Scary WWF
Chapter One: On The News…

I don't own ne of the charecters, vince wwfe do etc. this is slightly a taken off from scary movie except its more concentrating on the cripts of scream, oh wot the heck read it and find out!


Ring Ring

Mike: Hello

Voice: Hello

Mike: Hi, who is this

Voice: It's me

Mike: Oh shut up Chris, this ain't funny, what ya want

Voice: I want you to turn round slowly so I can eat your heart out

Mike: Eh? (Turns round) Holy Christ


TV: Hi I'm Laura reporting for NBC to report the Tragedy that is STEPS SPLIT UP! Were all gonna get drunk and have a big party. Anyway steps were massive in the UK, supported Britney here in the US, and had like 1 song in the billboard top 100, BUT WERE HAPPY…

Lita and Jeff sit in corner with their steps collection crying

Lita: I'm gonna kill that bitch MWHAHAHAH


Matt: Will ya shut it you guys, and listen to some decent music like Creed, Americas number one band. The smash hit album 'Weathered' in all good record stores now! (Turning up the volume)

TV: And in other news, In the north of Carolina the mass murder now dubbed by the police as 'The Invisible One' Has made another attack. The victim this time was 29 year old Mike Matthews who was in his home when it happened. Police Officer Drew Summers said 'This was a particularly bad attack, the invisible one had cut out the victims heart and left it next to Mike with a knife in it'. All those in the Area of Cameron are warned to lock all doors and windows and keep a look out.

Matt: Gee

Jeff: Matt, Matt (Clung on to right leg)

Amy: Save us baby (Clung on to left leg)

Matt: Guys! Were fine, were going of to WWF New York in 2 days

Jeff: 2 Days!

Matt: Do you want me to call and see if we can go tomorrow

Jeff: Would you Matt, for me, I could kiss you

Matt: Well please don't!

Amy: (Standing on chair) Don't worry, Mighty Woodpecker Amy is here to save you (Does stupid dance)

Matt: Amy, sit down

Jeff: Slap her Matt, slap her, just once for me, and slap her real hard, mwhahahahah


Voice: Look at them in there, panicking, well we will get them

Voice 2: We sure will, come on…


Yeah I know its short…and crap….and boring….and un funny! But besiseds that its great :D! Please review I know its rubbish and if I get more than 2 good reviews(as well as fainting), I will consider doing more!

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