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Chapter 5--Jock Strap Blues

"We have a problem," Alice said as our cabin door burst open, yanking me out of my sleep.

"Are you serious Alice? I just got back to bed after my shift," I grumbled, pulling the covers over my head. Yeah, and it sucked. We found some campers, sure, but then they left and we had to continue walking around, come back and report to everyone and then a little bit of sleep before this happened.

"Yeah, well, I don't give a shit. Get up, the boys are already outside and I need to show you something," she said, storming over and ripping the blankets out of my grasp. Alrighty then.

Rose, Angela, and I quickly got up and dressed and headed outside where the boys and Alice were waiting. "What's this all about?" Angela asked as Alice lead us towards the banquet hall. Yeah. It's like six in the freak'n morning!

"Well, as it is, our shift plan didn't turn out as brilliantly as we thought it had," she muttered, just as we turned the corner and the banquet hall came in sight.

My jaw dropped.

The entire building was covered in toilet paper-I didn't even know that much toilet paper existed. And when I say covered, I mean covered. I could barely see the wood. Our flag was also replaced with a green one with white question marks all over it. "The Riddler," I muttered to myself.

"What?" Jasper asked, his head snapping towards me as everyone else's.

"The Riddler. From Batman? That's what their flag is," I explained, looking back up at it and squinting my eyes.

"That is so cool," Emmett said with a grin. Rose stomped on his foot.

"No way," Edward muttered to himself, walking forward towards the flag pole as we all trailed behind. He pulled it down and reached up to grab a not that was safety pinned to it.

A fight we challenge. Send your best. At midnight's hour. Starts the quest. One winner will rise. On Eagle's Crest.

"What the hell does that mean?" Rosalie asked.

"Yeah, what's Eagle's Crest?" Angela added, looking at the boys confusedly while we watched their jaws drop and eyes widen.

I snapped my fingers in front of Edward's face. "Hello? Earth to idiots?" I said, waving my hand around.

"Eagles Crest is what we call the hill on the West side of the lake, it helps separate the two camps," Ben began.

"They want us to have a fight on the hill tonight," Edward told us.

"A fight?" Alice asked as our eyes widened. Jeez, I thought all of this was for fun.

"No, not that kind of fight," Jasper quickly assured her.

"They mean like water balloons, paintball guns, air soft guns…There was one a couple of years ago too," Emmett told us.

"Yeah, it didn't last for long because Lakewood's counselors found out but it was pretty fun," Ben said.

"How many people went last time?" I asked curiously.

"About ten from each camp-the first ones who heard about it. We both have to bring something that the other camp is supposed to try and snatch. The first camp to get the other's item wins," Edward told us.

"Wow. This sounds…"

"Awesome!" Rosalie finished for Angela, the two of them high fiving as I grinned.

"Wait, you girls can't come," Jasper interrupted.

"Where does the item have to be?" Alice asked, ignoring Jasper.

"It just has to be visible somewhere on your side of the hill," Emmett told us, just as excited.

"Wait, Jasper's right. You guys could get in trouble or get hurt," Edward cut in.

"What kind of item?" I asked Emmett curiously, turning away from the protesting three as they stuttered at us.

"Anything bigger than a softball," he told me easily.

"Emmett, shut up," Ben hissed.

"No way do you guys think you're keeping us out of this," Angela said, folding her arms.

"Yeah. You need us," I added, taking up a similar stance along with Rose and Alice.

"But if you get caught you're going home and I don't think that you guys would be able to-"

"Be able to what?" Rosalie cut Jasper off, her voice deadly.

"You know, I'm with them guys," Emmett said, pacing toward us. "We need the girls."

Edward sighed. "You're right. And it's not like we could ask Newton or Yorkie to help us out. The girls are our best chance," Edward said, nodding to himself as he gave in. I grinned at him and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

Jasper pursed his lips, nodding his head slowly. "And I doubt they'd be expecting us to bring along girls. I mean, one maybe but definitely not four. They won't be expecting that kind of retaliation from them," he said thoughtfully as a smile came to his face. "This could work…This could definitely work."

We all looked at Ben, waiting for him to agree.

He let out a huff. "No point in me fighting it-I just didn't want Angela to get pwned with paintball guns," he said, pouting as he folded his arms.

Us girls grinned as Angela walked over to give him a hug. Ben is just such a sweetie.

"Alright, we're going to need supplies and we have to figure out our item…," Jasper said, squinting his eyes as he tried to think.

"Oh! How about Frisbee?" Emmett asked, his eyes lighting up at his brilliant idea.

"No, all the ones at camp have those reflective stickers on them. If they use any kind of light-or even if there's a full moon-it'll give it away instantly," I said, shaking me head. Jasper grinned and nodded at me.

"What about…a t-shirt or something? That way we can tie it way up in a tree or something," Alice offered thoughtfully.

"If they get the shirt we're not going to get it back Alice," Edward pointed out.

"Damn," Alice muttered as I rolled my eyes. Of course she wouldn't let us sacrifice our shirt for this.

I gasped, my eyes widening as I thought of the perfect item. "Hey Emmett, do you by any chance happen to have a…"

11:54 P.M.

"Ew Emmett! Don't touch me with that!" Rosalie hissed in the dark as Emmett laughed quietly and we crept through the forest. Our flashlights were off and we were all carrying backpacks full of surprise. This is going to get interesting.

"Sorry Rosie," Emmett said quietly as I rolled my eyes. Disgusting.

We kept walking for about two more minutes and then came to the top of a hill, still surrounded by trees and darkness, the only light the full moon glowing above us-just enough light to make our who was who.

"Hey Emmett, what time is it?" Jasper whispered, throwing a glance over his should as he, Ben and Edward stood at the head of the group. The decided that they would be the negotiators and Emmett would stay in back to 'guard the girls.' Or at least that what he thinks he's doing-they just wanted him out of the way.

"I don't have a watch-I decide what time it is," Emmett announced grandly, grinning at his own joke. Jeez.

"It's 11:57," Alice whispered to him.

He nodded and turned back around just as we heard some rustling up ahead of us. All of our eyes zeroed in as a group of shadows moved toward us, a taller guy at the head of the group. "Cullen," a voice I recognized from the other night stated. Emmett and I exchanged a quick glance.

"Lakewood," Jasper said, his response confident without being cocky.

"You know the rules: No close fire. No physical attacks and no attacking opposing camp during game," the voice said.

"We know the rules," Edward replied easily.

"Alright then, we'll show you our item first," he said. I watched as the shadow reached back and took something from a person behind him. He held it up in front of him and clicked on a flashlight, directing the light toward the object without showing himself or any of us.

"A bunny?" Emmett asked, his laughter practically choking him as I bit down mine. I quickly examined the pink stuffed rabbit as I held back giggles. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

"And your item?" he asked, clicking off the light.

Jasper looked back and nodded at Emmett who readily stepped forward. He held out his arm and clicked on the light.

"You have got to be shitting me," a voice said on the other side. From their slight murmurings they all sounded pretty horrified. I would be too.

Dangling from Emmett's hand was his very own jock strap. Disgusting, revolting, gag-worthy, jock strap. It's almost cruel how awesome my idea was.

"Take it or leave it boys," Emmett said as he clicked off the light. "You could always forfeit now, you know," he said as he fell back into line.

"No. It's still on," the first voice said as a few grumbles were heard behind him. Once again; I don't blame them at all.

"At 12:20 the game starts," Jasper declared, he and the other shadow shaking hands.

"Bella, you are a genius," Ben whispered as we all stood around a tree, watching Alice stand on Jasper's shoulders to hang up Emmett's…well, you know.

"Yeah, so convenient that she wouldn't be the one to have to touch it, right?" Alice grumbled to herself as she strained to reach higher. I felt bad for her-it's not like we brought her tongs to hold it with or something.

"It's not that bad-I washed it," Emmett whispered up to her.

"Yeah, it sure smells like it," she hissed back sarcastically as I tried not to laugh. Poor Alice. "Alright, I got it. Put me down," she told Jasper who easily put her back on her feet.

"Alright, the best way of doing this is separating in teams of two. How do we want to do this?" Ben asked as we all huddled up.

"Well, we all have our radios still, right?" I checked, not counting the one we lost to Lakewood.

"Yeah, and I knicked two more from Dad's office this morning. As long as I get it back by morning he shouldn't notice that it's gone," Edward added.

"So we split up in pairs, that way we'll have some kind of connection with everyone-we'll just trade around the walkie talkies," Rose said.

"Sounds good. I'm going with Rose," I declared, instantly reaching for her hand as she reached for mine.

"Hey! I wanted to be partners with Bella," Emmett whined. Rose glared and kicked his leg. "Did I say Bella? I meant Rose; my sweet, beautiful, loving-"

"-Shut it Emmett, you're coming with me," Jasper whispered, loading up his paintball gun. "Alright, the guys will stay in this area, guarding Emmett's…that. And Alice and Angela will go around the East side while Bella and Rose go through the middle, trying to draw fire. Got it?"

"Yep," we all answered.

"Alright. It's exactly 12:20 in three…two…one!" Alice whispered before we all darted off in different directions, Rose and I circling around the West side of the hill so we wouldn't end up in the little clearing on top. I did a quick radio check with Alice and Jasper before turning our radios down.

"Movement at my five, Bells," Rosalie whispered as we paused, crouching down beside a large oak tree. My eyes darted to right, listening carefully to the silence of the woods. Then a twig snapped.

"You run into the center and I'll cover your back," I whispered to Rose. I turned and started shooting off paintballs in the direction of the noise and Rose ran ahead as paintballs started flying back in our direction. After twenty seconds I ran to catch up to her, taking a few paintballs in the leg before stumbling to a stop beside her.

"You good?" she asked as I started reloading.

"Yep. Were you seen?" I asked her.

She grinned in the faint light. "Definitely."

"Good. Now let's just try to draw as much attention to ourselves without looking like we're trying to draw attention to ourselves. Does that make sense?" I asked her with a smile.

"Perfect. Now, you go first and I'll take the hits," she said. "Make sure you start heading straight down the line…Go," she said before I started sprinting through the trees, making sure to snap twigs and rustle leaves as I flew by. Then I started getting fire from my left. Good, so now we know at least two people-if not more-have spotted us coming closer.

I crouched by a tree and started firing back in that general direction, having no idea where the person actually was. I paused for a minute as the firing stopped, my eyes sweeping around the trees. Then I felt someone coming up right behind me and turned around. "Oh good Rose, you're-"

I froze. That was not Rose. I immediately held my paintball gun and hands up in the classic 'surrender' pose as the shadow did in front of me. It was a girl-that much was obvious. I could tell that she had long hair and was about Angela's height-but that was about it. "Jeez, I didn't even see you there," the girl whispered to me as she let out a slight laugh.

I laughed quietly too and put my hands down, she did the same. "Me either," I said. "Well…," I trailed off in the slightly awkward silence.

"I should probably get going…," the girl said, taking a few steps back.

"Good luck," I said as she began to turn around.

"You too," she said with a slight laugh before running away, disappearing into the dark once again. I let out a slow breath and kneeled back down. That…scared the flying shit-

"Hey Bella."

I jumped, almost falling over on my butt. "Oh my God Rose, if you ever do that again," I swore at her, bracing myself against the tree.

She laughed quietly. "Sorry. Never thought you were the jumpy type," she said.

"Usually I'm not, but I just ran into a Lakewood girl-"

"-What? Where'd she go?" Rose asked, her head whipping around as she frantically searched.

"No, it was fine. We didn't shoot at each other or anything-it was too close fire. She just left before you showed up," I told her quickly.

"Oh, good, okay. Well, while I was gone, Alice radioed in, they found the rabbit-they put inside some kind of fort thing but they're pretty sure someone's following them," Rose told me quickly.

"They tell you where they were?" I asked quietly. If they get caught and still have the rabbit with them they can be taken 'hostage.' Which means that we automatically lose and Alice and Angela are royally screwed because if you're taken hostage-whether or not you have the item with you-you end up in the middle of the lake in a canoe without a paddle. That's just how the game goes.

"Yeah, I know exactly where they are," Rose assured me.

"Well, it seems like it's time for a little mix up," I said with a grin.

"Psst, Angela," I hissed into the darkness, watching the two figures creep passed the bush where Rose and I were hiding.

She jumped. "Jeez Bella, scare the crap outta me," she said, pulling Alice down beside her.

"You guys have the rabbit?" Rose asked them quietly.

Alice held it up with a smirk. "So what's the plan?" she asked quietly.

"Well, Angela's going to take the rabbit and we're all going to split up and run as fast as we fricking can through the center of the hill and onto our side of the top," I told them.

"That's the plan?" Rose asked, raising her eyebrows incredulously. "Bella, we're falling right into the center-that's stupid!" she hissed.

"And that's exactly why we're doing it," I told her. "If you were them you would expect us to go around the outside where it would be safer, right?"

"Oh," they all chorused.

"That's genius," Alice said in approval.

"Thank you, I know," I grinned. "Okay, so I'll to to the far West, Angela will go to inside West, Rose is inside East, and Alice is outside East. Got it?" I asked.



We all darted out of the bush, fanning out as we ran. I could just barely hear Angela running to my right when I got hit in the side by an air soft gun, making me stumble around a second in surprise. So they were being followed. I ran faster, shooting to the outside as I went, hoping to his something if I was lucky enough and trying to dodge the invisible bullets that were flying towards me.

Luckily, I only had to run two minutes before we were at the top of the hill. Two minutes and we win. We all ran into the clearing almost simultaneously, sprinting through the clearing and diving onto the ground on the other side of the marked off line on the ground. "Yes!" I yelled, pumping my fist in the air as I pushed myself off the ground.

"Hell yeah!" Rose yelled, high fiving Alice as Angela and I bumped hips.

"Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!" the four of us cheered, pumping our fists in the air and passing around the rabbit.

My radio buzzed almost the exact same time Alice's did. "Please tell me that's you guys," Jasper whispered into my radio.

"Hell yeah it is!" I said happily into my radio as Alice repeated pretty much the same thing.

In forest to the South we heard some faint "Whoop! Whoop!" that sounded exactly like our boys, echoing through the forest. In no time we were all converged in the center again, passing around the rabbit, trading stories, and showing off bruises as we celebrated our victory.

"Well played Cullens," that voice said again as he and his group of shadows moved toward us again. "I'm sure we'll run into each other again," he said before they left, a bunch of muttered complaints following in their wake.

"Camp Cullen rules, baby!" Emmett yelled before we all whoop, whooped our way back to the cabins. Retaliate that Camp Lakewood.

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