Ok...its Mickie James' first day of school since moving from Richmond, Virginia to Cameron, North Carolina, Mickie is a funny, nice and shy girl and she is very nervous about her first day.

"Well...here it is...man I hope I don't get evils" Mickie said to herself as she walks through the doors of her new High School

While Mickie was on her way to the office to get her time table, a blonde, punk rocker girl run up to her and asked "your the new girl from Virginia right ?"

"Yup...my names Mickie...nice to meet you...urm" before she could ask, the blonde announced herself to Mickie

"Oh my names Ashley...your gonna probably hate it here...coz I certainly do" says Ashley, who laughs and shakes Mickie's hand after saying it

Mickie laughs "ok then...but all schools suck any way so...yeah...lets hope I'm in the same classes as you"

"Yeah...the only friends I have in my classes are Jeff and Trish...although there to busy making googly eyes at eachother although, theres one guy in there who is super duper cute and its Jeff's brother...so I feel weird asking him out" explains Ashley, who looks away from Mickie to the floor after saying it

"Damn...well...I'm gonna go and get my time table...you can wait for me outside the office if you want" offers Mickie

"I can't...sorry...if I'm late to a class or bunk one more class they'll call my mum and dad...they'll ground me and everything...that's how strict they are"

"Woah...my mum would just go on for hours about it...then my dad would go on for about 5-10 minutes...so I'll see you in class...if I'm in the same one" Mickie smiles, waves and walks off to the office


Mickie arrives at the office and notices a muscular boy with a vicious look and tattooes everywhere sitting outside, Mickie sits down next to him while she waits for Mr McMahon. After about 5-10 minutes of waiting Mickie sighs.

"Man that dude takes forever in his office" moans Mickie, then she notices the cold blue eyes of the boy glaring at her

"Get used to it...he always takes this long" snaps the miserable school boy

"Damn someones stressy" says Mickie under her breath

"What was that ?" snaps the vicious person while glaring at Mickie more than before

"Urm...nothing" Mickie says shaken from the vicious growl and frown from the school boy

"Oh Mickie, your here, now heres your time table so you can go to your lessons, now see ya" Mr McMahon says quickly as he's walking back in the office with the stressed out boy

"Well don't tell me where everything is then" whispers Mickie as Mr McMahon walks in the office with the angry kid

"Man...first day and I'm already confused" as Mickie says that another muscly boy with piercing blue eyes sneaks up on Mickie

"I take it your the new girl from Virginia" asks the mysterious boy

"Oh my god...you scared the crap outta me" says Mickie as she turns around to see the dreamy boy

"Ok...so let's see whatcha got" says the boy as he takes Mickies time table "you've got...French...same as me" the boy smiles at Mickie "oh yeah I'm John by the way"

"Cool...I'm Mickie, nice to meet you John" Mickie smiles at John as they're walking to French

"So I take it you met my best friend Randy outside Mr McMahons office" questions John

"That creepy dude giving me evils and such is your best friend called Randy ?" asks Mickie looking at John in a crazy way

"Yeah...he is pretty cool once you get to know him, oh we're here" explains John as they walk in the French room

"MICKIE !!!...OVER HERE !!!" shouts Ashley as Mickie walks over to her

"Hey Ashley" says Mickie smiling as she sits down next to Ashley

"Oh yeah this is Jeff and Trish...who are now making GOOGLY EYES AT EACH OTHER !!!" explains Ashley with her voice higher and higher as she says what she said

"Oh sorry...I'm Jeff...thats my adorable princess Trish" announces Jeff

"Aww...your so sweet" complements Trish and then they start making out

"Man someone get me a bucket" mocks Ashley then Mickie laughs "so I take it you met John" questions Ashley

"Yup, he seems like a really nice guy, and he's hot" giggles Mickie

"Yes, but not as cute as Matt Hardy" says Ashley quietly

"YOU THINK MY BROTHERS HOT ?!?!?!?" questions Jeff in a really loud voice

"Yeah you gotta problem with that ?" says Ashley as she gives Jeff a oh no you didn't look

"No...not at all, hey me, Matt and Trish were going to the ramps later if you wanna go" Jeff asks Ashley and Mickie

"Sure sound like fun...what about you Micks ?" asks Ashley

"Yeah ok...urm...what are the ramps ?" questioning Mickie having no idea what there saying

"The ramps are well...skating ramps obviously...and nobody really goes there, we just like hang around there and stuff.
so you wanna come ?"

"Yeah sure ok...so what time are we going ?" asks Mickie

"After school...your mum will be ok with hanging with us right ?" asks Jeff

"Yeah...she did say if anyone asks to hang out that don't seem like evil pervs you can go" explains Mickie

"Well...we're not pervy or evil so...yay you can go" says Ashley then starts doing a celebration dance

Ok...whats gonna happen at the ramps later ?...is Randy really a nice guy ?...will Ashley get with Matt ?...read Chapter 2 and find out...

so that was my first chapter of my first story...whatcha think ?