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June 15, 1992-Colorado Springs, Colorado

A 6-month-old little girl sat in the living room of her small Colorado home, building a small block tower. Her face scrunched up in frustration as the blocks in the middle of the tall tower began to lean one way and the top half of the tower separated from the bottom, resulting in all of the blocks to land in small pile on the floor. She scrunched her brows together, and slowly, one by one, without her having to touch them, the blocks began to restack themselves. The girl giggled and clapped her little hands together before something else caught her attention. She maneuvered her legs so that she was on all fours and began to crawl towards the doorway. She sat in the front hall, legs crossed and staring intently at the front door, until a few minutes later, the door opened and a man walked in. Her face lit up as soon as she saw him and she immediately put her arms up, an indication to the man that she wanted to be held.

"Hey there, Sweetie." The man chuckled as he hung his jacket up into the hall closet. "Have you been a good girl today?" He knelt down so that their faces were level, gently put his hands under her arms and hoisted her up into the air. "Lets go check on your Mommy, okay?"

She smiled and the two made their way into the kitchen.


October 22, 1998-Colorado Springs, Colorado

"You hold the stone like this, Sweetie." Evan Winters showed the seven-year-old-girl the small flat and smooth stone in between his fingers. "And you throw it like this," He drew his arm back, kept his wrist level as he threw the stone towards the lake in front of them. The two watched as it hit the water at the right angle, causing it to skip and create ripples every time it touched back down. Evan turned to the girl and presented her with a small flat stone. "Here, you try."

She slowly took the stone from his outstretched palm and held it like he had a moment before. She brought her own arm back and released the stone from her fingers. The two watched as the stone hit the water once, twice, three times, four times. The man raised his eyebrows as he watched the stone skip out of sight towards the horizon. The man chuckled slightly, put his hand on the girl's shoulders, and together they watched the ripples fade.


July 26, 2002-Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Your mom and step-dad have been looking for you." The police officer told the 11-year-old runaway.

"I don't care!" She cried tearfully as she quickened her pace. The patrol car's pace increased as well, fast enough to keep up, but slow enough not to hurt the girl.

"You don't miss your parents?" The officer pried and the girl shook her head.

"I hate them!"

"Surely you don't mean that."

The girl came to a complete stop. If only they could understand. Slowly, she turned around and glared at the car.

The officer tried again. "Let us take you home."

The girls shoulder's sagged, but she nodded and the police man began to reach for the door handle. He'd just wrapped his fingers around it when the locks on the door engaged, holding the door in place.

"What the…" The officer pulled up on the lock and pulled on the door handle, only for the process to repeat. Outside on the sidewalk, the girl giggled.

"There something wrong with the door?" The officer in the passenger seat asked.

"Yeah, I can't get it open." He tried to open it again, and once again, the doors locked.

"Roll down your window and open it from the outside." The partner offered and the driver nodded. He pushed the window's button, but nothing happened.

"Great. Now the windows aren't working either." The police officer was getting frustrated fast.

"Dispatch," The driver turned to the passenger and saw that he was on the radio. "We need assistance at 25th and Brooks."

"What's your 20?"

The two police men glanced at each other. "Patrol car's malfunctioning." They heard a snort of laughter on the other end before dispatch replied telling them that assistance would be arriving momentarily. A few minutes later, another car pulled up to the scene.

The little girl sighed. She'd had her fun, now it was time to face the music.


August 2, 2009-Westchester County, New York

She'd finally made it. After years of going from boarding school to boarding school, she'd finally gotten up the courage to leave. Sure, she was already 17 and only had two more years to complete of school, but it didn't matter. Boarding schools were hell and she couldn't stand them. She had heard about a school that she was actually interested in. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. There was something about the name that for some reason calmed her. Unexplainable, sure, but true.

She fiddled with the sleeve of her jacket. The taxi that she had taken had been driving for hours and she really wanted to stretch her legs. She had just opened her mouth to say so when a sign caught her eye. She smiled, relieved that her journey had come to an end. She took in the scenery as the taxi drove closer to the school. The first thing that she noticed was the children. There were kids running around on the grass playing and other older kids were sitting and talking. The car halted to a stop and the driver quickly got out to retrieve her suitcase from the trunk. Slowly, she grasped the door's handle, pulling it and pushing the door open. She stepped out into the sunny August air. The first thing that she heard was laughter and she smiled.

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