Hi! Most of you know me (melissaturkey) from my Blood and Chocolate fics, well here's another one, but this time I'm trying something different. BreakingDawn17 and I are teaming up to write this great fic about everyone's favorite pack and their lives before the flames. We want to know what happened before the fire, we want to know about Gabriel's love when he ran away, when he killed her and how he felt. We want to know how Vivian reacted when the Five and Axel started "playing" with humans. We want to know about the years leading up to the fire and the suspicions from the town and we want to get to know Ivan Gandillon, Vivian's father, and what he was like before he died.

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Before the Flames

Chapter 1: Not Concerned


"Vivian! Boys! Supper's ready!"

"In a minute Esme!" Vivian called back from the woods behind their cabin where she was messing around with the Five and Axel.

"Vivian!" Her father's deep voice carried repoachfully from their home.

"Oh, sorry-In a minute mom." She corrected.

"Better," Her father called back.

"What are we having?" Rafe asked from the log he was lounging on, watching Axel who was messing with a squirrel hiding from the "big, scary monster" who had him cornered in the fallen log.

"Who said you were invited?" Vivian felt like being catty today.

"Your momma," Axel replied smartly.

Vivian stuck her tongue out, "Bite me."

"With pleasure, just tell me when." Axel smirked over at her.

Vivian just ignored him. She also ignored Rafe's jealous look at their banter.

Vivian had been receiving a lot of different kinds of attention lately from the Five and Axel, mostly Rafe and he had the illusion that he had some sort of claim on her. But no one had a claim on her. She was and always would be princess wolf, and she didn't need anyone.

"Vivie look what I got!" Willem called from a little further in the woods. Willem skipped into the light of the small clearing carrying a fat, dead rabbit. The look on his round face was so full of pride Vivian couldn't help but laugh.

"What'd it do Will? Stick its tongue out at you?"

"I was gonna eat it but I thought I'd offer you some first."

"Of course, but I don't want any, supper's ready."

"So what?" Finn, Willem's much thinner twin, dropped down from a tree, "I'll eat it."

He snatched the rabbit from Willem's hands.

"Hey, I caught it!" Willem protested trying to snatch it back but Finn had already transformed into a quicker form that could easliy and more effectively tear into the rabbit hide.

"Share!" Axel ordered at the greedy twins' back, still intent on torturing the hiding squirrel. "Not that he needs it." He muttered to himself.

Vivian laughed.

"Hey, Mom says when I get taller I'll even out! It's not my fault Finn got his growth spurt earlier than I did!"

"No but be also has the control not to indulge in extra treats." Axel glanced over to where Finn was tearing into the rabbit's flesh. "Well, usually."

"Come on guys lets go eat. Esme's probably ready to serve without us." Vivian called loudly; Ulf and Gregory were a little further into the woods.

"What are we doing?" Gregory came loping into view half changed.

"Just eating," Rafe answered getting up from the log and heading towards the cabin.

"You'd better get your clothes on Greg," Vivian called back at the blond cousin of the twins. "Esme will have your tail if you come walking into her kitchen like that."

"Hey Viv?" Willem asked, catching up to her, Rafe and Axel.


"Why do you call your mom Esme?"

"Well its her name isn't it?"

"Well…yeah but…you know what I mean!" Willem exclaimed exasperated.

"Maybe if she acted like a mother that's what I'd call her."

In truth Vivian had only began addressing her mother more formally in the last few months when her mom had decided to treat her like the young woman she was becoming, which included talking to her about all of the things she'd already talked to her about-but with more detail-and opinion-and personal experience. Stuff that Vivian just didn't want to know, didn't ever want to know about either of her parents.

She also didn't like the sudden change in their relationship. Suddenly Vivian was not her little pup, she was the new best friend, a confidant, someone she could whisper to when a pack member with a nice butt walked by-something Vivian didn't want to be with her mother.

"Nicely said." Axel praised her for her earlier comment. "But I actually like your mother Viv. She has great legs. You know, you look a lot like her."

Vivian felt her ears turn red under her tawny hair. She didn't know whether he meant that as a compliment to her, or just her mother. She didn't really know how to respond so she just said, "Whatever," and walked past him to walk with Rafe instead.

"Hey." Rafe smiled wolfishly at her when he saw she had chosen to walk by him.

"Hey what? You've seen me all day." She felt the need to clarify she wasn't giving him any special attention. The Five seemed to keep getting the wrong idea about that alot these days.

"Hey, wait up!" Ulf wheezed from several yards back as Vivian's hand reached for the handle of the back door. Diplomatically she let the rest of the Five and Axel go in first while she waited for the smallest, least confident of the five to arrive.

"Thanks!" Ulf smiled at her gratefully as he passed. He was 13 years old, same as Vivian herself, and the rest of the five, excluding Rafe who was fourteen, but when he smiled you could tell he still had a few baby teeth.

"Don't mention it," She smiled back at him despite herself.

"Princess!" Her father's booming voice welcomed her as she entered the kitchen. The rest of the boys had already taken their seats at the big oak table along with Rolf, Raul, Renata, Magda, and Odessa.

"Daddy!" Vivian jumped up into her father's strong arms as he swung her around to her seat.

"For Moon's sake Ivan put her down, she not a child!" Esme scolded from the stove.

"Ah, where's the harm? And besides, she's not a woman yet." Ivan kissed Vivian on the forehead as he sat her down.

"Well she will be soon enough and you cant keep treating her like a baby forever." Esme set the first two pork chops on her husbands plate.

Ivan kissed her. "No, but I'm going to enjoy it while she'll still let me."

"Oh Ivan!" Esme shook her and rolled her eyes but she smiled too.

Vivian decided to change the subject, she didn't like it when people talked about her like she wasn't right there.

"So anything interesting happen at the inn today?" She asked Odessa who was seated at her right.

"No, not at the inn really, but Gabriel ran off this morning. His mother was fussing all day, poor thing!"

"Well, I can't say I was surprised. All the young ones go that stage, they run away to try to gain some independence, but they always come back. It's just a phase." Rolf began with his opinion.

"Yeah, I'm actually more surprised it didn't happen sooner, the pup is 20." Raul added.

"Hardly a pup." Renata laughed.

"Well it's a shame," Ivan shook his head. "He had a lot of potential."

Vivian didn't really pay that much attention to their conversation after she'd started it. Gabriel Devereux was "Aunt" Persia's great-nephew, a member of the group of age-mates that came before her, Axel, and the five. He and his mother and the three annoying pups that came along four years ago lived on the fringes of pack society and generally, unless the little ones were being annoying, she didn't really notice them. So whether he came back or stayed gone wasn't really her concern. She was more concerned with the food on her plate and the fact that Axel was seated across from her.

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