Chapter 2

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Ayame Yukiko walked slowly down the hallways, trying to ignore the gossip she could hear all around her. The girl with short hair didn't bother to introduce herself, and despite the fact that Ayame wanted more details, wanted to know who was the Shinigami, she couldn't bring herself into starting a conversation with a girl whose name she did not know.

Meiou High was definitely different from what she had been used to. From it's gate, the size had overwhelmed her. She had barely found her way into the classroom, but she needed to find all locations where she would need to be that year, starting from the great biology lab to the locker rooms and the exit to the PE court.

She was beginning to regret not having accepted the teacher's kind offer.

She was late at her following class, but the kind Arts teacher let it pass, and encouraged her to take a seat in the back of the class. All the front seats were occupied already, but Ayame wasn't bothered by this, instead the felt relieved to stay away from them.

"So, class, I believe since last time we nailed the basics in portrait making, I believe it is high time you all actually make one from sketch to finish without assistance and with no books. Of course, today you won't be graded but I'd like you all to do your best, because MY artistic impression on you will count in the end! Who would like to be the model?...nobody....?"

Some of the girls in front sighed dreamily and it became obvious even to Ayame whom they wanted to paint.

One of the guys gave a little push to the chair in front of him and Minamino Shuuichi slightly tumbled forward, having been taken by surprise.

The guy high-fived with another and they started to grin like maniacs, it had been an easy bet.

The teacher turned back in time to see Minamino Shuuichi stabilize himself and stand straight onto his feet.

"Wonderful!" the teacher beamed. "We have ourselves a model"

Another boy in the back snorted to himself. It seamed that the fan girls had won again. Painting his archrival was a sheer torture, and he promised himself he would later find a way to punish them. It was stupid how they would manipulate two guys with the promise of a kiss, and all just to have a justified reason to stare at him for an hour.

Minamino Shuuichi had no other choice than to sit on a tall chair and smile politely at the aspiring artists in front of him.

Ayame took the pencil in her had and looked at the boy, his head slightly tilted to the side and his hair locks moving a little bit in the gentle breeze of the morning. Despite his smile, she had the feeling he was bored.

Minamino would look good in a garden, she mused. He would belong in a garden, with green grass around him, and bushes with red roses surrounding him, and this uniform just doesn't do him any justice...perhaps a yukata or a Chinese outfit or...a more special costume...hmm...he definitely had the prince look, with tight pants, high boots and a long trench coat with small flowery motifs...maybe paint a white fox next to him too? Oh wait, why a fox...? Well, who cares...and he would look at the roses, touching them ever-so lightly, and smell them, while the sunset light would make his green eyes glint yellow...


Ayame paused from her fantasy, looking at her drawing in horror. She the realised that instead of the usual rustling of papers, and scratching noises and hums, the class was awfully quiet.

Turning around, she noticed that the teacher was standing right behind her, with an amused look in her eyes, while some of her classmates looked at her drawing with not-too-pleasant looks on their faces.

She had done it. She had painted the prince Minamino Shuuichi in her fantasy, in a garden, surrounded by roses. It was just colored crayons, and it was just a sketch, but she had drawn in detail, and there was no mistaking it. Ayame lowered her head, expecting the worse.

"Yukiko-san, your approach is quite...unique, but unfortunately I cannot grade something I did not request, so you will have to make a normal portrait and hand it over next time, okay? And, for the record...nice work!"

Ayame looked at the front of the class, trying to get a glimpse of the real Minamino Shuuichi to make the drawing later easier, but discovered that he was gone.

And then, the drawing in front of her was snatched away and there was Minamino Shuuichi looking with wide eyes at her drawing. Then, in a second, her usually polite smile returned and he walked motionlessly at his seat. The bell rang and everyone went back at their seats to retrieve their stuff and go out, all but one girl, whose narrow eyes never left Ayame.

Ayame, still blushing from her mishap at Arts, scanned the time table. Next, she would have math class.

This time, she arrived in time, and she took her seat behind Minamino. He never turned to look at her, neither did she try to bother him.

And when the teacher gave them a test paper to revise their knowledge from the previous 2 months, she couldn't be happier to finally get some peace.

But a pair of brown eyes would rise, from time to time, and rest on Ayame's back, and the girl would sigh.

`You really easy prey'


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I'm sure you all realised where this is going. Not a romance, not even a kiss, Ayame will end up with an unlikely guy:P However, both Ayame and Kurama will be throuwn into an all-or-nothing silent kind of war, as each struggles to maintain their reputation in front of their teachers and schoolmates. Who will win? And how much will the victory cost them? And most far are they both willing to go to secure their place as no. 1?

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