Chapter 1: Very Important Post-It

"Arizona, Hey." Callie smiled as she dropped her tray down at the table that she was sitting at.

"Calliope." Arizona beamed. "How are you?" Arizona's smile made Callie's heart melt into goo. It was an exhilarating feeling, yet it also scared her to think that a human being could maker her so incredibly happy that it made it impossible to do her work during the day and sleep at night. She never felt that way about anyone, not even Erica. Granted, she was married to George and truly did love him, Arizona was a completely different story.

"Wonderful. We still on for tomorrow night?" Callie questioned as she opened the lid to her salad and began to dig in.

"Definitely. I'm super excited." Arizona grinned as she bit into her own ham and cheese sandwich.

"Me too." Callie sent her a warm smile.

"Want to hear a corny joke?" Arizona asked.

"Sure." Callie shrugged.

"What do witches eat at the beach?" Arizona paused. "A sandwich." Arizona said enthusiastically.

"Wow, you weren't lying when you said it was corny." Callie teased.

"Hey, I spend my whole day around children, give me a break." Arizona said in her defense.

"True, Oh, what's your address so that I can pick you up."

Arizona's smile fell. "You're picking me up? I thought we would just meet there or..." Arizona trailed off.

Callie flashed her a funny look as she laughed. "It's a date. We're going to do this right, Arizona Robbins. I am going to pick you up. So where do you live?" Callie asked again.

"I live in the neighborhood that Meredith Grey lives in. Do you know it?"

Callie snorted, "Know it? I was married to her roommate, I practically lived there for awhile."

Realization washed over Arizona's face, "That's right, I forgot about that."

"Torres, Robbins." A voice bellowed from across the cafeteria.

Callie groaned. "Oh god, Sloan."

"Met him earlier. Charming man." Arizona smiled politely in his direction as he made his way to their table.

"Charming?" Callie question with a smirk.

"Okay... maybe not the best adjective to describe him."

Callie laughed, "Not even close."

"Didn't you guys hear me calling you?" He asked as he sat his tray down.

"Must've missed it through the obnoxious yelling." Callie replied sarcastically.

Mark ignored her comment and smiled as he looked at her food. "Sapphic Salad? Hot."

Arizona looked over at Callie's food in bewilderment. "Sapphic Salad?" Arizona drawled out in question.

"Don't ask." Callie said quickly as she reach over and slapped Mark in the shoulder. "Mark's just a lousy pain in the ass." She muttered.

"Calliope, you wounded me." Mark teased as he leaned over to pick a crouton out of her salad.

"I thought that was Lexie." Callie shot back.

Mark stopped mid-chew. "That was cold, Calliope. Even for you."

"Say Calliope one more time. I. Dare. You." Calliope warned through her teeth.

"Calliope." He grinned wickedly.

Callie gave him a glare that could kill.

Mark looked at her coldly. "I can see where I'm not wanted. Fine then, I will go sit with Derek." Mark got up and walked over a few tables and took a seat next to Derek.

"Not so charming, afterall" Arizona laughed.

"Not at all."

"So... You don't like people calling you Calliope?" Arizona asked hesitantly.

"I like you calling me Calliope." Callie replied in a low seducing voice just as her beeper began to go off. "Crap, 911. I'll drop by around the PED floor later to pick up your address."

"Okay." Arizona waved as she watched her leave. She then turned her attention to Mark who hastily got up from Derek's table and walked over to the next table where a bunch of nurses quickly rose and left him when he took a seat. Arizona looked on in amusement.

"Bailey, hey, I have a favor to ask you for. Actually no it's more of a request, if you would even call it that..." Arizona rambled as she ran up next to Bailey in the hallway.

"I'm a busy woman, Robbins." Bailey replied. "Get on with it."

"I realize that, it's just that, I have a date with Calliope tomorrow and-" Bailey stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face Arizona.

"Do I look like Dr. Phil?" Bailey asked.

"I-" Bailey cut her off.

"Do I?" Bailey questioned more forcefully.

"No, but-"

"Good." Bailey turned and continued walking down the hallway.

"See, the thing is, I know you have a son, and I'm pretty sure you need a baby sitter at times, and well-"

"I don't have all day." Bailey stopped and picked up a few supplies from a medical tray.

"I need a babysitter." Arizona blurted out.

Bailey turned to looked at Arizona, puzzled.

"Not for me... for my daughter." Arizona clarified.

"You're daughter." Bailey repeated slowly trying to fully comprehend it.

"Ashlynn Dakota." Arizona confirmed.

"You have a daughter named Dakota? Arizona named her daughter Dakota?" Bailey asked with an amused face.

Arizona rolled her eyes "That's beside the point. The point is I have a date with Calliope tomorrow, and I need a babysitter, preferably one where I can take Lynn to their house, because I'm pretty sure our society frowns upon leaving 3 year olds by themselves." Arizona rambled on in frustration.

Bailey sighed. "Fine, here's a number to a girl. Her name is Melissa Johnson. She's a very good student, and a very good babysitter. She lives right across from a park, so she does a lot of outdoor activities with the kids." Bailey said as she wrote down the number on a post-it.

Arizona grinned in happiness as she pulled Bailey into a hug, in which she awkwardly accepted. "Bailey, you rock!" Arizona rolled off in the opposite direction with post-it in hand. Bailey shook her head.

"Arizona." Bailey called her back. "Callie doesn't know does she?"

"No, and she doesn't need to know for awhile. I really like her, and the fact that I have a kid isn't really a deal breaker."

"Callie isn't like everyone. I think that you need to tell her, because if you hide this too long, it will blow up in your face." Bailey said softly.

"...and you said you weren't Dr. Phil. I've got it under control Bailey." Arizona smiled as she rolled back off.

"Arizona. Hey." Callie called as she ran over in her direction.

"Calliope." Arizona smiled as she turned around. "Crap, I forgot the address. I was on my way to see a patient, I'll write it down and take it to you in a few."

"I'm on my way home, actually." Callie bit her lip.

"Oh, uh, Okay," Arizona reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and grabbed a pen and quickly wrote down her address. "There you go. It's in the same section as Grey's, only a few blocks south. I really have to go, See you tomorrow." Arizona smiled as she rolled off.

"Thanks." Callie said looking at the paper. She turned it over and noticed a woman's name and number. "Melissa Johnson." Callie whispered to herself in confusion.

"...I mean, I didn't expect us to be a exclusive or anything yet, but don't you think it's a bit odd?" Callie asked Cristina as she got ready to go pick up Arizona.

"Yep, really odd." Cristina said with no emotion as she read a medical text book.

"Maybe I'm just overreacting."

"Overreacting." Cristina repeated.

"I mean, sure, she's hot. Someone probably just gave it to her and she forgot to throw it out. It must've not meant much of anything if she gave it to me. I will just talk to her, let her know how I feel."


"Cristina!" Callie said grabbing the book out of her hands. "Are you listening?"

"If I said yes, would that make you give my book back?" Cristina asked.

"You are a pathetic excuse for a roommate." Callie muttered a she through the book back at Cristina.

"Hey, I pay my part, that's considered a perfect roommate. It's more than most can say."

"True. Alright do I look okay?" Callie asked as she did a twirl.

"You look great, hot, gorgeous, whatever." Cristina muttered as she went back into study mode.

"You suck. I hope you know that." Callie shouted as she walked out of the apartment.

"Glad the feeling is mutual." Cristina yelled back.

Callie rolled her eyes and slammed the door.

"Alright Lynn, where is that post-it?" Arizona asked as she threw pillows up from the couch.

"Mommy, you're making a mess." Lynn, who was in pink footed pajamas, mumbled tiredly as she sat on the floor holding a stuffed teddy

"Mommy's making a mess because she lost the post-it." Arizona said frantically as she tore apart her house.

"What's a post-it?" Lynn asked innocently.

"A post-it is a very very important piece of paper." Arizona said sweetly as she looked down at her slightly frightened daughter.

"Why do you need it?"

"Because it has a very very important phone number, which won't matter because Calliope is coming in 10 minutes and Alyssa or whatever her name was won't be able to get here on time. Come here, Love." Arizona said reaching down and lifting her off the ground. "It's no use, that paper is gone." Arizona sighed as she sat on her couch.

"I'm sowy." Lynn said with a sad look as she kissed her mom's cheek.

"It's okay, sweets." Arizona smiled softly. "Better luck next time, eh?" Lynn nodded enthusiastically.

"Mommy, I pee too." Lynn smiled,

"You pee...?" Arizona asked wrinkling her forehead. Lynn nodded.

"You said, "I pee in ten minutes"." Arizona bursted out laughing.

"No, Mommy's special friend Calliope will be coming here to our house in ten minutes."

"I-pee?" Lynn asked.

"Calliope." Arizona pronounced stressing each syllable, but Lynn still looked at her like she was crazy. "Better stick to Callie, kid."

"Callie?" Lynn asked not fully stressing the 'l's. It came out sounding more like 'Cawy."

"Close enough." Arizona smiled in amusement.

"Mommy." Lynn said quietly.


"Callie is knocking, I think." Lynn pointed toward the door down the small hallway.

Arizona looked at the door and noticed Callie through the window standing there. "Sit here, and I will be right back." Arizona said as she got up to go answer the door.

"Hey." Arizona said opening the door.

"Hey, Okay. Here I go." Callie took a deep breath. "I like you, I really do, and I know you may hear stuff about me, but to be perfectly honest, right now in my life I am ready for a relationship. I am ready to fully commit to you, with the whole package. I don't want to be seeing other people, and I really don't want you to see other people. I'm not a jealous person... usually, but I am getting insanely jealous here." Callie said in one breath.

"I don't want to see other people either." Arizona replied softly.

"...It's just on the post-it you gave me it had a woman's name and number and I thought it was a prospective date... or something" Callie pulled out the post-it from her purse and showed it to Arizona.

Arizona bursted out laughing, "My house is literally upside because I went crazy looking for this!" Arizona grinned as she pulled Callie into a hug.

"That's not exactly the reaction I wanted..." Callie smiled awkwardly.

"No, no. It's not a girlfriend or anything. She's in highschool."

"That took a weird turn." Callie commented.

"What's all the screaming, for Mommy?" Lynn asked as she came to the door. Arizona grinned and lifted her up onto her hip. "I found the post-it. Lynn this is Callie. Calliope this is Lynn."

"You have a daughter." Callie stated as she stared in shock at the little girl.

"She is three, and I don't have a babysitter because I accidently gave you the note with the babysitter number."

Callie laughed hysterically. "So this is your babysitter?"

"Bailey's, but yeah." Arizona nodded with a slight grin.

"Wow, okay, that's a bit of a relief."

"So you're not mad about." Arizona said motioning her head to the little girl in her arms.

"No, of course not. Just really shocked. So what's the plan then?" Callie asked.

"We can reschedule or, if you want you can come inside and hang with us tonight. Rent movies, order pizza." Arizona suggested as she stepped to the side to allow Callie to enter.

"Sounds like a plan." Callie smiled as she walked into the house and noticed pillows and random things all over the floor.

"When you said you literally turned your house upside down, you meant it." Callie noted as she picked up a pillow and threw it on the couch.

"I really wanted to go out with you." Arizona giggled.



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