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It was a regular evening in the Akatsuki base. I was sitting in my hot pink room on my rose and thorns, black and white comforter reading a Clique novel, Invasion of the Boy Snatchers to be exact. Suddenly a gigantic bang interrupted me. I heard Hidan yell something about Kakuzu and knew exactly what it was.

I growled.

Hidan and Kakuzu were having a fight recently but when it's those two it always seems like a war.

I walked out my bedroom and that's all it took. I soon regretted it completely.

"Hey, guys!" I said. "You guys really need to--"

Suddenly something crashed into me.

When I finally opened my eyes I saw it was Hidan.

Kakuzu had thrown him.

"Kakuzu, you [censored]!" Hidan screamed. "I am gonna kill you."

"If you can finally touch me," Kakuzu retorted.

"Shut the [censored] up you baka!"

"What a pain."

"Why you--"

"SHUT UP!" I shouted. "All I'm trying to do is read my stupid book!"

"So?" Hidan asked.

"So, you guys are as noisy as a hurricane. This is worse than the time Tobi accidentally messed up Deidara little statues and tried to flush them down the toilet before Deidara found out."

"It's not that bad--"

"Oh yeah it is!"

"Don't try to reason with him, Katsu-chan," Kakuzu said. "This guy is such an idiot he'd never understand anyway."

"[censored]!" Hidan yelled.

He tried to punch him but Kakuzu stopped his fist.

They went back to fighting.

I wasn't going to stand for that. I marched right down the dark halls to Pein's office.

I knocked on the door.

No answer.

I knocked harder.

Still no answer.

I cracked the door.

Pein was sitting in his big, leather office chair I'd gotten him last New Year's behind his mahogany desk reading some documents. His office was dark as usual and a mahogany table stood against the left wall with a plant on it. The only other objects in the room were a black file cabinet in the right corner and a red rug on the floor. His office was pretty empty.

"Pein-sama," I said.

No answer.

Was he angry?

"Pein-sama?" I repeated.

He didn't notice me. I walked closer to the desk.

"Pein-sama?" I tapped his shoulder.

"Huh?" he asked looking up.

"Kakuzu and Hidan are--"

Pein held up a finger. He pulled earplugs out of his ears.

"Oh," I said. "So that's why you didn't answer."

"Kakuzu and Hidan were giving me a massive headache," he said.

He sat back and rolled his temples.

"I need a vacation," he sighed.

"They're exactly what I came to talk to you about," I said. "They're--Oh you do look ill."

I examined his face.

There were bags under his eyes and he looked completely worn out.

He opened his eyes and sat up his eyes locking with mine.

I gasped and drew back, blushing. His amber eyes were extremely mesmerizing to me as were Hidan's bright violet ones and not to mention a bunch of pop stars' like Nick Jonas, Jesse McCartney and David Henrie...

"Katsuki," Pein called, snapping his fingers.

I shook myself from my daydream.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"What did you want?" Pein asked.

"I want"--I took a breath--"to counsel Kakuzu and Hidan."

Pein cocked his brow.

"That fine," he finally said. "But don't kill yourself."

"Okay," I said. "I'll end this."

I smiled.

Pein smiled back.

"Okay then, I'll be back with good results--"--A crash and more shouts from Hidan and Kakuzu cut me off.--"I hope."

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~Katsuki Shizenno