Edgeworth was face to face to the man he always knew was the one who set up Phoenix Wright. He had a feeling Kristoph was trouble, but Phoenix wanted to get closer and find the truth on his own. It lead him to his grave, or so Edgeworth thought. It could not have been the Wright he know that was good at poker. He remembered playing poker with him at school; he was rubbish. If Kristoph was a genius, he was capable of doing heinous acts. He continued in disgust, "but wasn't enough for you was it Gavin? You lured him into your darkness, killed him and hired someone to pretend as him, while you hid his body."

"My oh my Edgeworth," cackled Kristoph. He flipped his bleach blond locks over to his shoulder and pointed up, still glaring at Miles. "You've gone mad. Why on earth would I want to do that?"

"Aside from the fact you're insanely jealous, I believe it's because of this woman." Edgeworth replied as he presented the former genius a picture of an innocent looking woman. Her face was bright and gave off a pure expression. Braids were a substitute for a tiara for her strong shade of red hair. Kristoph held the picture close to his heart and became intrigued. "Dahlia Hawthorne, she was executed three months before Wright was disbarred – when you killed him."

"You saw his suicidal note," Kristoph reminded him. "Do you still have it in your pocket?"

"Of course," Edgeworth responded. He took out an old piece of paper, which was hiding in his pocket for eight years. "I was going to investigate it myself, but I never got round to doing it. One thing I did do was to study the hand writing, and the writing of this note in my hand does not belong to Wright."

"Dahlia and I were going to run away together," Kristoph admitted. He turned his head, refusing to look at Edgeworth. "He should have died instead of her."

"But they're both dead now."

Kristoph's laugh haunted the detention center even more. His fists were flying in almost every angle they could. "Miles Edgeworth, you are so... so ... so ... so ... STUPID! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"So tell me, where is his body?" Edgeworth snapped.

"I wrote the suicide note!" Kristoph slipped out. "I handed it to you, and as for Phoenix Wright. He. Is. Still. Alive. It worked on you, just like Dahlia said it would. She visits my sleep you see, she helps make me relax and gives me orders. Charming lady don't you think?"

"YOU DECIEVING SWINES THE PAIR OF YOU!" Edgeworth roared. "I've never met a man and a woman so sick and twisted." Seething in anger, Egdeworth glared at Kristoph. No matter how much he wanted to punch his guts out, it wasn't worth it. "Since you're not going to tell me, I'll find him myself! You're just a worthless insane man."

"You're the fool in this." Kristoph pointed at him. "Eight years, and you thought he was dead. But I just told you he was alive." Kristoph's calm smirk left a chilling aroma in the cell. Too chilling for Egdeworth to spend another second. "You obviously expect him to care about you now?"

"You have an illness that will never be cured." Egdeworth hoped those words would be last he would have to say to Kristoph. As he left the cell, the disgraced attorney's body froze, yet his lips allowed a flood of insane laughter to fill the air.

"Krissi, don't be such an epic failure..." Dahlia Hawthorne's ghostly voice echoed in his head. The repetition of her words silenced him. "Krissi, you epic failure... You should have let him continue thinking Feenie was dead."

"Dahlia," Kristoph mumbled as if he fell week to his knees.

"The court is now back in session. Time to bring Desirée back to the stand."

"Are you ready to testify?" Franziska asked Desirée.

"Yes..." Desirée was much more calmer this time. Franziska must have been talking to her, wrapping her round her little finger and the whip too. The smile she gave was almost uplifting, but something wasn't right.

"Tell the court how you met Wocky Kitaki and describe your relationship with Wocky before the incident. After we will go into further detail into the rape." Franziska had a plot, and it was thickening up fast. "I ask the defense remains silent for now."

"All right," the judge nodded. "Go ahead Mrs. DeLite. Miss Von Karma, the court has noticed your tone of voice has appeared to have become... gentle."

"With what Desirée DeLite has been though," Franziska responded. "I find we must handle the trial sensitively."

"Sensitive my ass," muttered Trucy, who remained furious.

"I met Wocky online. It was a random group chat." Desirée started her testimony, "Wocky quickly added me, started calling me a sexy angel . He also asked to see my breasts and he asked it everyday. My body too."

"That must have been strange," the judge commented.

"When did this all start?" Franziska asked her in a gentle voice.

"Three months ago."

"Did you fulfill his requests?" Franziska asked.

"No, I was too scared." She hugged herself from the stand. "I could never betray Ronnie like that."

"Your marriage is very strong isn't it?" Franziska asked. Apollo failed to see any sensitive vibe in Franziska – it certainly wasn't genuine. A ruthless aroma was still present in the court room. She was desperate to crush him, he knew it and had to defend Wocky as well as himself. There was bound to be a contradiction somewhere. He didn't buy Franziska's sudden gentle nature because it was most likely an act to pull the court around her little finger.

"Ronnie and I are still very much in love," Desirée said. "Today is our anniversary, and we plan to renew our vows soon. Ronnie's not a thief anymore, and I'm so proud of him. I'm having a baby with him too."

"What a beautiful marriage!" Franziska's facial expressions turned even more serious almost like a porcelain doll. Again, Apollo didn't buy that. "Now on to the actual crime itself. Be explicit as you can."

"Well, Wocky and I met up near his mansion. We went to the noodle stand had shared some noodles together. We were having fun, then we bought some vodka and beer and drove to my place. Wocky gulped the alcohol down in no time. Around an hour later, he started taking his clothes off. Once he was naked he wore his jacket and started to take my clothes off. He was on top of me, he kissed me and said: "You're gonna love it sexy angel!" When he removed my clothes he said my boobs were perfect. Then he opened my legs and raped me. It was in the vagina – nowhere else. He was at it for half an hour. That's when Ronnie came in and saved me."

"It weren't no rape," Wocky snapped. "She was loving it man, that dyke is gonna lie." Apollo's bracelet had been acting strange all through the second half of the trial. It was only until Wocky spoke, it stopped. He was sure of it now – Wocky was innocent. Acknowledging it would not be enough, he needed to prove it. Although the stack of evidence suggests otherwise, his bracelet would not deceive him.

"Dyke?" pondered the judge.

"Dessie was telling me on MSN about her lesbian desires so I assumed the dyke who caught us called the police."

"Another person saw you?" the judge asked again.

"I think he means the victim's husband, Ron DeLite." Franziska moaned. Apollo knew it: Franziska couldn't stay gentle for long.

"Woah, Whipping-chick, you're saying she's got a dick?" Wocky asked, at the price of a bruise curtesy of the whip.

"It's Franziska Von Karma to you, and Ron is male."

"He looked like a proper chick to me, especially the way he cried. Just like a lil girl."

"What you thought doesn't matter." Franziska fondled her whip. "I don't think you know how serious your crime really is. You don't even have the maturity to accept the fact you're crimes were revolting. Understandable since your father used to be a mob boss. "

"Like I said," Wocky remained cool, "she was loving it."

"I've had enough of you," Franziska barked at Wocky. "I don't want to hear another word from you. I think it's time for our decisive witness: Ron DeLite!"

The judge went on to say: "I think cross-examination will be hard. It is rock solid and we have enough evidence to show that Mrs. DeLite was raped."

"Hold it!" Apollo cried out. "The defense will like to carry out a cross-examination." Not even three fresh whips from Franziska were going to help change his mind.

"You're cold hearted, Apollo Justice." Franziska's comment was worthy of a palm hiding his face – she was the cold-hearted one here.

"Yes Mr. Justice don't be so mean." It was obvious who side the judge was on. He just wished the jurist system was used today. What was Miss Von Karma, a witch? "Sorry, but cross examining Mrs. DeLite will get us nowhere. You can cross examine Mr. DeLite all you want, Mr. Justice. "

"Fine," Apollo said quietly. He had just realized lots of potential contradictions and the judge became blind.

In the witness box, a timid looking person stood. It was Ron DeLite. Apollo wasn't surprised Wocky called him a girl. Cinnamon hair shaped as two springy buns from either side screamed out feminine more than masculine. A bright green costume decorated with yellow tails appeared as if he was going to a fancy dress party. "Witness you're name and occupation please?"

"I'm Ron DeLite, I don't have a job at the moment... PLEASE DON'T HIT ME WITH THAT WHIP THING!" Ron quickly hid under the stand and his shaking was clearly heard.

"Don't worry," Maya told Ron, "Franziska wouldn't dare whip you: she's on your side."

"Thank you."

"I assume you solemnly swear the evidence you shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth correct?" Franziska responded.


"All you have to do is describe what happened, and answer any questions truthfully. Okay?" Maya told Ron. "Just like eight years ago. Just tell us what happened?"

"I just walked home and I couldn't believe it... He was on top of Dessie and she was screaming like she couldn't breathe. I cried for five minutes and I chased after him. I caught up with him and tied him up on the tree so he couldn't escape. After that I called the police. It was the most horrific scene I had seen my life and it still haunts me."

"How dreadful..." the judge commented. "Cross-examination is going to get interesting, I think."

"Where were you coming home from?" Apollo dived straight into cross-examination since he wasn't allowed to cross-examine the victim.

"From... work."

Apollo banged his hand on the desk, then responded: "You just said you were unemployed."

"Yeah but... but I am, but I'm not." Apollo could perceive his mumbling and twitching as Ron's nervous habit.

"According to this, you were working as an escort."

"PLEASE CUT IT OUT!" Ron yelped. Apollo considered the yelling as a sign of a nervous habit too.

"No need to yell Mr. DeLite," the judge said. He faced Apollo and said: "Mr. Justice continue with the cross-examination."

"Has your wife been behaving weirdly since three months ago?" Apollo asked. He knew this would get somewhere. Get to the point that Desirée was in a relationship with Wocky.

"Her shopping sprees have cut down dramatically," Ron confessed. "Dessie used to spend it like water but she's making an effort to stop."

Apollo decided to press further and asked, "was that the reason you stole things and decided to become an escort?"

"What a foolish question!" Franziska's harsh critique was beginning to be ignored.

"Originally yes," Ron said. "But we've been doing good. Dessie's cut her spending habits and I'm not breaking the law anymore. No one else will employ me, so I stuck to the job."

"Desirée DeLite is not the victim in this case!" Trucy decided to talk straight. "She must have known about how much money the Kitaki mansion had. That's why she set Wocky up."

"Just like your 'father' Trucy Wright," Franziska responded. "Full of foolish theories."

"If my daddy's theories are so foolish, than why is he the only one's who has defeated you in court?" Trucy asked.

"The first was a scam. The second was a fluke," Franziska replied.

"Soar loser," Trucy whispered to Apollo.

"What Trucy's just said has made a whole lot of sense!" Apollo glanced at two case evaluations from eight years ago, where Ron was the defendant in both trials. "Your wife only used you for money!" Apollo announced to Ron. Presenting both evaluations to the court he could back up his claim: "You see, the real victim is the defendant. Mr. DeLite was broke, so she used Wocky to get a hold of the family's money."

"You can't possibly prove this," Franziska said.

"I just did." Apollo smirked. "Here's a photo taken on the night of the alleged crime!" Apolllo had presented a clear photograph with Wocky's hands round her waist, and Desirée's lips pressed upon his mouth.

"Objection! " Franziska banged her bench with her whip. "The photo and the evaluations mean nothing. Wocky Kitaki could have still raped her after the picture was taken."

"Not rape if it's willing," Apollo explained.


"You did have to steal for her," Apollo confirmed looking though Ron's profile. "You were also blackmailed into doing things just for money – such as stealing and becoming an escort. Mrs. DeLite's affair could ruining the marriage. That's why you two took advantage of his drunken state and framed him for rape!"


"I cried for five minutes and I chased after him – this what you said in your testimony, but doesn't make sense." Apollo told him. "How did you know where he was, if you spent five minutes crying? It's impossible."

"Witnessing the rape shocked him!" Maya yelled out. "If I walked in and saw Pearly getting raped I would have done the same thing."

Apollo waited for Ron's response, but he got nothing. "For the five minutes you were crying, you and your wife could have made a quick plan to make sure Wocky didn't escape. Full of flaws but a plan nonetheless."

"It wasn't like that!" Ron sobbed. He buried his head in his hands unable to stop crying. "I didn't want him to get away with hurting Dessie. So after I finished crying I chased after him on the motor cycle and saw him unconscious. I tied him up somewhere the police could see him."

"And then Gumshoe came to the rescue!" Maya added.

"Explain how Wocky got the bruise on his face," Apollo requested.

"He knocked me out big time." Wocky admitted. "It was like this, Dessie was loving it, Ron screamed like a girl punched me in the face and I woke up tied to a tree."

"Did my whip say you could speak?" Franziska showed her wrath on Wocky by giving him five whips for good measure.

"Whip's can't talk..." said Apollo.

"Shut up your foolish mouth you foolish moron! I am it's voice!"

"Yeah, I punched him..." Ron admitted. "I never seen Dessie so scared. She told me it was rape and I just cried for not being there for her. I couldn't understand what Wocky was saying, and thought he was going to punch me. So I punched him before he could even try to hit me. I threw something on his head and be was knocked out. So I dragged him to the tree and tied him up there. I'm sorry! I'm sorry. If I get on trial for this I plea temporary insanity."

"You tried to kill Wocky that night?" Apollo had asked so suddenly.

"OBJECTION!" Maya roared out.

"PLEASE DON'T WHIP ME!" Ron bailed, and then began to cry like a baby as he muffled up his tears. Apollo wished that he would act his age.

"This isn't cross-examination!" Maya snapped, scurrying out of the prosecution bench to hug Ron. "Mr. Justice is being a bully!"

"I agree with Maya Fey. This foolish excuse for cross-examination has to be stopped!" Franziska ordered. "Look at what it's doing to the witness. Aside from the fact your claims are foolishly outrageous, and fresh from the world of foolish foolery surrounded by nothing but fools, Ron DeLite has the mind of a gentle toddler. And little children and fragile minds don't just make up foolish stories like this!"

"Objection!" Apollo snapped back. "The witness isn't a child, he's an unstable man who's thirty one. To be honest, I think the witness is a crazy attention seeker."

"PLEASE CUT IT OUT!" Ron yelled out, his cinnamon hair started to bounce like springs. Maya tried to comfort him by rubbing his back.

"You insolent fool!" Franziska bellowed. "THAT THAT!" She attacked the defense bench with a series of sharp whips. She didn't care how many times she did it, nor did it matter to her who got hurt. Franziska didn't stop until Apollo collapsed.

"POLLY!" Trucy screamed.

"You have no proof Mr. Apollo Justice. Therefore it's the end." Franziska curtsied to the court. "I win!" Her tone of voice had become sweet.

The judge nodded as he banged the gavel. "I think the trial has come to an explosive close. I am ready to give my verdict." Franziska's eyes were closed, and her lips curled. Trucy gritted her teeth at the woman, then her knees dropped to Apollo's side – he was knocked out. She didn't like Maya for calling Apollo a bully, but despised Franziska Von Karma much more. It wasn't because she whipped her, but because Franziska had hurt Apollo, physically, mentally and verbally. It was far too early for the judge to give his verdict. Trucy thought the judge was taking pills that made him dumb. However, it was the least of her worries, she only cared about Apollo's recovery. "The court finds Wocky Kitaki guilty!"

"Just as I expected Apollo Justice," Franziska muttered for her opponent with a half hidden smirk, "...pathetic."

"That is all, this court is adjourned."

Justice was not served.

"It wasn't your fault Apollo," Trucy assured him. "Miss Von Karma cheated, and the judge gave his verdict out too soon!"

"Still, Wocky had faith in me," Apollo reminded himself, "and I blew it. Why did I have to go unconscious? I didn't lose because of Von Karma, I lost because I didn't have enough faith in Wocky." He felt an urge to throw his own fist at his face.

"Poor Wocky," Trucy murmured. "And little Plum too, she must be feeling awful."

"I knew Miss Von Karma was up to something," Apollo cried out. "Can't believe just realized what it was – she was distracting me."

"That wasn't a fair trial," Trucy reminded him. "You did your best!"

A week has passed since Wocky's guilty verdict. Apollo stared at the roof with Trucy wrapping herself into his arms. He felt he was close to proving Wocky was in a relationship with Mrs. DeLite. His palm laid flat on his forehead. He hadn't seen Phoenix since that talk they had after the trial. It was the first time he lost a case, and he didn't really know how to deal with it. Maybe if he thought Wocky actually was a rapist he would let it slide, but he didn't. The way Wocky had to hung his head in shame for dating a married woman, with no idea she was married. Being charged with rape was the worst way to discover your girlfriend was married. Wocky did have an attitude, but he was a good guy at heart. He was no rapist, that's for sure. Franziska painted a criminal out of Wocky and made Apollo, sound like a filthy man without morals. His worst fears were realized last week, and Franziska took every detail to use to her advantage.

"I really don't think I was good that day." Apollo wasn't crying, but he felt like the guilty one. "It's Wocky who's paying for it."

"Don't think like that!" Trucy stroked his chest. With her free arm she held his hand. " And don't you dare start thinking you're useless just because Miss Von Karma said it; she's the pathetic one. You're my big brother, and you're lovely to hang round with. We should make sure Wocky gets the retrial he deserves. Get Klavier Gavin as the prosecutor."

"Just keep me away from Miss Von Karma," Apollo requested.

"Now I know to be careful about people online," Trucy admitted. "Once you feel better, we're gonna stand up to her," Trucy ranted as if she was planning something. "Anyway, what did Daddy say to you Polly?" Trucy asked, bouncing on top of him.

"He just asked questions."

"About what?"

"When he caught us, he asked about the details."

"Does he know that we slept together?" she gasped, gripping onto his waist. "Did you tell him?"

Apollo shook his head. "No I didn't. I just said we got a little over excited and that it was only a kiss."

"Phew!" Trucy sighed. "You are my hero, Polly. How did he react?"

"He wasn't too happy," Apollo admitted, it would have been better to just tell Trucy. "He said the only reason he didn't freak out was because he had Miss Fey and Miss Von Karma with him. He said he got whipped by Miss Von Karma afterwards too."

"I was kinda shocked that Daddy reacted so cool about it," Trucy admitted. "Since you got the day off tomorrow, how about we spend the day out with our mom?"

"Sounds like a good idea," Apollo replied, getting used to her fiddling. Before Trucy tried to kiss him, there was a knock on a door. "I wonder who that would be at this time of night?"

"I'll get it!" Trucy responded in excitement. "It might be Daddy!" Trucy dashed to the door like a sudden bolt of lightning. She opened the door and became startled: it wasn't Phoenix. Instead it was a woman with a gentle smile. She seemed to be a shrine maiden. Her hair was jet black and braids as pretty as the woman herself surfaced her head. "Hey there," Trucy said before giving an ecstatic curtsey. She also felt awakened by a wild fragrance of fresh chocolate.

"You must be Trucy," the woman said in a soothing gentle voice. Almost similar to how tender her mother sang. "I'm Iris. I baked you and your father some cake." A yellow box covered in aqua hearts and viridian swirls rested in her arms.

"Aww, that's so nice of you Iris," Trucy responded. "Daddy's not in at the moment, but do come in and make yourself at home." Trucy closed the door after Iris entered the room. "Apollo, a nice lady named Iris has made some cake for us, want some?"

"Sure, why not?" Apollo replied, making his way to the lounge. Trucy placed some plates on the table and passed Iris a knife. The cake slid out of the box and onto the top plate. The spongy hemisphere was dressed in a silky white icing. Jelly babies in different colors were lying in random places and a lilac rose in the center. Trucy's hands had clasped in excitement.

"That cake's so pretty!" Trucy squealed.

"You made that yourself, Miss Iris?" Apollo asked. The details looked too fine to be made by hand. At least, he could never made a cake as good as that – catering wasn't his forte. As soon as Iris cut the first piece, Trucy dived in.

"Yes I did," Iris replied. "How many pieces do you two want?"

"If I had the chance, I'd have all of it!" Trucy replied. "But we gotta save some for daddy and for you, Iris."

"Mr. Justice, how much do you want?"

"Just a small one thanks," Apollo replied. He found something strange about the way Iris spoke, she seemed nice but sickeningly sweet. Her accent was an overdose on sweetness and seemed as if it belonged to a child. It didn't bother Trucy, as she sat next to him stuffing the cake in her mouth. It was pretty awkward to invite a stranger to their home. The pleasant side to it all was that the cake was delicious. "So how do you Mr. Wright?" Apollo asked Iris.

Iris tilted her head, adding sweetness to her lovely smile and replied, "Well, I'm his fiancé."