Girl in the blue scarf

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Chapter 1

She was the new trasfer student everyone at Meiou High School was talking about.

The high school she came from wasn't anything special. Tsukisaki High was your normal average country side high school for all types of students, with average teachers and all.

But Yukiko Ayame was not exactly the average girl. Perfect scores in all her subjects and almost perfect attendance made her a worthy candidate for the well-known Meiou high. She loved reading books and writing fantasy stories or fan fiction.

Ayame had come by plane one week before, all by herself. Unfortunately, her parents' working place – a once small pharmaceutical research company - had moved to Tokyo after expanding and they had to move with it, leaving their friends behind. Ayame was the most affected by this, so her parents allowed her to stay one more week by herself, to say her goodbyes.

In the plane, the had stayed next to a lady in a grey business suit. The lady looked 30 or so, and arbored a bored look on her face, but soon the two started a conversation. This way, the woman learned about Ayame, and asked her to let her have a look at the documents for her old high school. She nodded a few times, and then reached for her case and pulled a leaflet out of it.

"I am the head principal of Meiou High School. It's prestigious and well known for its high education and standards. I think you would do great if you chose to enroll here"

Ayame scanned the leaflet and thanked her.

The head principal and Ayame then parted ways, and Ayame went to her new home, her head full of new dreams. She unpacked, and dreamily scanned the leaflet again, deciding that she would at least know one person, the nice principal, and the promise of good education and golden opportunities further in life was enough for her. But on the downside -

'I really would have liked a high school that has blue uniforms…'


While walking down the road to Meiou for the first time by herself, Ayame reminded herself why she hated moving so much. New school meant new classmates, and of course the dreaded few minutes when she would have to stay in front of the classroom, introduce herself and answer her new classmates' questions.

Ayame knocked at the door gently, waiting for a reply from her teacher. There was none. She knocked again, and this time she was met with a short answer. She wiped her sweaty palms against the red skirt of the uniform, and entered the classroom.

She was met with the curious glares of her new classmates, boys and girls. She took a deep breath and grabbed the chalk, writing her name on the blackboard.

Not enough time, she mused. I'm writing it too fast, it's almost over…

Ayame turned around, blushing furiously.

"My name is Yukiko Ayame, and I come from Tsukisaki High School in Arukawa. Please take care of me!"

Then she gave the teacher a slightly frightened look, as if begging him to end her torture and send her to her seat. As far as she could see, the only seat that wasn't taken was behind a tall redhead, second desk, middle row.

The teacher smiled encouragingly and motioned her to take that seat.

Behind her, she heard whistles, frightened gasps and ironic snorts. Some had also started to whisper things about her, like she's nerdy, she's a coward, she's lucky to stand behind Minamino and she won't last.

Ayame bowed her head, trying not to listen. The redhead in front of her didn't seem to have noticed her arrival, being absorbed in his book like it was the most fascinating thing in the world. And something about him gave her strange creeps. Call is sixth sense, or female intuition, she shuddered inwardly and resumed to getting her books and pencils out of her schoolbag.

"Yukiko-san, perhaps someone should show you around during the break?"

Her head shot up.

"Perhaps Minamino, if that's not too inconvenient to him? Minamino?" the boy smiled, preparing to obey the teacher's orders, as he always did

"N-no, that's not necessary" she said with a low voice "I would like to explore the school bits by bits on my own". And I'm sure he has better things to do, she added in her mind

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, thank you sir"

More whispers, due to her sudden refusal, arose. Who was she to refuse spending time alone with Minamino? This was every girl's dream!

The teacher turned around and started his lecture while writing at the blackboard, and the whispers stopped.

When the bell rang break time, she quickly stood up and made it to the door, when she heard a voice whisper behind her.

"Whoever sits in the death seat will find themselves at the mercy of the Shinigami and his long arms. Move away or you will die, Yukiko Ayame, just like all the other girls before you"

Ayame turned around to see tall girl with short hair and brown tired eyes stare back at her.

"Wh-what did you say?"

"The Shinigami will kill you"

"Wh-who are you talking about?"

"And he won't even lift a finger"

With this, the tall girl brushed past her, while Ayame remained frozen on spot.


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