I did this for Harry Potter (James/Lily) but then this one came to my head for the prompt challenge and they're fun little things to write so I thought I'd give it a shot.

There's 7 in total, and I debated posting them all at once, but I'm just going to post them once a day instead. They break up better that way.

They're really short, most of them under 300 words. Kind of drabble-y I guess.



PROMPT: Human Touch (Judging Amy)



She loves his hands.

She's seen everything they're capable of. She's seen him tackle an UNSUB, and she's seen him with his son, knows that those same hands that catch killers can wipe away a little boy's tears. She's felt the passion in him, knows that those hands can bend her to his will with a few deft touches. She knows the palms are soft, but the fingertips are calloused from the work he does.

Some nights, she lays awake long after he's drifted off, just to admire the look of his fingers spread out against her stomach. She strokes her hands over the back of them, her own fingers lighter than a feather so as not to disturb his much-needed rest. She's never told him how much she loves his hands.

Someday, she knows, those same hands will be holding their own child, a son or a daughter because they've been through too much together to even think about separating now. And those hands, those same hands she'd seen clenched in a fist as Strauss called them out on their relationship had been the same ones to hold her gently to his chest after it had all gone down. The same ones that had cradled her cheeks as he told her everything was going to be okay.

Even now, as she looks down at the way his hand, his fingers, are woven through hers, she feels nothing but safety and contentment as they stroll down the sandy shores of Virginia Beach, Jack racing ahead of them. He smiles as he catches her gaze and lifts their entwined hands, pressing a kiss to the back of hers. She smiles in response as she squeezes one of those two hands she loves so much.