It is just like me to be late. I cannot believe that I forgot my passport and had to turn around. This time I know I have no choice but to get away. At least I got lucky and traffic wasn't that bad. Everyone must be at that big football game too. It was a little cloudy today but the rain kept away. I can't imagine what would have happened if it rained. Just keep reminding yourself Bella, you are lucky he took the invitation from his boss to go. What if he had come home early or decided not to go or what if it did rain. What if he…

"Excuse me Miss?"

The security guard snapped me out of my daydream, well, nightmare. Did he find me? What did I do? What could this guard want from me? "Ma'am, you are going to need to move through the line now. Take off your shoes and put them in the bin with your belonging." Oops, I already forgot I was standing in the security line. Come on Bella, you have to focus now. Make it to the plane. Make it to the plane. Don't look back.

The airport seemed scarier this time. Maybe I am just paranoid. I thought I would feel the freedom course through my body as soon as I left with my stuff but I just…don't. This is what I have waited for! The moment where I was able to walk away from the man who said he cared for me. Who does that? Who shows love with a fist? Maybe I deserve that. Maybe I am the type of person who needs someone to keep her in line. I probably just wasn't listening enough or I wasn't giving 100%. I should go back…NO! This is what he wants, his voice to circulate through my head and prevent me from leaving. Bound to him by some unspoken vow. Keep going. Don't look back. I whispered to myself hoping the older woman next to me wouldn't think I was losing my mind. I smiled and she smiled that kind, Grandmother smile that I needed to build my courage to leave this place.

"Final boarding for Flight 748 to London at gate 23B. Final boarding for Flight 748 to London at gate 23B."

The loud speaker was mocking me. I was at gate 5A. "Stupid girl, you're never going to make it anyway. Just turn around. Come home and I will show you what love is…" I hate his voice. If I don't run now, I may never live until tomorrow. Run Bella I thought as I passed gate 14B, you are almost free.

It just took a moment after gate 22B that I realized my shoelace had undone itself. I am cursed! There is no time to tie it but I can still make it, big steps! With gate 23A flying by I knew I was within reach of my freedom. Oh no! I thought as my last step landed upon my left shoelace. My heart skipped a beat knowing what was to come, the floor meeting my face, for the second time today.

"Sh…" The word didn't even have time to come out before two hands grabbed me on my way to meet my carpeted destiny. Within seconds, I realized that I was standing rather than laying face down on the floor. It happened so fast. I raised my head and looked into the most beautiful golden eyes I have ever seen. It took my breath away and I felt as though time had stood still. He just looked at me with a concerned facial expression. He was still holding my waist. He was so…"Are you ok?" Oh, his voice was just as wonderful! It floated to my ears like a soft lullaby you would sing to soothe a baby to sleep. After another moment, I realized I was holding my breath. Releasing the built up pressure in my chest I noticed the door that led to my freedom was about to be closed. "No!" I shouted while I tore away from the arms that supported me. Rushing towards the gate, I threw my ticket at the attendant who was waiting with a smile. I ran down the hallway and jumped through the door of the airplane.