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The First Time I Saw Her

I had saved the angel. My heart was soaring. She was safe. Isabella was safe. She has a cast on her leg, but she's safe. And that's all I wanted.

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I want nothing but the best for my angel without wings. And Dad and Mom are getting me and my family dressed to go over. Renee, the angel's mother, had told us it wasn't formal, just a get-together, so we were dressing casual.

We were bringing my friends, Rosalie and Jasper Hale, because we're watching them ever since their parents died. Rose and Jasper are older than me, they're ten. Just like Emmett, the angel's big brother.

Alice was jumping with joy, her unstoppable energy doubled once she heard the news. I always thought of Alice as a pixie, because she was graceful, jumpy, and tiny, even for a nine year old. Yes, my sister's older than me, but it's cool being the youngest.

I had been put into black pants and a colored shirt with the sleeve cuffed. Jasper was wearing the same thing. Rosalie was wearing a skirt and a red blouse that clung to her ten-year-old figure tightly, and Alice was wearing a blue shirt and a brown skirt with brown leggings. Alice had long black hair and green, and Rose and Jasper had blond hair and blue eyes.

Mommy was wearing a very pretty dress while Dad was wearing something like Jasper's and my own outfit.

"Why are we even going?" Rosalie complained.

"Because they invited us over." Dad said, making sure she dropped the subject, which she did.

"I can't wait to see Isabella! Edward's been talking about her nonstop, and I want to meet my new little sister!" Alice squealed and I blushed as everyone looked at me. Maybe I should learn not to tell Alice anything because she's not good with secrets.

Jasper hugged Alice and she stopped jumping and relaxed in his arms. That was incredible. I'll never know how anyone manages to make Alice relax.

We started heading out the door and sat in the car. The whole way I couldn't wait to see my angel's face, her big brown eyes and her short chestnut hair, to hear her voice, her laugh. I feel weird around Bella. Maybe I'm sick. I should ask Mommy, or even Rose. My stomach starts to turn and I feel like I've been shocked with electricity. The air gets hard to breathe in and I feel all tingly. That definitely isn't normal.

"We're here." Mommy said as we pulled up in a driveway. My heart wouldn't shut its trap once I thought I was going to see Bella again. It was drumming hard. And in my ears, making it hard to hear.

We hopped out of the car and knocked on Bella's door, and then my angel's mother came to open it. Her eyes widened when she saw all of us, there was a lot, but then smiled.

"Please come in. You have a very big family." Renee said while walking in the house.

"Well, Rosalie and Jasper aren't our kids." Dad quickly explained how we took care of them since they lost their own parents.

"Oh." Then she took a deep breath and yelled, "Emmett! They're here! Bring Bella down!" And looked back at us with a smile.

Emmett came down, holding Bella is his arms. Her cast was smaller, but it was still chunky. She blushed once she saw us and smiled. Emmett brought her to the couch in the living room in front of the big TV. And she thanked him and gave him a kiss. There was a sudden pang in my chest. It hurt.

"Please, make yourself at home." Renee said, and with that, Alice went running over towards Bella and I sat on the floor Indian style and watched them talk. Rose came in later, while Emmett and Jasper helped with stuff in the kitchen. Mommy and Dad were talking to Renee as Renee cooked. Alice was jumping on the couch.

"How's your leg?' I asked Bella and she blushed scarlet. I think that's my new favorite color.

"It's fine, thank you. And thanks for saving me." Her voice was like music. I am so glad we came. Alice was grinning at something, but I decided best not to ask. "So you two are brother and sister?" She pointed to Alice and me. We nodded.

"I'm older, though. I just turned nine. Edward has to wait five more months to turn nine! How old are you Bella?" She asked, speaking probably too quickly for Bella. I had learned to understand her, but poor Bella was probably confused.

"I'm seven, but my birthday's next month." She answered with a smile. Her birthday's in September? Maybe I can come over!

"Oh! We should have a sleepover, huh Rose?" Alice asked, they looked at Rosalie.


"I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met." Bella held out her hand and Rose shook it with a smile. Maybe Bella was going to get on her good side. "I'm Isabella, but I like to be called Bella."

"Rosalie Hale. Only Alice is able to call me Rose, or Rosie, but I guess one more person wouldn't hurt." She said with a grin. Bella blushed but smiled, happy to be on her good side.

"Oh shit!" Renee cursed in the kitchen and Isabella looked over.

"Need help, Mom?" She called.

"Err… How do you cook the chicken again?" Se asked sheepishly and I smelt smoke. Bella sighed with a smile and looked for her crotches, so I ran to get them for her, and she thanked me, making me blush, and she went over to the kitchen. I sat back down with both girls staring at me.

"Mom!" Bella yelled in the kitchen, laughing and then explained in a murmur.

I looked back at the girls, who were still smiling, and I shrank back. "What?"

"You like her!" They squealed, and I felt my face burn, again!

"No." I whispered looking at my feet, not able to lie directly in their eyes. They started laughing and talking to each other in secret. I pouted, their conversation was about me, and I couldn't even hear about it. A sweet smell of chicken started flowing through the house and Bella came back with a smile, but the girls didn't see her enter the room, so she bent over the couch and whispered, "I like to whisper too."

Both girls screamed and then they all laughed, making me smile. Emmett and Jasper came in the room, Emmett sat on the floor, and Rosalie sat next to him. Jasper sat and Alice jumped onto his lap. Jasper chuckled. I sat on the floor while Bella rested on the couch.

"I didn't mean to kick you guys off." Bella apologized,

"Bells, no worries. We like the floor." Emmett assured her, making her smile.


"Oh! Bella, this is Jasper, Rose's twin brother." Alice pointed behind her and poked his nose. I think Alice has a crush on Jasper. I'd be sure to ask him later.

"Hi." Bella smiled politely.

"Err… Bells? For the mash potatoes, so I peel them and then cook and mash, or mash peel cook, or-" Renee started but Bella grabbed her crutches and called out to her mother, telling her she was on her way to help. Bella was kind and sweet, and smart.

I was in a daze as everyone talked; my thoughts were focused on Bella. And Alice seemed to notice and was smirking. I glowered at her, telling her silently that if she were to say anything, anything at all, I will kill her. She just smiled and whispered something to Jasper. He looked at me and smiled. He shared a glance with his sister who smirked at me and then whispered something to Emmett, who narrowed his eyes at me. I'm guessing he's going to protect his little sister.

Speaking of the angel, she came in with an amused expression. She sat back on the couch and watched us.

"So, Bella? Do you think Renee would let us sleep over?" Alice asked, and Bella shrugged.

"She might. As long as Emmett will stay with us." Everyone looked at her brother, except for me; I was too engrossed with Bella and her cute expression. I am feeling sick again. I don't like this feeling, maybe Dad could tell me why I feel so sick, he's a doctor.

"Edward? Did you hear what I said?" Rosalie asked, smirking. I blushed and looked at her once I noticed I had been staring at Bella.

"No. Sorry. I was distracted." I said honestly.

"We were asking if you could ask Carlisle and Esme if we could sleep over." She restated.

"Why not Alice?" I asked, and looked at her. She shrugged.

"Little brother, just do it." She said with a smile.

Soon, it was time for dinner, and we all sat at Renee's large dinner table. I sat in between Bella and Alice, who sat next to Jasper, then Rosalie and then Emmett. The parents were talking amongst each other on the other side of the table. I noticed that Bella's dad wasn't here.

The food was great, and we thanked Renee, but Renee told us it was Bella who cooked. Bella smiled and blushed at the attention.

"You're quite the cook, Isabella." Dad said as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"Please call me Bella. Oh, and thank you." She smiled angelically.

Dad chuckled and nodded. The rest of dinner was absolutely great. Bella had asked her mother if they could sleep over since there wasn't going to be a party. I couldn't wait for the party. I already was planning her birthday present, and Alice was beaming about the party.

I frowned as we said our good-byes, but then I had to hug Bella, which made me smile, but, again, the sick feeling in my stomach was back.

And that was how I met (and saved) my beautiful angel, Isabella Swan.

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