Chapter Six: String Of Hope

It was dreadful mistake. She loved it, she told she loved it, she was begging for more. If it was someone like Klavier Gavin as the prosecutor, he would have had a better chance of getting out free. Franziska Von Karma was vicious. His world had been turned upside down. All the whipping made him nauseous and sharp pain in his skin made him uncomfortable. One thing Wocky knew about Franziska: he wasn't scared of her!

He had to wait for his sentence. The minimum was five years, but the maximum was over three times as much. First week in prison wasn't really as exciting as he thought it would be. It would probably take some time before he ends up hanging with the cool dudes. Visiting hours started soon and he was sitting by himself. The rest of the prisoners were too busy either stuffing their faces, being chatty or being silent.

"Zvarri!" A man's voice startled Wocky. He turned around and saw a tall looking man, with black hair and a blonde fringe shaped as a thunderbolt and a magnifying glass on his right eye. Wocky said hi as he waved it him. "Once again the truth has been elegantly been revealed: an aspiring gangster. Wrongly convicted of rape, am I wrong? Now allow me to do every gentlemen's duty and introduce myself. The name is Atmey, Luke Atmey. Before being swept into this cell, I was an ace detective surrounded by envy."

"You should have been the judge for that trial," Wocky said. No wonder he called himself a genius; he was simply amazing. "Anyway, the name's Wocky Kitaki."

"I have heard quite a bit about your current case," Luke admitted. He was carefully wiping his magnifying glass. "In fact, I know the DeLites quite well."

"You know them? Are they like your buddies or something?" Wocky crossed his arms, sitting on the bench next to Luke.

"Ron DeLite, also known as Mask DeMasque. I prefer to call him Sir Thief."

"Yeah, my lawyer dude Apollo mentioned he stole stuff." Wocky had his arms crossed. "He said something about him being an escort too."

"Ron DeLite is a man who will do anything for love," Luke announced. "He would risk certain death and travel to planet Mars in order to keep his wife happy. I believe his wife manipulated him."

"Hello gorgeous," said the man approaching Luke. He appeared to be a bad ass brunette with scars around his face, brown hair all over the place and was wearing gloves and a red leather jacket. He wrapped his arm around Luke and kissed his cheek like an old best friend. Wocky thought he saw the guy on TV before; an actor if he could recall correctly.

"So you've finally decided to wake up, Matt," said Luke who was trying to straighten up his hair. "Matt my dear, meet Wocky Kitaki. Wocky, this is my my lover, Matt Engarde."

"Hello there," Matt greeted Wocky by flashing a glass of brandy.

"Weren't you on TV once?"


"You're just in time," Luke told Matt. "I am in the middle of plotting an extravagant escape route for Sir Wocky."

"You're helping him escape and not me?" Matt gritted his teeth.

"Matt, I have told you this many times before," Luke gently stroked the scars on his face. "When we escape, it will be together. All three of us, may appear to be too different, but I believe we all have a lot in common. The three of us are travelers of time and space and swimmers of dreams."

"Are you gonna say you're an ace poet too?" Wocky asked. The way Luke spoke was as if he was a poet. He wouldn't be surprised if he claimed to be an ace lover.

"Zvarri! You are correct Sir Wocky," Luke exclaimed.

"Hey Wocky!" It was the prison officer, Larry's voice. He heard about him being madly in love with his ex-fiancée, Alita. It wasn't his problem: it was Larry's funeral. He caution him about Alita if he decides he's cool enough.

"Sup Larry?" Wocky replied as he got on his feet.

"You got an adorable visitor," Larry shouted across the cell. "It's Pearly, your online friend."

"I better go then," Wocky replied. "See you dudes later." Wocky approached Larry who lead him into the visitor's room. In front of him was Pearl, she was at the trial but remained quiet. "That you Pearly?" Wocky was amazed that he never seen her in real life, but she was meeting his online friend, Pearl Fey. In fact, he was planning on stealing his dad's car to drive to Kurian and visit Pearl. He was surprised that he would be meeting his best online pal in a prison cell. He was pleased Pearl was who she calimed to be: a young sprit medium, and brown hair with a pony-tail shaped as a top half of a heart.

"Yes Wocky it's me," Pearl replied.

"Hey there Pearly," Wocky said in excitement. "How ya doing?"

"I'm sad." Pearl's words seemed so true, as tears seemed to fall down her face.

"Hey what's up?" Wocky put his hand out against the glass wall.

"I was out to visit my mother yesterday," Pearl told Wocky as she faced the floor. "Mystic Maya stopped me, telling me that she killed herself. And I went to check myself and they told me it was true. Sorry I couldn't help you last week."

"Hey no big deal," Wocky accepted her kind apology.

"Miss Franzy was mean to you," Pearl said. "She's the reason I couldn't testify. I wanted to, but she made Mystic Maya tell me not to."

"I ain't scared of her mother-fucking ass," Wocky snapped. "I don't care if she's a woman, I'll knock the whipping chick out cause she ain't no lady."

Pearl couldn't help but giggle and grin with Wocky. "So, have you made any new friends in prison?" asked Pearl.

"Yeah," Wocky replied. "Just became friends with this guy called Luke Atmey. He's so cool man! He looked at me and straight away he knew I didn't do it."

"Wow! That sounds amazing," Pearl cried out. "He sounds really nice. His name sounds familiar, does he have a weird nose?"

"He's proper cool, man." Wocky nodded and then said: "Luke does have a weird nose, like and and pointy. He's a cross between Pikachu, Pinocchio and Sherlock Holmes."

"That sounds funny and cute," Pearl exclaimed. "Just wondering cause I think I've heard of him before. His name sounds a lot like look at me."

"Haha I only just noticed." Then the room became silent, but the warm atmosphere between them remained the same. It had been something Wocky thought about for a while. If he hadn't have gone head over heels over Desirée, he could see himself dating Pearl. He heard from her friends that she really likes him, though Pearl hadn't clearly spelt it out for him. He was in prison now, he had nothing to lose he decided to ask: "Pearly do you like me or something?"

"Off course I do Wocky," Pearl replied. "I mean you are my special someone..." Pearl couldn't continue and as she came silent again she blushed.

"Aww ain't you a nice chick." Wocky smirked placing his palm on the window. "Then shouldn't Maya be on our side then?"

"That's what I thought," Pearl replied. "But she's been working with Miss Franzy for a while. She's always busy and doesn't get much free time to herself. Don't worry Wocky, I know you were a good boyfriend to Dessie; you would never hurt her. I'll help fight for your re-trial. Sorry Wocky I gotta go, Mystic Maya will be wondering where I am. Take care Wocky, I love you." Pearl left the detention center as happy as can be. Wocky smiled at her. What he liked about Pearl was how she optimistic and cheerful.

"Morning Mommy Iris," Trucy yawned out. The sunshine glistened through the window. Iris was near the kitchen making breakfast that woke up Trucy's nostrils. Phoenix was still fast asleep on the sofa and the newspaper was resting on head. Trucy claimed the newspaper and said to herself: "Let's see if Uncle Valant and his boyfriend's in the papers today?" She unfolded the papers and slammed her fists in horror. "WHAT THE FUCK?" Trucy shouted as she read the front cover of the newspaper. She felt tempted to tear the front cover apart. Her outburst had even woken up Phoenix who responded by jumping of the sofa and rolling over to the TV.

"Are you okay Trucy?" gasped Iris, who innocently passed her some orange juice.

"This article is just madness!"

"What does it say?" Iris wrapped her arms around her.

"Trucy what I told you about swearing?" Phoenix mumbled, but his voice was half-dead compared to the rest of the world.

"Prosecuting Princess!" Trucy could not contain her outrage. She showed Iris the front cover. Franziska Von Karma stood beautifully in pride. Maya Fey was by her side with a bubbly look on her face. The newspaper wrote in fat black letters: Franziska Von Karma: Prosecuting Princess. Trucy began to read on in disgust – what a pleasant way to start the morning. "Beautiful and sexy Franziska Von Karma has once again kept her reputation as a prosecuting princess by proving Wocky Kitaki guilty of rape. Her interview with presenter Lotta Hart will broadcasted on Channel Four Thursday evening at 8:30. The interview with Lotta Hart will answer questions that many have wanted answers too. Such as Franziska's unlikely friendship with spirit medium, Maya Fey, her work, life without her parents and the breakdown of her marriage with Adrian Andrews. What kind of a newspaper this is?"

"Sounds interesting," Phoenix mumbled.

"You okay Feenie?" asked Iris.

"Yeah I'm fine," Phoenix replied, but only loud enough for Trucy to hear.

"Daddy's had another late night."

"Your breakfast is ready you two," Iris replied as she passed four plates onto the table. "Is Mr. Justice ready??"

"I'll get Apollo," Trucy got out of her seat and knocked on her bedroom door. "Polly breakfast is ready!" Apollo quickly came out of the room. His hair was different than usual, it was more spiky and scruffy. Apollo had idea what Phoenix was doing rolling about on the floor. Trucy whispered to Apollo: "he's still sleepy. Must have had a late night."

Finally Phoenix got up from the floor, and sat on the bale. The smell of bacon and eggs was the reason.