Chapter 10: The Start of a New Life.

Lynn looked at herself in the mirror and smiled at the image. Today was the first day of the rest of her life, and she could not believe the sight. She stood there wearing her blue graduation robe with her golden medals and ropes of honor and her blue graduation cap on her head. All her hard work had paid off and now she was Valedictorian, and that was something she'd never get used to hearing.

"There's my little Valedictorian." Okay, maybe she could. She rolled her eyes and turned to face the voice at the doorway.

"Mark." She smiled, "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"

"What fun would that be? Plus, I'm always hoping to walk in on your mother's." Mark joked.

"Ugh, inappropriate." Lynn groaned as she went over and slapped him on the arm.

"Why are you always so abusive?" Mark asked as he rubbed his arm in fake pain.

"I'm just trying to get in as many hits before I go off to College." Lynn smiled sadly.

Mark frowned and pulled Lynn into a tight hug, "Stop saying that. I am going to be lost without my best friend."

"You've got Mom." Lynn rolled her eyes as she tried to pull away from Mark.

"Not yet!" He mumbled as he hugged her even tighter, "Plus your Mom is lame. Ever since she had Adam, she not the same Callie anymore."

"Because she doesn't go off and get drunk with you?" Lynn asked sarcastically.

"No, because she won't give me quickies in the on-call room anymore." Mark laughed.

"You have an illness." Lynn joked as she gave in and hugged him back, "I will miss you Mark."

"Can I come visit?" Mark asked.

Lynn threw her head back and laughed, "As long as you knock! I will be in college. You never know what shenanigans I might get myself into."

"Oh god. You know you are like a daughter to me. Don't say stuff like that!" Mark hissed.

"Stuff like what?" Lynn asked innocently. "Oh Mark, you're so silly. I've been dating Tuck for almost a year now, and you think we just sit around and, what? Knit?" Lynn laughed.

"You know what, I'm leaving." Mark huffed and took off out of the room, walking past Arizona who was standing in the doorway.

"My my my, you sure know how to get to Mark." Arizona smiled.

"It's a gift." Lynn shrugged.

"You look beautiful, hon." Arizona walked up to her and gave her a kiss on her forehead, "I've never been so proud of you."

"Gee, not even when I made Mark turn 12 shades of red last year." Lynn joked.

"Oh... wait, yeah you're right. This comes close second, though." Arizona went along. "So you ready for that big speech?" Arizona asked excitedly.

"I'm hoping I don't barf." Lynn turned around and grabbed her purse and throwing her phone into it, "Is Mom and Adam ready?"

"Yep, we are just waiting for you." Arizona said softly as she turned toward the door and noticed all the boxes laying on the floor by her bed. "So you decided to leave earlier then planned..."

Lynn nodded softly, "Yeah, Tuck and I decided to go get settled in and take a course or two."

"You sure you want to do that? I mean, I thought we planned a whole summer of family time..." Arizona looked down at her feet slightly hurt.

"Mom that's what this whole year has been about."

"Adam was looking forward to this summer." Arizona told her, crossing her arms.

"Adam as the attention span of a fly. I am sure he won't care." Lynn rolled her eyes as she tried to move past her Mom, but Arizona blocked the entry way.

"You said you were staying for the summer. We made plans..."

"Plans change all the time, Mom, you should know that better than anyone." Lynn told her seriously.

Arizona gave her a cold glare, "And what is that supposed to mean?"

"I am just saying, whenever we made plans, Mom and I would get ready only to get a call saying that there was an emergency and you couldn't make it. I've changed my plans my whole life to adjust to your life, so I am sorry that this fucks up with yours."

"Watch your language young lady." Arizona warned.

"I'm 18." Lynn shot back.

"You're living under this roof, you follow my rules." Arizona said sternly. Her face was beginning to turn red with fiery.

"Not for long." Lynn shouted back as she pushed past Arizona and began walking down the stairs, but Arizona caught up to her before she made it to the foyer.

"I'm not through with you."

"I'm not leaving for eternity or anything."

"Nope you're just going halfway across the country." Arizona muttered.

"Oh, my gosh. Did you seriously expect me to stay here my whole life, Mom?" Lynn asked. "I got accepted to John Hopkins, Mom. You don't just turn that down to stay in... Seattle."

"And what is wrong with Seattle?" Arizona asked.

"Nothing, I just need to be out on my own. I need to find myself." Lynn replied softly.

"...You're Lynn. Ashlynn Dakota Robbins. What more is there to know?" Arizona questioned suddenly angry.

"I cannot believe that you don't understand this. I can't talk to you when you're like this." Lynn replied incredulously as she walked out of the house with a slam of the door.

"What was that about?" Callie asked coming into the foyer from the living room.

"Lynn just took off." Arizona muttered as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"Why?" Callie asked in confusion as she noticed Lynn's missing vehicle.

"We got into argument" Arizona confessed as she walked over to Adam and helped him put put on his shoes.

"About what?"

"She's going to spend the summer getting 'settled in' instead of spending time with us." Arizona mumbled.

Callie wrinkled her forehead, "Wait, hon, please don't tell me you didn't get upset with her for that..."

"I didn't get upset with her for that..." Arizona looked up sadly.

"You got upset with her for that." Callie groaned, "Why?"

"Because that was supposed to be our time with her..." Arizona pouted.

"You've had 18 years with her, and I've had 15. Let her have her own adventures now." Callie said softly.

"I know, I know, I just... I wasn't ready to let her go so soon." Arizona said as she stood up from finish tying Adam's shoes.

Callie shrugged, "Soon, or not, it would've felt the same, babe."

"Wait... does this mean I can have her room?" Adam asked eagerly as he messed with his tie.

"No." they both replied quickly.

"Let's go." Arizona replied as she fixed Adam's tie again.

"Lynn." Tuck called out as he walked up to Lynn who was sitting underneath a tree waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin.

"Hey Sal, remember you're supposed to call me Val." Lynn joked as she leaned up to kiss Tuck on the lips, but he didn't really return the kiss.

"What's wrong?" Lynn asked quietly.

"We have to talk..." Tuck said quietly. Lynn's heart dropped as she tried to swallow the lump that formed in her throat.

"Talk? Can't this wait until after we give our speeches..."

Tuck shook his head, "No, It can't wait."

Lynn nodded softly, "Alright. Talk."

"I decided to go to Harvard instead..." Tuck started.

"Harvard..." Lynn breathed out.


"So... we're going to be doing it long distance then?" Lynn asked in confusion.

Tuck sighed, "Lynn..."

"Oh." Lynn said softly as it dawned on her that he was trying to break up with her. She got up from where she sat and began walking off.

"Lynn, c'mon." Tuck ran up to her and pulled her back.

"No, I get it." Lynn nodded. He had never seen her so vulnerable. She was desperately trying to hold back tears, and this was something Tuck was not use to seeing. She was usually so strong, but at this very moment she looked lost and hurt. "I have to make a speech in about 10 minutes, and right now I am having trouble standing up, so please, just... let me go."

Tuck did as he was told, letting her go and watching her as she walked off toward the school grounds.

"Let's give a warm welcome to our Valedictorian, Ashlynn Dakota Robbins."

Lynn walked up to the podium with a smile and poise as she looked out to the audience of all her envious peers, and all the proud parents. She caught the eye of Tuck but quickly turned her gaze elsewhere.

"Principle Williams, faculty members, fellow students, family and friends, welcome. We've finally made it, and here we are. We've been anticipating this moment since the day we started school, many many years ago, and now that it is here, I can't help but miss those days of nap time, snack time, and recess." Everyone laughed. "A sudden rush of nostalgia runs through me as I stand up here and look upon all of your bright, shining faces. It's sad to think of all the people I will be leaving: My friends, my teachers, and all who have shaped me into the person I am today. Above all, it's almost impossible for me to comprehend the thought of leaving my family. My family is quite the eccentric one, you see. Unlike most children, who have a mother and a father, and maybe a step-mother or step-father. I have two incredibly loving mothers, and a hilariously overprotective father. My Father, Mark Sloan, has never doubted me for one second throughout my life. He always made it clear that I knew I was going to be something great one day. He is a man who I could always depend to be there for me, whether it be a shoulder to cry on, or a trip to the park to chat. My Mom, Calliope Torres, is the woman who brought love, joy, happiness, and culture into our home when I was three years old, and since then our family has never been better. She made me believe that I could always do better. As a child, she drilled Eleanor Roosevelt's words, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent", into my head. Through and through, I know that I can always count on her to help me see the bright side in the darkest situations. Above all, though, my ultimate inspirations comes from the woman who I received my life's blood, Arizona Robins. My mother never gave me the idea that I couldn't do whatever I wanted to do, or be whomever I wanted to be. She filled our home with love, fun, and even adventure. As she guided me through my 18 years of life, I don't know if she ever realized that the person I most wanted to be was her. If one day, I become a doctor half as loving, caring, and dedicated to my patients as she is to hers, then that will be enough for me. Thank you, Mom." Lynn pauses as she glances over at her crying mother. "As we prepare ourselves today to leave, we must remind ourselves that this is the start of the rest of our lives, the beginning of the most important phase of a new life outside these school grounds. Today our life begins. Today we become citizens of this world. Today, we become grown ups. Today we become accountable to more than someone more than ourselves and family. Today we become accountable for more than our grades and our chores. Today, we become accountable to the world, to the future, to all the possibilities our new lives have to offer. Starting today, our job is to show up, wide-eyed, and ready. For what? I don't know. For anything, for everything. To take on a new life. To take on new loves. To take on the responsibilities and possibilities. Today my friends, our lives begin. I for one, cannot wait." Lynn finished with a teary eyed grin. Everyone in the audience stood up clapping and cheering.

"Are you sure you're ready to go? With the break-up and all?" Callie asked Lynn quietly as they stood at security in the airport.

"I'm sure. I'm fine." Lynn smiled as she leaned in to hug Callie.

"You call me every night, alright?" Callie warned.

"I know." Lynn smiled as she held up her phone. "I've got the number."

"Yeah, you should already have it memorized, kiddo." Callie joked.

Lynn turned to Mark, "Well, here we are."

"I've been regretting this day for a very long time." Mark mumbled as he ran his hands through his hair.

"I know, I'll miss you, Dad." Lynn whispered in his ear as she hugged him tightly.

"I'll miss you too." Mark replied hoarsely as he pulled back.

"...and you little brother." Lynn grinned as she squatted down to her younger brother's level. "I'll miss you the most."

"Really?" Adam asked sadly.

Lynn nodded, "Of course, you're my best friend."

Adam smiled, "Then can I have your room?"

Lynn laughed and hugged him tightly, "You can have my room."

"Yes!" Adam ran over to Callie, "I can have her room." Callie just rolled his eyes.

Lynn stood up straight and looked over at her mother, "Still upset?"

Arizona sighed, "No."

"I'll come back before the school semester starts, I promise." Lynn smiled softly.

"I know. I know." Arizona gave Lynn a big hug, "I'll miss you so much."

"Miss you too, Mom." Lynn replied pulling away. "I guess it's time to go..." Lynn waved as she walked away toward security.

When she made it through security and was getting ready to walk toward her terminal she heard her name being shouted, so she turned around to see that her family was gone, but that Mark was standing there still.

"Make us proud." Mark shouted out to her.

Lynn nodded and walked to her terminal and took a seat next to another young man that looked about her age.

"Where you headed?" He asked as he took out his ear phones.

"Baltimore, Maryland." Lynn said holding up her ticket.

The guy chuckled, "I figured. We're all going to Baltimore, Maryland. I meant what are you doing up there."

"John Hopkins." Lynn blushed.

"Flight 352 to Baltimore, Maryland is now boarding."

"Impressive. You must be some sort of brain." He grinned as he got up and walked off.

Twenty minutes later, Lynn found out that her assigned seat was right next to the guys assigned seat.

"So... What are you doing down in Baltimore?" Lynn asked as the plane began to lift off. She never really got used to flying and talking kept her distracted.

"John Hopkins too. I'm a Sophmore, you?" The guy smiled.

"I'm a fish." Lynn pouted. "I'm Lynn by the way."

"Josh." He smiled. "Hopkins is a great school. I'm sure you'll love it."

"I'm sure I will too." Lynn sat back and looked out her window. Yes, this was the start of the rest of her life.

Starting today, my job is to show up, wide-eyed, and ready. For what? I don't know. For Anything, for everything. To take on a new life. To take on new loves.

That is what she was prepared to do, Lynn thought as she snuck a glance at Josh and smiled.


For now. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a sequel to this. Not too sure. If you have any ideas for sequel, or if you think it's fine the way it is, let me know.

Oh and as you can tell I stole some of the speech from Grey's and Rory's speech from Gilmore Girls.