Ok, so I've never written a Jeff Hardy/OC story, so bare with me people. He's single in this story, yes I know in real life he's with Beth, which is great for them, but in this story, he's single!



I stretched my legs out on the poolside chair as I took a deep breath of the warm night air. I looked across the calm pool water, and the beautiful man-made waterfall that wrapped around the water slide, that eventually led into the deep end of the pool. I leaned my head back letting my mind wander on my life.

I let my eyes look high as the tower of the hotel I was staying in shadowed over me, as I sat in the empty pool area. The pool was technically closed, but the way I saw it, I wasn't in the pool, so I wasn't breaking their rules. It was calming just listening to the faint sounds of traffic in the background, looking into the sky seeing the lights from the numerous hotel rooms glisten, and seeing the slight specks of stars across the night sky.

I took a deep breath, as I took everything in. This hotel was nice, much nicer than I'm used to staying in. I honestly don't deserve to stay at something this nice, but in my mind I don't deserve anything. I closed my eyes listening to the negative thoughts pour through my head, I'm used to the negative thoughts in my mind, I've been told my whole life I'm nothing, never gonna be anything. As my eyes scanned over the hotel I thought of the two people waiting for me in my hotel room. My younger sister, Kylie, so young at the age of 16 but so wise beyond her years. I've been raising her since she was a child, and although things were tough, she's never sacrificed. I've provided everything she's ever wanted, and she's turning into a wonderful woman, and never once doubted me. She's always been my one supporter, who encouraged me when no one else did. And, the other is my 18 month old godson, Nathan, I gained custody of him when I lost a close friend of mine in a bad accident a year ago. He's my little guy, just seeing his smile, hearing his laugh makes my life worth every bit of the hard work and negativity I put myself through. And now here we were, staying at this nice hotel in Houston, TX for Wrestlemania 25.

I closed my eyes as I laid my head back against the chair, as I remembered the events of the day, and what had gotten us to here. I had a strike of good luck, while my best friend dragged me out one night to her church's bingo session. I hit Bingo, and won $800 and that mixed with my savings, I decided to be crazy, and here we were, spending the whole week in Houston. Today, had been a lot of fun as we walked around Wrestlemania Axxess together, Nathan squealed the whole time as he sat on my shoulders as Kylie and I walked through the Axxess. The highlight being a toss up between when Maria grabbed Nathan out of my arms, and her and Natalya positioned Nathan between them and they each gave my giggling godson a kiss on each cheek or Kylie and I challenging each other to a race through the inflated obstacle course they had set up for the guests, I was doing good until my sister knocked me off my balance and I fell, as she ran across the finish line first, as I laughed while Mr. Kennedy got on the microphone telling me how pitiful it was to lose to my little sister, while Nathan sat in his arms clapping wildly.

I had watched wrestling my whole life, I found it entertaining, I loved it, but the thing I loved about it most was the way it let me spend quality time with my loved ones. For some reason, my whole family had a fascination with the sport, and honestly some of my best memories I had as a child, were watching wrestling together as a family. Even now, Kylie, Nathan and I watch it together all the time.

I was brought out of my thoughts, my eyes flew open when I heard the squeak of the gate door.

Jeff's POV

"I need some air" I mumbled to myself as I headed down the hallway that led to the poolside area of the hotel. I always loved the week of Wrestlemania, a whole week I get to spend with friends, and my brother. We didn't really have to travel that much the whole week, and it honestly was just an exciting time. Tonight, as I sat in the lounge of the hotel, watching my friends dance, as my brother Matt and a close friend of ours Shane argued over who could drink more, I just had to escape. Don't get me wrong I love my life, but sometimes it's nice to escape the craziness. I pushed the door open, as I felt the warm night air hit my skin, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a cigarette. I took a deep breath, as I lit up my cigarette, slowly making my way to the gated poolside.

I was caught offguard when my eyes came across the woman lying on the chair. She looked so peaceful, her dark hair splayed across her shoulders, as my eyes ran down her body. She wasn't skinny, but had curves and in the nice way, as my eyes now moved over her exposed legs, this girl had legs for miles as I let my green eyes continue my gaze. Bringing my eyes back to her face, I watched as she took deep breaths, her eyes still closed, she seemed almost like she was in a trance, but looked so peaceful and so sexy.

I reached for the gate, hearing it squeak loudly and watching as she quickly jolted from her calm position, her piercing blue eyes shooting into my green orbs, as I gave her a slight smile and responded "Sorry", as I quickly closed the gate behind me and walked closer to the pool, and my mystery woman.

Quinn's POV

I watched him move closer to the pool. I recognized him right away, once my eyes fell upon him. Tall, skinny, the multicolored hair, the green eyes, the killer smile, I knew exactly who he was, and usually I would of jumped up and ran, but honestly at this point, I could just watch him as he walked towards the pool. I smiled as he turned bashful, hearing the gate squeak. I let my eyes gaze on him as he walked closer to the pool, I watched as he inhaled on his cigarette, his eyes looking over the same waterfall I watched earlier.

He turned his body smoothly to face me, as his eyes met mine, as I watched him bring his cigarette back to his lips, and suddenly my mind filled with images of what else those lips could be good at, as I watched him inhale slowly, my eyes fixed on his lips. "Where the hell was this coming from", my insides screamed…I had never found Jeff Hardy attractive on TV, never! And now, he's mere feet from me, and I'm acting like a giddy schoolgirl. I need to get a handle on these hormones and now.

"Did you want to be alone?" he asked in a voice barely above a whisper

My thoughts still raced through my mind, when I heard his voice, I shook out of it. A slight red blush coming to my cheeks, as I looked down at my feet as I spoke "I'm sorry, what did you say?". My eyes looking back to his, watching his mouth morph into a full smile, he repeated it again "Did you want to be alone?" as he threw his cigarette on the floor and stepped on it. I answered quickly, still feeling the blush on my face "Nah, it's ok…Did you want to be alone?" I asked, trying to be as polite as possible. I watched him stride over to the chair next to me, and he positioned himself in the chair next to mine, as he stretched his long, slender frame on the chair, his head turning to face me as he responded with a smile "You were here first", I smiled looking back at him as I quickly retorted "But I can leave", and was quickly cut off by him speaking "Don't you dare, I'm enjoying your company" I smiled wider at him, watching his gaze into mine, the full smile on his lips again.