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By the time she returned upstairs, the sun was almost all the way up in the sky, and students and staff were lounging around in the kitchen and living room. She her familiar voices and followed them into the kitchen.

"Hey." Sophia greeted and she slid into a chair next to John.

"Shut up." John greeted, sending a death glare at Bobby.

Sophia's eyes went wide and she looked over at Rogue, who looked extremely bored.

"The baseball bet." Rogue said absentmindedly as she picked at her fingernail, and Sophia rolled her eyes.

"I will not shut up. You owe me a fifty." Bobby said smugly and if it was possible, John's face darkened.

"The bet was twenty-five." John complained.

"Yeah, it was. Until you got cocky and doubled it." Bobby shot back and John's face went from a glare to a scowl.

"I did not get cocky. It just started looking good for the Philly's.

"Yeah, and then you got cocky."

John let out a sigh and then jumped when he noticed that their table had gained a guest. "When'd you get here?"

"A few minutes ago." Sophia answered, an amused smile on her lips.

"I noticed you were gone this morning when I woke up." Rogue said, suddenly remembering her roommates empty bed. "Thought it was unusual since I usually have to get your lazy butt outta bed for class."

John's eyes went from annoyed to concerned in record time. "You okay?" He whispered.

Sophia felt her cheeks turn hot at the sudden change of focus. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just couldn't sleep. Too much excitement last night." She lied smoothly. "I wandered around a bit and then went and sat with Kitty."

"She's going to be really surprised when she wakes up." Bobby said with a smile.

Sophia grinned. "That's exactly what I told her."


Later that morning, the living room cleared out, and a small group of older students, Sophia and John included, quickly filed in with the intent of a movie marathon.

"What's on the list?" John asked as he put on the back of the couch behind Sophia.

"We have The Proposal!" Kenzie Tate exclaimed, aka Stockholm, a rare smile on her face.

"Really? That movie looked really good!" Sophia said with a grin, bouncing in her seat.

John smiled at his girlfriend's excitement and put his arm across the back of the couch behind Sophia. "Let's just hope that they didn't show the best parts in the promos."


Halfway through the movie, John felt Sophia stiffen.

"What?" He asked, instantly alarmed. Sophia stayed still for a moment before turning to face him.



"Hide!" She exclaimed, pushing him up off the couch.

"Where?" John asked, a puzzled look was set on his face.

"Behind the couch!" Sophia hissed, frantically.

John ducked behind the couch just in time. The second after he disappeared from view, Bobby entered the doorway.

"Sophia," he began, "where's John?"

Sophia narrowed her eyes. "What makes you think I know where he is?"

It was obvious that Bobby was now uncomfortable. His face turned slightly pink and he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "I, just…"

"Just what?"

"Just figured that since you're dating him, you knew …where he…was."

Sophia raised an eyebrow. "Great logic there, Iceman." Bobby's face grew pinker and Sophia smirked. "No, I haven't seen my boyfriend." Bobby nodded and turned to leave, but Sophia cleared her throat. "Bobby?" She asked in a sweeter voice than normal. Bobby stopped and turned around. "Do you know where Rogue is?" She blinked innocently, her face blank.

Bobby's eyes narrowed and he turned again, storming off down the hallway.

The room was quiet for a minute before it erupted into laughter.

"That was great!" Mikayla Hadley, aka Luna, cried and Symon Lipko, aka Hyrtz, nodded from beside her.

John stood up from his place on the floor and quickly jumped over the back of the couch. He leant over and quickly kissed Sophia on the cheek. "Thanks."

She nodded. "Yeah, sure, anytime. Now, can we please get back to the movie?"


Out of fear of running into Bobby, John had Sophia bring his dinner to his room. Not wanting to be the third wheel, Sophia brought her own food up as well, and the two were sitting on the floor by John's bed, eating their stir fry.

"This is so lame." Sophia hissed and John glared.

"Is not."

"Oh, you're right. Sitting on the floor of your room, hiding behind your bed, eating your dinner, in order to not pay a fifty dollar bet, is totally in style." She voiced sarcastically.

John scowled. "I hardly have any money. I can't go handing it out like party favors."

"Then you shouldn't have upped the bet!"

John pouted. "Then the Philly's shouldn't have won the fifth game!"

Sophia chuckled. "You're losing it." There was a silence between the two for a few minutes before John spoke.

"It's partly your fault, you know."

Sophia's mouth fell open. "Oh, I need to hear your logic for this one, Johnboy."

"You could have told me who won."

"And how would I do that?"

John used his pointer finger to tap his head and Sophia rolled her eyes.

"Two things. One, it doesn't work that way. I can't see something that aren't set in stone. Baseball, and pretty much all other sports, all depend on talent and chance. I had no way of knowing who won, nor by how much."

"And two?" John asked, dreading the answer.

"I wouldn't have told you anyway. It wouldn't have been fair."

John stuck out his bottom lip slightly. "Fair? I'm dating you! We're not supposed to have any secrets!" At this, Sophia threw her head back and laughed. "It's not funny!"

"It's hysterical! You're just to pissy to appreciate it!"

"I am not!"

"Yes, you are!"

There was another silence, mostly because John knew Sophia was right, but partially because he was stalling on what he was about to say. He looked up and noticed that Sophia was eyeing him expectantly.

"Would you please, stay out of my head?!"

Her face went from expectant to shocked. "I wasn't in you head!"

"You were trying to get in! I know that look!"

It was Sophia's turn to scowl. "Fine, you caught me. But the only reason I was trying to get in, was because you're acting weird. I want to know what's wrong."

"You could have just asked!"

"True, but it's more fun this way. And I don't learn anything by not using my powers. You do want me to learn, right?" She stared hard at him, her eyes twinkling.

John returned the hard stare for as long as he could, but finally let out a breath. "Yeah."

"So, what's got you all hot and bothered?"

John sighed, realizing quickly that there was no way out of this. "I was just trying to figure out the best way to tell you where we're going to go. For our date."

Sophia's eyes lit up and her face visibly brightened. "Yeah?"

John nodded. "How do you feel about bowling?"

Her face broke into the biggest grin John had ever seen her make. "I haven't gone bowling in forever!" She squealed.

"So this is good?"

"It's great!"

John smiled and opened his mouth to speak, but the door flew open and Bobby barged in.

"Pay up." He ordered, hovering over the happy couple.

John's eyes flashed and he began to speak, but Sophia put a hand on his arm.

"Just pay him. He's not going to leave you alone until you do."

John's face scrunched up into a hateful grimace as he dug into his back pocket in search for his wallet. With more force than necessary, he slapped the two twenty's and a five into Bobby's outstretched hand. Bobby winced, but smiled, then turned to leave. Once the door shut, John turned back to Sophia.

"You might have to spring for this date. I think I'm all out."

Sophia grinned and a giggle escaped her lips. John took one look at her face and couldn't help but laugh too.



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