They awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. It must've been all of the sexual contact from yesterday. Bella thought. Alice was awake but still lying in bed. "Good morning Bella." She said, realizing that Bella was also awake. "Are you hungry?"

"Yes, very." Bella replied.

Alice got out of bed, walked over to Bella and helped her out of the bed. She pulled Bella's hand behind her as they went downstairs. When Bella entered the room she heard a scoff and noticed Edward was in the kitchen already, eating a bowl of oatmeal.

"Hello Edward." Alice stated simply. "In case you haven't been introduced, this is our girlfriend, Bella. We were just coming down for something to eat."

He looked annoyed. Edward got up, put his bowl in the sink, and walked upstairs without saying a word. Bella followed him with her eyes, not quite understanding why he felt so hostile towards her. But she shook it off, and helped Alice make breakfast. Eggs, pancakes, and bacon: all of Bella's favorites. When they were finished, they carried all of the food upstairs, and served Jasper breakfast in bed. After breakfast, Jasper headed for the bathroom to take care of his morning ritual.

There was a knock on the door. "What're you doing in there?" He heard Bella asking from the other side of the door.

"I'm taking care of business. What do you think I'm doing?" He asked her jokingly.

"Oh. I was hoping to take a shower." She informed him.

"Yeah, you're not going to want to come in here for a while. But there's a bathroom on the second floor. You can ask Alice to show you where it is. I don't think she'll mind."

Bella walked to the bedroom. "Hey Alice, Jasper is taking care of a few things in the bathroom up here, do you think you could show me where the bathroom is on the second floor?" She looked desperate.

"Sure, follow me." Alice guided her downstairs. Gosh, she's practically bouncing off of the walls. Bella thought. They reached the bathroom. Alice grabbed a towel out of the closet and put it on the sink. "There you go. You should be okay. Just shout if you need anything. I'm going to be downstairs doing the dishes." And then Alice was gone. Bella turned the water on, took off her clothes, and hopped in the shower.

There was a noise at the door. "Did you forget something?" Bella asked. "Yes. You." Edward took his clothes off and got in the shower next to Bella. He grabbed the loofah and started washing Bella's back with the lather. He pulls her close to him, so she can feel his arousal on her backside. He gently washes her chest starting with the left breast moving slowly to the right breast, washing in a circular motion. He starts massaging lower, to her belly button, then to the top of her center. He drops the loofah and uses his finger, massaging her center, slipping a finger into her wet core. Bella starts to moan, louder, and louder.

"Is everything alright in there?" Alice asks, bringing Bella back to reality. Bella pulls her finger out of herself shocked at how wet she is.

"Uhm… Yeah. I'm almost done. Be right out." Bella replied shyly. She had no idea why she was having these thoughts about Edward. She was sure he couldn't stand her. She got out of the shower, and grabbed her towel. She opened the door and Edward was standing there at the door. She looked at him longingly, and he could feel it. Without noticing, her towel fell from her body. Edward pushed her into the bathroom, pushed her up against the wall, and put his mouth to hers. Bella thought she was daydreaming again. There was no way that Edward would do this, he couldn't stand being in the same room as Bella, yet alone kissing her. He started grinding up against her. His breaths were broken. Edward pushed his hand to her center. He pulled his face away from hers. "Wow. You are really wet. What were you thinking about in the shower?" He asked. Bella couldn't respond she was still shocked that he was there in front of her.

"Y…ou." Was all she could manage.

"Really? Why me? I've been nothing but mean to you since you came into this house." He said with a smirk on his face.

"I honestly don't know. Why are you doing this now?" She asked, wondering why he was in the bathroom with her.

"Because you are a very attractive woman, and I don't think that Jasper and Alice deserve you." He said bluntly.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Because I saw how they were with the last woman they had. Alice can't have children. They were hoping that she would be a surrogate for them. They do like women, and Alice is bi, but they have hidden intentions. And I don't agree with them." He blurted out without even trying to control himself.

Bella was shocked. Edward liked her. And oddly enough, she felt an attraction to him as well. "Well, I'm into men and women, and I've only been with Jasper and Alice for 2 days. We're not even really, together, yet." Bella tried to explain.

"Oh, so you wouldn't mind if I did this then, right?" He says as he touches her breast. She shook her head. He puts her nipple in his mouth, and sweetly sucks on it. "Or that?" She shook her head again. "What about this?" He puts his finger into her wet core. He uses his thumb to massage her center at the same time. Again, she shook her head no. She put her hand on his arousal. It was already stiff enough that you couldn't miss it through his pants. "I don't mean to be so forward. But I feel a strong attraction towards you." He said, glancing up to see her expression.

"I do too." Bella responded. She pushed his sweats down, revealing his huge arousal, noticeably bigger than Jasper. "You are much bigger than Jasper." She shared with him.

"Heh. You haven't seen anything yet." He replied. He started rubbing his arousal against her middle. He started getting even longer. He looked up to see how Bella was reacting. She had a shocked look on her face. Oh My God! He is so huge. How in the hell is that thing going to fit in me? Bella wasn't afraid of being with Edward, but she was afraid of him being in her. The moment he entered her, she felt her orgasm begin to build. He thrust harder and harder. As he started thrusting as hard as he could, she could feel her climax. Right as she hit her climax Edward pulled out and climaxed on her. They both collapsed on each other.

"That was so good." Bella stated. "But why did you pull out?"

"I wasn't sure if you used birth control. And I wanted to be safe either way." He said concerned.

"Oh. That was very thoughtful of you." Bella said, distraught yet thankful. "Yeah, so is this a onetime thing? Or should I expect to be seeing you more? Because I have to admit, I'm not a 'Hit it and quit it' kind of girl." Bella pronounced.

"I would very much like to see you again. Maybe take things a little more slowly than this. But after seeing you with Jasper and Alice, and knowing that you didn't wait with them on the first night. It kind of made me antsy. But I would very much like to date you. If that is alright with you?" He rambled on.

"Yes, I would like that." She said truthfully. "Now I just need to tell Alice and Jasper." She looked confused at how to go about telling them.

"Don't worry. They've been broken up with before, they'll bounce right back. I'll go with you though, if you would like." He said willingly.

They got dressed and he took her by the hand upstairs. Jasper and Alice were sitting down watching TV in the living room. They looked up at Bella and Edward, and then looked back at each other. "Why are you two holding hands?" Jasper questioned.

"I told her the truth, about you guys, and about my feelings for her." Edward stated.

Jasper and Alice looked at each other again. They started whispering to each other so that Bella and Edward couldn't hear. Bella could make out Alice saying something about Emmett and Rosalie. Bella looked at Edward for an answer.

"Oh, they didn't tell you? Rosalie was their last girlfriend. But Emmett had a crush on her, and when she found out that Alice really only wanted someone to have their child, she left Jasper and Alice and started dating Emmett. They're probably talking about how ironic it is that I like you, and you like me." He informed her.

Alice looked up from their conversation. "Well, we've decided that we understand. But on the upside, we shouldn't lose another girlfriend to one of Jasper's brothers. And I guess we should try to be more honest with our girlfriends."

"So we're all okay with everything that has gone on?" Bella asked confused.

"Yup, we don't mind, and as long as you guys are happy, you should be together. We're happy for you." Jasper said bluntly.

"Wow. Thanks bro." Edward said excitedly. He walked up to Jasper and gave him a slap on the back. "I really like her man. There's like a weird attraction to her, that I didn't even know I was capable of having." He whispered.

"Yeah, well, I can honestly say I've had that one." Jasper said amused. Bella and Edward started leaving the room. "Have fun." Jasper said still amused.

"Oh don't worry." Edward said, he looked Bella in the eyes. "We will."