Chapter Seven: Mysterious Parents

So it seemed that Thalassa had no idea about what happened between Trucy and Apollo. She was happy for Phoenix and Iris's engagement and thought that she would be a good role model for Trucy. Overall, it had been a pleasant day. Phoenix and Iris kept going off to do their own thing which pretty much left the two alone with Thalassa most of the day. The five of them were now gathered round the sofa of Phoenix's department watching TV together. It was a Thursday night and it was coming up to half eight. That certain show was going to be on, the one where the prosecuting princess was going to appear.

"Why do we have to watch this Daddy?" Trucy asked Phoenix. Her head was resting on Apollo's chest and legs were on Iris's lap.

"Cause there's nothing else interesting on," Phoenix replied.

"She hurt Apollo," Trucy reminded Phoenix. "She didn't get penalty or anything. You got set up and you got disbarred!"

"I'm taking my bar exam next week," Phoenix announced.

"When you get back, you're gonna wipe that foolish smile of her face aren't you Daddy?"

"For my own amusement, yes."

"I'm sure she's very nice once you get to know her," interrupted Iris.

"You're too nice Mommy Iris," Trucy told her.

The main focus in the room was the loud woman with the afro on the screen. She was wearing an apple green dress as she made her way to the stage. "Hello and welcome to Chat a Lotta Hart," the woman said as she sat on a bronze chair which seemed to be made of sequins. "We have a got a show for you cause tonight, I'll be interviewing Maya Fey and Franziska Von Karma. How about that everybody?" The crowd gave a round of applause, some even whistling.

"Do not want!" Trucy muttered.

"Plus Max Galactica and Valant Gramarye are perform their Bravo de la Coeur routine, so don't miss out!"

"Uncle Valant and his boyfriend are on," Trucy cried out. "I wanna see that!"

"Apollo, can I talk to you in private?" Thalassa asked.

"Sure mom," Apollo replied. He didn't want to watch Franziska talking about herself on TV, so Thalassa just gave him a blessing. Trucy slipped onto the floor and looked at Apollo, with a nervous expression on her face. Apollo and Thalassa walked into a spare bedroom. The door was closed behind them and everything was silent. Thalassa had a much more serious look on her face, but at the same time a pinch of sadness. What she was going say, Apollo didn't know but he guessed it was bad. Maybe she knew about he did with Trucy. It explained Trucy's nervous expression on her face. Perhaps she wanted to ask questions, just like how Phoenix asked him. "What is it mom?"

"This is something I should have told you," Thalassa explained. "... and them?"


"We never really had a proper talk about your father, have we?"

"Come to think it, we haven't," Apollo replied. "I would like to know a bit about him."

"Well I don't know how to start this but I cheated on my first husband," Thalassa confessed. "My father disgraced me for it. I deserved it though."


"It was cruel of me to let you my dead husband was your father, when he isn't your biological father."

"You mean he wasn't my father?"

"No," Thalassa shook her head. She help Apollo in her arms and almost cried. "I'm so sorry for everything." Apollo could feel her pain in her apology. She was still shrouded in mystery. And the mystery of his father was about to unfold. "I met him in London and we had a short fling."

"Do you remember his name?" Apollo asked.

"Yes, it was Diego Armando." Thalassa took out two photographs from her pocket. The first one was an old one, Thalassa was sitting next to a man with jet black hair with a charming grin. He was wearing red shirt and a black tie close to the shade of red Apollo was wearing. The second picture was a more recent one with a man who inverted the man in the first picture: pure white hair, green shirt, white tie and a visor over his eyes. The second one was the most haunting, he looked as if he was in prison. "He's in prison now, convicted of murder. Diego should have been executed a few years ago, but they kept postponing his execution. He was a lawyer too before he was in a coma. When he woke up, he was a prosecutor for a while."

"Who did he kill?" Apollo asked.

"Misty Fey," Thalassa responded. The name was similar to Maya Fey, could she perhaps be a relative? "Apollo... Diego was a nice man, he didn't want to kill her. She was the mother of the woman he loved." A sudden thought had occurred to Apollo; could Maya Fey have been his father's lover?

"Does he know about me?"

"I just told him," Thalassa admitted. "It's a really complicated story. You should visit him in prison."

"I probably have no choice," Apollo said. He was happy to know his father was still alive, but disappointed that he turned out to be a killer. He didn't know weather to like him or not. Visiting him would probably be the only way to solve the solution. Inside he hoped that he didn't end up like Diego. "I'll visit him tomorrow." He couldn't really be angry with either of them. He didn't know the full side of Diego's story and he knew that Thalassa's memory and sight vanished from getting shot. She was very fortunate to have recovered. Apollo thought had such mysterious parents.

"Maya Fey, you've an amazing guest for the show," Lotta said in glee. "Now let's welcome our next guest, the lovely and gorgeous prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma!"

"Boo!" Trucy jeered in contrast to the cheering audience on the screen. Her thumb pointed on the floor for proof. Her jeer was even deeper when Franziska bowed to the audience. Trucy then went on to say: "Miss Von Karma, you shouldn't be getting any cheers because you hurt Apollo."

"Well Franziska, it is an amazing honor to have you in my show tonight!" Lotta showered the prosecuting princess with praise.

"Thank you, Lotta Hart."

"No whips this time," Lotta mentioned. "Phew I'm safe. Now Franziska you've been in the headlines a lot recently. They been calling you The Prosecuting Princess, how do you feel being called that?"

"I love the name," Franziska giggled.

"It was my idea!" Maya clapped her hands in excitement. "I'm the Spiritual Princess and she's the Prosecuting Princess. Since I wrote that on twitter it's been going round like anything. The internet is so powerful; it's scary. "

"Foolish and spiritual describes you clearly in two words Maya Fey," said Franziska.

"Franziska's gross – she kisses women!" Trucy was trying to find more reasons to hate Franziska. To her surprise, she found that her ex-wife, Adrian Andrews was a woman. Trucy had nothing against homosexuality, she couldn't after being involved with activities involving incest. Not that she hated it in the first place.

"So you don't find kissing your brother passionately gross then?" chuckled Phoenix.


"I think incest is more gross than lesbians," teased Phoenix.

Trucy replied, "Apollo's a good kisser."

"Now you and Maya Fey formed an unlikely close friendship," Lotta continued. "You two met each other quite a couple of times before. So how did you start becoming friends?"

Franziska looked as Maya as a cue to speak.

"It started after Nick got disbarred," Maya said, "I was out one night and I suddenly got attacked and almost got killed. That's when Franziska rescued me."

"Oh my lawd!"

"It was frightening," Maya replied. "I couldn't even think straight. It was all dark and my cheek was getting scratched against the wall..."

Maya fell silent.

"Take your time Maya," instructed Lotta.

"He tried to rape me," Maya continued as she grabbed on Franziska's cuffs. "I feel so grateful to be alive. If Franziska hadn't have arrived, I'd most likely be dead now."

"How did you know he was man?" Lotta asked. The cameras rolled back to Maya and also showed Franziska glaring at Lotta.

"I felt his thing bang against my leg..."

"So Franziska, how did you found the scene?"

"It was the day after I returned to Los Angeles," Franziska replied. By the look of her face, it seemed she really wanted to say: what a foolish bunch of questions. "I was walking home from a late night and I heard screaming. It sounded familiar so I tried to find out who it was, that was when I witnessed the attack. The man was wearing a black cloak. Unfortunately, I never really got a clear view of his face. "

"Did you stop him straight away? Did you say anything to him, Franziska?" Lotta asked curiously, as if she was on the edge on her seat.

"I didn't need to think," Franziska said. "I just whipped him until he ran away. I couldn't catch up with him. So I checked over the woman who was crying and realized it was Maya Fey. She was crying, shaken and her clothes were torn." Franziska didn't seem to be showing any nervous habits, so maybe she was telling the truth. Trucy couldn't perceive anything was fishy, but that didn't change her opinion of Franziska.

"That was a brave thing for you to do," Lotta told Franziska. "Well I've would never have thought your friendship would have started from such a traumatic experience. Speaking of traumatic experiences, how has your life been without your parents?"

"It was tough," Franziska admitted. "But I had to do my best to be perfect. My father was a genius and a perfect father. At his funeral..."

It looked as if Franziska was trying to hold back the tears. She was trying so hard not to cry.

"At his funeral," Franziska continued. "It was hard not to cry. My father told me that if I wanted to be perfect, I should never cry, so I didn't. I hated Phoenix Wright for it, and I vowed one day I'll defeat him defeat in court. I was under a lot of pressure, but I knew I had to do it for my father. Nowadays I do it for my own perfection. The moment Phoenix Wright was disbarred, I knew one day he would be back. When he comes back I will defeat him."

"So you thought he was innocent of the forged evidence the whole time?" Lotta asked.

"Of course," Franziska nodded at her question. "He's too foolishly dumb to think up something like that."


"Calm down Trucy," demanded Phoenix.

"And every cloud has a silver lining," Lotta announced. "Now Franziska your marriage with Adrian Andrews came to a bitter end last year."

"It was good when it lasted," Franziska told them. "And it wasn't as bitter has the paparazzi make it out to be."

"Divorce is always sad though," added Maya.

"So while you and Maya were friends you were dating Adrian, then three years later, you decided to get married. Let's have a look at this picture." The clip of Lotta talking to Maya and Franziska had vanished. A picture invaded the screen. A white silk hung around Franziska, with her arms around a blonde girl with glasses. They lips were curled into a smile. All in a row were silver bells glistening around the pair. Behind them was Maya and a man in a magenta suit with a cravat upon him. A dark ponytail was visible on his left shoulder.

"That's Edgeworth over there." Phoenix recognized him in an instant. "I wonder if he's still got that ponytail?"

"So that's him." Trucy had heard a lot about Miles Edgeworth. He was childhood friends with her adoptive father and was also a rival prosecutor. At some point, Trucy knew that Apollo would meet him one day – weather it was in public or the courtroom. Franziska going on about her marriage with Adrian. How close and intimate they were and how much trust there was between them. Trucy believed the only reasons anyone would date Franziska was for her beauty and money. Perhaps she was about to be proven wrong.

"I do not regret marrying her, nor do I regret the divorce." The camera zoomed into Franziska flicked back her fringe and then Trucy spotted her fingers: they were wobbly. She was showing her nerves. "Adrian Andrews and I are still very good friends."

"Do you think your sexuality has effected your life?"

"What a foolish question," Franziska chuckled. "In the court of law, only two things are important, the power of evidence and the power of my whip. So no, it hasn't changed my career one bit."

"One last question, if you weren't a prosecutor, what would you have been or wanted to be?" Lotta asked. Her enthusiasm returned.

"A foolishly tricky question..."

"Say spirit medium," Maya told Franziska.

"No, I do not want to be a spirit medium, Maya Fey."

"Maya gave us a picture of you doing ballet," Lotta said. "Let's show them now." A young girl around ten wearing ballet shoes and a pink tutu shined on the photograph. Her arms were stretched out with her right leg bent as if she was doing a twirl. The hair in a ponytail, matched Franziska's aquamarine hair. "So do you think you would have continued with the dancing if you hadn't have become a prosecutor?"

"Maybe I would have," Franziska replied. She then turned and glared at Maya. "Maya why did you show them that?"

"Cause you look cute in that picture."

"Aww!" the audience cried out and it weren't that long before Lotta joined in.

"Maybe next time you'll be back as a couple." Lotta chuckled. "Unfortunately that's all we have time for. Thank you my guests, thanks for the lovely audience and also thank you for watching. Tune in next week, same time. Goodnight everyone."

The screen turned black.

"That explains why Maya was acting weird," Phoenix confirmed. "I think I know who attacked her!"

"Who?" asked Iris. "Why would someone want to attack my cousin?"

"Kristoph Gavin," said Phoenix. He saw the look of concern appear on Iris's face. "What's wrong Iris."

"Krissi..." Iris whispered. "I know that name, he dated her. Should I mention her name?"

"Who Mommy Iris?" Trucy asked in curiosity of excitement.

"Iris," Phoenix approached Iris, and laid his hand of his fiancée's shoulder. "You're not living in her shadow anymore. Best you forget about her, and not mention her name." He then kissed her forehead.

Thalassa gave her children a kiss goodnight and left Phoenix's department. Apollo was quite surprised Phoenix still let him share a room with Trucy. Since Iris's arrival it looked as if Phoenix was back to his normal self. He had been listening to Trucy go on about that show. Apollo was a still thankful for his mother for missing the entire show.

"Uncle Valant and his boyfriend were amazing!" Trucy cried out so suddenly. "You should have seen that bit. Max has such a cute singing voice and their illusions were great."

"So Miss Fey was saved by Miss Von Karma?" Apollo asked. He heard Trucy mention it earlier.

"So she claims," Trucy said to Apollo. "I still think Miss Von Karma's a bitch."

"Funny she didn't mention anything about reporting the crime?"

"Probably cause the person who tried to kill Maya was Miss Von Karma," Trucy announced. "She forced her to stay away from Daddy and used her for her own desires. "

"You hate that her don't you?" Apollo knew her answer.

"Hell yeah! I hate her! I hate her so much!"

He was right. He couldn't think of a motive for Franziska killing Maya, although he knew why Trucy would think that way. That trial had not gone out of her mind nor did it escapee Apollo. The first time he felt like a failure in court.

"Why else would a nice girl like Maya be hanging around with a bitch like her?" Trucy asked.

"Maybe cause Maya is really nice or Miss Von Karma hasn't shown her nice side to us," was Apollo's response.

"Still, I wonder why Maya ditched Daddy. Maybe Franziska's partly responsible but maybe there's more to it.?"

"Okay, let's have a Franziska-Von-Karma-free week starting now!" Apollo was starting to get sick of hearing that name.

"That's a good idea Polly." Trucy had agreed. "So what did Mom say to you?" Her tone became more serious with a drop of panic, also. "She doesn't does she?"

"About me and you?" Apollo whispered, "she hasn't got a clue." His tone became more louder now. "Actually, we were talking about my father."

"Like getting to know him, well it's too bad both of our real daddies are dead."

"Well, Mom said the person I thought was my dad wasn't really my dad."

"Really?" Trucy gasped. "Mom tell you about your real dad then?"

"I know he's in prison," Apollo replied. He felt his waist becoming covered by Trucy's delicate arms. He had so much to tell, his tongue began to procrastinate. "He has some sort of relationship with Miss Fey. He should have been executed by now, but he's still alive. I'm visiting him tomorrow."

"I'll come with you," Trucy offered. "It should be great meeting your father at last."

"I don't think it's gonna be all happy families," admitted Apollo.

Trucy tip-toed to the door and got down to her knees. "I guess Daddy''s having fun with Mommy Iris," Trucy said. She was watching the pair of them snuggle up on the sofa. Trucy was trying to keep as quiet as possible. "Looks like Daddy's gonna get laid at last."

Apollo told her: "Trucy, you should know it isn't normal to watch your father having sex."

"Shush Apollo," Trucy exclaimed. "He'd probably spy on us if he knew we were doing it. Hmm, Iris's underwear is boring?" she whispered.

"You're not wearing underwear at all," Apollo confirmed since being able to see Trucy's buttocks.

"You find that exciting, right?"

"Um... k-kinda. Weirdly exciting."

"Aww Mommy Iris is shy," Trucy could see a topless Iris exploding herself onto Phoenix. "I think she'd make a great mom." Just as she caught a glimpse of her father taking his jeans off, she felt herself being swept away by Apollo's arm. He threw her onto her bed. As her back bounced on the mattress her legs were spread out. "Too bad we can't do it now."

"That would be insane," Apollo said bluntly. Trucy leaned over to Apollo and fiddled with his hair. "Not that insanity bothers you." Trucy responded by kissing his cheeks. Trucy's phone vibrated on bed and she picked it up. She saw Pearl's picture come up and she pressed a button and held the phone on her ear.

"Hi Pearl," Trucy said. "You're calling pretty late!"

Late indeed: it was one o'clock in the morning.

"Trucy! Trucy! Trucy!" Apollo could hear Pearl's cries through the phone. "It's amazing! It's amazing!"

"Hey calm down Pearl," Trucy gasped. "What is it?"

"Wocky's been released on bail for a few days, and Mystic Maya said it was okay for him to stay over tonight."

"That's awesome," Trucy said.

"That's not the most awesome part!" Pearl shrieked. "..."


"Wocky is my BOYFRIEND!" Pearl exclaimed in excitement.

"Congratulations, Pearls."

"Trucy, are you with your special someone?" Pearl asked. "It's Mr. Polly right?"

"Yep," Trucy replied. "My special someone is with me in bed. Hold on I'll put you on loud speaker phone."

Apollo didn't know weather it was a good idea or not. It was awkward enough listening to Phoenix's panting and his fiancée's moaning. At least the loud speaker would mute it a bit, but what if Phoenix mistook it for something else. Trucy had Pearl and Wocky on loud speaker phone.

"Sup Apollo?" Wocky cheered through the phone. "Passing ya a high five through the phone!"

"Same here," said Apollo.

"Wocky's made an appeal for a retrial," Pearl told them. "It's been approved! The trial is next week, Thursday morning."

"You be my lawyer yeah Apollo?" Wocky requested.

"Of course Wocky." Apollo had to make it up to him. He still felt like a failure for Wocky's guilty verdict.

"My friend Luke said he'll be sending you letter," Wocky told him. Though the way he talked it sounded like he was shouting. "I didn't know your address so I gave him Trucy's instead."

"That's all right, Polly's living with us anyway!" Trucy pondered wondering what was going on in the living room.

"Please don't let Miss Franzy know?" Pearl requested. "If she knows, she'll stop me be from testifying."

"You're going to testify?" Apollo asked.

"Of course I am," Pearl nodded as she spoke giving a cute giggle. "As a witness for the defense."

"Pearl that's brilliant," Apollo exclaimed. His Chords of Steel had been put into good use.

"This is like what happens in fairy tales," Pearl explained. She giggled in the process. "Instead it's the prince that;s in trouble and the princess tries to save him."

"That's sweet Pearl," Trucy awed, snuggling herself in Apollo with the phone in her hand.

"Well, I'll see you on Saturday at Wocky's house," Pearl said. "Goodnight Trucy! Goodnight Mr. Polly."

"Night to you too."

"Peace!" Wocky boomed. Then they were cut off.