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November. Sunday, 3 am.

"You got bitten the night you kissed her, your itching always gets worse when you think about her. You need to address this." Wilson told him seriously.

"She's my boss!" House said, rationalizing things more than ever with this predicament. The pros and cons of doing just what Wilson suggests him to do somewhat was waging a tug-of-war in his head.

"No! You're not afraid of authority! You're afraid she actually IS right for you! You're afraid to take a chance because it's too big a chance! If it doesn't work with her, then maybe there's no one out there." Wilson pushed again to reason out why House should just get it over with because he knows that his two best friends are actually right for one another. 'They're just too stubborn!' He thought.

"I am not rationalizing. I'm better off alone." House told himself despite the conspiracy his heart was waging against his rational mind. "Also, have you seen her ass lately?" He tried to move the subject. Didn't work. Wilson replied, "You're not staying here. Get up," Wilson said, ignoring House's anatomical observation of Cuddy and his whining, adding, "Nope. No buts. You can go home, or you're going to Cuddy's, you'll ring her doorbell, and you're gonna ask her out on a date, like regular people do." With that he finished his lecture and said goodbye to House while escorting him out of his apartment.

House replied in mock shock, "At 3:00 in the morning? What time do regular people sleep?" He rode his bike to his agoraphobic patient's house to bother Cameron.

After reviving the patient and the differential at his house. House woke up from a phone call from Cameron telling him about the patient's abdominal pain. After a few snarky remarks, he had his epiphany and quickly made his way to the patient's house and removed the lead from his patients side which was poisoning him all along. While arguing about how stupid the patient's happiness is about being at home and having everything he needs without having to go outside House told Cameron, "Yeah he's got PTSD. Yeah he's agoraphobic. He's also a coward. Wanna change you're life? Do something! Go believe your rationalizations, just lock yourself up and pretend you're happy." The three of them considered those words. Cameron thought he was right. 'Wasn't he always?' she asked herself rhetorically. His patient thought so too. House himself was struck hard by his own words. Would he really be happier, if not, less miserable, if he actually tried to change his life? ' But people don't change!' his rational side told him. His heart, however, won him over with its answer, 'They change for the better.' He then told Cameron what she had to do then went home straight away.

Monday evening, while playing his guitar, he was revisited by the itch and instead of letting it get him crazy again he decided to ride the wave of his emotions instead of fighting them like he always did. He stood up, swiftly limped to his motorcycle, ignoring the sudden stabs of pain, and made his way to Cuddy's house.

While standing on her doorstep, he saw her through the window, reading while sipping her tea. Damn, he thought, the light from the lamp made her so beautiful. Shit. Did he just think that? He's getting soft. Forgetting his damn pride, seeing her that radiant without make up gave him the courage to listen to Wilson for a change. So he rang her doorbell. 'Ha! It's not even 3 am! Wilson'll be so shocked!' he thought to himself.

'Oh shit. What am I gonna ask her? 'Will you go out with me?' 'Can I take you out on Friday night?' 'Do you wanna have dinner with me?'' His mind was trying to conjure the best way to ask her but he was pulled out from his thoughts by the woman who was invading his mind. 'Deep breaths House. It's only Cuddy.' He mentally tried to calm himself although his body seemed to be a bit conscious.

"Wow. I always thought you were the vampire type who doesn't visit until it was past midnight? I'm impressed! You're actually human!" Cuddy said by way of greeting, giving him a small grin which he found cute.

He answered her without missing a beat. "Yeah. Thought I'd join you mortals. Insomnia's not that popular amongst us dark entities anymore."

"O-kay. Seriously, what do you want House?" She asked, thinking of why he's on her doorstep somehow looking a bit hesitant and conscious which are one of the things you'd never use to describe House. "Need me to sign off on some crazy smart treatment of yours?"

He just can't stop himself from being an asshole but he had a bit of reason here. He was trying to buy some time before actually asking her so he replied, "Nope, just wanted to see what you're wearing." This is not helping at all. He was getting more and more nervous by the second.

"House. Tell me now or I swear--" She started but was immediately cut off by him.

"Do you wanna have dinner with me Friday night?" He asked quietly and quickly, looking anywhere else but her.

Cuddy's mouth was agape. She thought she was being delusional. Maybe she just had to hear it again to make sure so she asked, "Say what?"

"Would you go out with me on Friday night? Yes, a date and no, you're not delusional." He quickly said, now looking a bit at her. He was one who hated repeating himself but he tried for her and also answered the next two questions she was sure she was going to ask him.

Cuddy eyed him curiously, looking for a tell that he was just messing with her but couldn't find one. So she asked, "You're kidding, right?" 'But what should she say if he was serious? should she say yes?' she thought.

House tensed at her reply and shook his head. This was what he feared. Her rejection. He then slightly turned from her then said, " It was a bad idea. I shouldn't have come. Sorry." With that he started walking towards his bike which was across the street.

She was shocked. 'He was completely serious! Damn! Wait, he's walking away, stop him you idiot!" Her mind was going into overdrive with her thoughts.

"House!" She called after him then started to walk towards him when he looked back, lowering his gaze to the ground. She then touched his arm which mad him look up at her. She saw different emotions passing through his eyes which she thought was so deep she would drown from them. But she held her gaze then said, If it was a serious offer, then yes, I'd love to go out with you." As soon as she said that, his eyes showed that glint of relief and a tiny spot of happiness in them.

"Okay. I'll pick you up at eight. Wear something formal. Goodnight Cuddy." He replied and offer her a slight smile then turned towards his bike.

"Okay. House! Where's your cane?" She asked curiously. Wondering why he didn't bring it with him. She frowned when she saw the obvious limp he had.

He didn't turn to her in fear of her seeing the relief and the wide smile plastered on his face so he just shrugged and answered her, "Left it at home! See you at work!"

"Goodnight House! See you." She replied in a low voice which she thought he probably didn't hear. He waited for the taillights from his bike to disappear from the curb before she sighed and entered her house. She then leaned her back on the front door and smiled widely. "I've got a date with House." She said quietly. She felt like a college girl being asked out by her crush.

Little did she know that House was thinking of the same thing while he was on his way home.


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