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Shit!Shit!Shit!!! Severus was now in panic. Well, sort of. He had been teaching his Master's son, potions, and the potion exploded. James wouldn't wake. Severus was trying to make the antidote before Master came home. Severus wasn't scared of his Master, but he didn't want to look in Master's eyes, when they were upset.


Severus has been a slave ever since the Dark Lord's fall. Severus was found with the Dark Mark, and was sentenced to life time as a slave.


Severus had the antidote ready, but he paused when he heard a CRACK, Master was home. Shit! "Severus! James! I'm home!" Well at least he's in a good mood now, I get to see him go from a good mood, to not. FUCK!

Severus went out into the living room to his Master, then to his knees, "Sorry, Master. I left the room, and he's not conscious. I'm made a antidote to wake him, Master. I'm s-"

"Get up. And if you ever, ever, get on your knees and expect me to listen to a god damn word your saying, you'll have to think again. Get up." Harry told him.

Severus got to his feet, and said two words, that his Master would fully get what was going on. "Master James."

Harry looked at him, and ran to the lab. "What the fuck happened!??!" Harry yelled at Severus, who just came into the room.

"I had to go get an ingredient from my room, I-I told him to wait, t-till I got back. I ran back when I heard the potion e-expoled. S-sor-"

"Just fix it." Harry said as calmly as he could. He hated yelling at Severus, he looked as a scared little boy when Harry yelled.

Severus nodded, and put some of the antidote into a glass, and titled James's head up. He poured the potion into James's mouth, down his throat. Severus laid James down again. Harry waited for his son to open his eyes. Severus spoke, "I'm sorry, Master. I didn't mean-"

Harry looked up at him, "It's not your fault. He just doesn't listen. And weather he likes it or not, he's going to have t-" Harry was cut off by choking. Harry looked at his son, and helped him sit up. "Are you ok?"

"Y-yeah." James said catching his breath. "Sorry, dad. I should have waited for Severus to come back and help me."

"And from now on, you will. If you don't, well then... I can't give you, your gift." Harry said with a smile. He was still angry, but was mainly with relief.

"I'm not six, you don't have to.. wait! What did you get me?!" James asked excitedly.

Harry couldn't help laugh at his sixteen year old son. "Nope. I've told you before, I don't want you brewing without me or Severus in the room. More then likely Severus."

"But at least tell me what it is..." James said hoping he didn't sound like he was whining.

Severus rolled his eyes, "Well he's back to himself. No difference there."

"Good thing. Cause if he acted like you did when you blew up that one potion in Sev-"

"Master, with all due respect, shut the fuck up."

James laughed when his father went red. "I've just realized the impossible..." James said to Severus, "Dad had been here for at least, ten minutes, and you haven't kissed him yet."

Harry blushed even deeper. Severus smirked, "I guess your right...." Severus looked at Harry, "and it looks like if things continue being said, your father's head will turn into a balloon, by the way he's blushing."

"No, if you both don't shut up, both gifts are going back to the store." Harry said to the both of them. Trying to die down the red.

"But dad..."

Severus looked at Harry, confused. "Both?"

"Shocked I got you one too? Even though I could take them back..."

"Dad! Just tell us what they are!"

"If you two can behave, then I'll give them to you both tonight."

"Liar. If you don't give me mine, you'll give Severus's his when I'm asleep."

"You got it. But Severus still has to be a good boy, right Severus?"

Severus blushed this time. Then smirked, "Wait, a good boy to get the gift from the store, or a good boy to get the gift from the be-" bed

"Shut it." Harry glared, as James made a discusted face. Severus laughed at both reactions.

"So, James. Yes, when you are asleep, your father does give me a gift of h- his own."

Harry kissed Severus, "You better shut it." Harry said as he pulled away.

"Or what?"

"Or you can sleep outside, no gift at all."

Severus glared, but said nothing. James's jaw dropped, "He's..He;s...quiet?! Holy shit!"

"Laungue James. Both of you get out of those clothes and into something I can take you out in."

James looked at himself, he looked like he was wearing a screwed up tie-die shirt. "Where are we going?"

"5." Harry said, getting annoyed with James.

"I'm not a kid. So that's just stupid."


James looked at Severus, with the look of 'is he serious?'

"3." Harry said now glaring.

"Dad, cut it o-"


James ran to his room, not wanting to hear the last number. Harry shook his head, and said it so that James couldn't hear it, "One."

Severus looked at his Master/lover, "Where are we going?"

"Do I have to count for you too?" Harry asked with a grin.

Severus glared, he knew that once, one was reached, he would have a total different conscience then James. Severus crossed his arms, and sat down.

"Aw... Is my dear Snake pouting?"


Harry smirked, he kissed his lover's mouth. "Go get dressed. I want." Kiss. "To make." Kiss. "This." Kiss. "Night." Kiss. "A good." Kiss. "One."

"Tell me where we are going!"

"Fine. 5."

Severus glared. And Harry said, "4."

"Not going to work with me."

"Nightly gift. 3."

"You can't go with out it."

"Pet name...2."

That got Severus to his room. When James came out, and back the messy lab, he was laughing. "What number did he give into?"

"2." Harry smiled.

"So what's his gift?"

"I got him two. One of them I'll show you.." Harry pulled out a box from his pocket. "This."

"Can I comment?"

"Is it that bad?" Harry said looking at the ring.


"Oh. Then I guess so."