(purely for enjoyment, feel free to read but will contain crossovers that extend past insane and rule-breaking, nothing horrifically bad though, if you can keep up its quite hilarious…this scene had to be taken out though due to the focus and purpose of my story and this…well has nothing to due w/ Hiei's dilemma and growth)

[During the party after overcoming Murky's Dragon there is music, punch, and delectable finger foods, everyone is chatting and having a good time, Sprites are playing games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, Lurky is showing Yukina his dance moves, Red Butler approaches them]

Red Butler: [swooshes cape and hands a rose to Yukina] Here, from the deepest corner of the Red Region came this rare and beautiful rose ^^

Yukina: I see, the rose is indeed beautiful.

Red Butler: Take it, and would you care to share a dance w/ me as well?

Yukina: A…dance? I'm sorry I don't know how…

Red Butler: That's ok, I can show you, it's easy.

Yukina: Well…ok ^^ [thinks: These boys are so cute and friendly in this world]

LaLa Orange: What about me? I would love to dance w/ you Red!

Red Butler: Huh???

Buddy Blue: Sure ^_^ Go ahead, I can teach Ice Gem how to dance!

Patty O'Green: Please show me how to dance Buddy!

Buddy Blue: Then Ice Gem will have no one to dance with…

Yukina: That's ok, Lurky is showing me how to dance just fine ^^ You don't need to trouble yourselves.

Red Butler: Well I suppose for one song…but let me teach Ice Gem first, 'k LaLa?

[They dance, switch partners, Lala Orange spins with Red Butler to the other side of the room by the end of the song, as Red Butler makes his way back to Yukina, Kurama intercepts his path]

Kurama: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to have a word with you if you would just come over here with me

Red Butler: O.o Um…ok…Is something wrong Great Rose?

Kurama: [pats Red Butler's head] No, there is no need to worry…it's just you are becoming a big boy so fast, that I think you are now old enough to know this…

Red Butler: 0-0 Know what?

Kurama: Red…I am your father!

Red Butler: WhAt?!?!? x_X

Kurama: And you have an older brother, his name is Pegasus. He's kind of a half brother…but not really.

Inuyasha311: And I'm the mother, right? [grabs Kurama and shakes him] RIGHT?!?!

Red Butler: Where did you come from?

Kurama: ^^; Of course you are his mommy…

Red Butler: O.O … ^o^ Mommy!!! [latches onto Inuyasha311's leg]

Inuyasha311: No not you! Just your half-brother.

Red Butler: But…but… TOT

Kurama: No, you are the mother of them both…they are kind of half brother's because of me ^^;

Refi: Sorry sis, he kind of erased your memory of it.

Red Butler: And who are you?

Refi: ^^ You're fairy Godmother…

Inuyasha311: Hold on…my memory was erased?!?!? [chokes Kurama]

Kurama: It…was…an…accident…

Refi: Only the boy's Godfather was supposed to forget.

Inuyasha311: Who is…?

Refi: Hiei! You know him as Black Night, Red. And good thing he's not here right now so you and him don't fight like you did before memories were erased.

Inuyasha311: ToT But still you erased my memory!

Kurama: Does it help if I say that I have your memory saved on a backup disc?

Inuyasha311: . No…

Refi: How 'bout you guys go to the Great Rose's room and he'll restore your memory for you?

Inuyasha311: ToT But that doesn't change the fact that he erased it…well, ok [drags Kurama off to his room]

Red Butler: o_o I'm confused…

Refi: [Pats Red on the head] Don't worry, 311 and I came here to clean up Sally Sue's mess here, in other words, to get all the demons and to bring them home…this isn't the first time that these worlds have met…ho no! You see, [takes a deep breath] once upon a time there was Kurama whom you know as the Great Rose, and he started out as a Spirit Fox.

He used to be a cute little fox demon that went by the name of Shippo. After growing up and developing his powers, he became a stronger demon and adapted a new form, a.k.a. Yoko Kurama. It was at this time that he met your mother and with the love of a world labeled "Inuyasha" which is where Yoko Kurama dwelled as a child and her fancy on the hot [drools] Yoko Kurama, it was only natural for them to meet and get married (although the beautiful details of this are still too much for your young ears and would bore you for me to tell of their courtship, but this wasn't as shallow as it might sound) and live Happily Ever After.

That is when you're brother, Pegasus was born, you see he has white hair and brown eyes comparable to Yoko's silver hair and gold eyes. I believe that Pegasus ended up marrying a Sohma and that's where Ayame came from…meaning he's Yuki's daddy too, so that would make you his uncle…and with whole connection to the Sohma family, thanks to Ritzu, that would also make you a MONKEY'S UNCLE! lol Sorry ^^;

Anyway…where was I? Oh yes, so after Pegasus had a true love that sadly died on his wedding day and started the whole Billion Dollar corporation (and it was then he was also involved w/ the Sohma's) your father was learning how to solve the most intricate and complex puzzles his world could offer. Sadly he disappeared, but 311 eventually found him again as true lovers are wont to do…it ended up that Yoko escaped, wounded, to the human world and healed himself by taking over an unborn baby and was called Suichi. When he was helping the fight against demons however, he was referred to as Kurama.

It was so happy when your parents were reunited! And that's where you came along ^_^ Its no coincidence that you are over the color red! Red like Kurama's hair as well as yours and the roses that both of you care for ^_~ not to mention dashing…I see you are acquiring some of your father's charm! Now that's your family history unless you really want me to bring Hiei into this.

You can associate simply by the spikey hair that he is a desendant of Vegetta, who's race is a saiyan, meaning he isn't a full demon either! And well, to keep Pegasus company…lets just say there's a reason why Yugi's hair sticks out! Oh but you never met Yugi have you? I'm sorry, I must have really gone off on a tangent there. The funny thing I can't figure out…O.o As far as shows go…You're OLDER than your DADDY!!! Since the world "Rainbow Brite" was created before the world "YuYu Hakusho" hmmm…maybe your world was just discovered first…I'll have to get 311's inside tip of how she finds these Bishies before everyone else…

Red Butler: o.O Now I'm really really really confused! XP

Refi: ^_^ Kudos' to anyone who really read that whole huge and intimidating paragraph ^^ it's the support to all my theories incase you wonder where I got the connections I did.