PROMPT: Human Touch (Judging Amy)



She's his everything.

She's his light, his strength, his hope and his dreams all wrapped up in a trim, fit body. She's the tough as nails Agent Prentiss, and she's the softer Emily. They're the same person, with the same well-spring of strength, and she holds his life and his heart in the palm of her hand. He trusts her with his heart, with his soul, with his body and with his sanity. He trusts her with everything he is and everything he will be.

He's everything to her.

He's what makes their job easier, the one that knows exactly what to do to calm her down, to remind her that what they do is not only necessary, but essential. He is what helps her remember there are good things in her life that she is grateful for. His hands, his arms his soul… they're all part of the man she's fallen head-over-heels for, the Bureau be damned.

Which is what brings tears to her eyes as she wraps her arms tighter around his neck. This is their first extended vacation together outside of the United States, away from the death that is the norm of the BAU. They're dancing on the sand, part of one of the resort's evening activities, she in a sundress, he in shorts and a polo, just enjoying their time together.

They both know that the Bureau can – and probably will – try to separate them. They know that they're fighting a losing battle to keep each other and the job, but neither of them are all that concerned. They've both discovered that though the BAU is everything to them, it's not as "everything" as moment like these. Moments where...

... He has one of those strong hands wrapped around her smaller, slighter one.

... Her skin in beneath the fingers of both hands, soft, silken and beautiful.

... His arm wrapped around her back, the strong and steady play of muscles making her feel safe, secure and loved.

... Her eyes, warm and expressive, locked on his even though they both know it would be more comfortable for her to rest her head on his shoulder.

... His heart reflected back at her in those eyes, in the contentment in his face, in the relaxed feeling of all of his muscles.

... Her soul warming him from the outside in, reminding him that this, here, now, with her, is the light that chases away the demons they face.

This is their everything.