A/N: This is going to be a short Fanfiction, a couple of chapters long, based on the interval between Jacob and Bella's books in Breaking Dawn. A lot goes down in those missing chapters. The rest of the Cullen's returning, their reaction to Jacob's imprinting, to Bella's ongoing transformation, Jacob explaining the situation to the werewolves.

I'm trying to keep it as canon as possible, copying Stephanie Meyer's style, please tell me if I've had any success. This is best read straight after Jacob's book-but here's the final extract if you don't have it on you. (I don't own any of Breaking Dawn and none of the stuff in italics was written by me!) Enjoy and please review.

The gravity of the earth no longer tied me to the place where I stood.

It was the baby girl in the blond vampire's arms that held me here now.


From upstairs, there was a new sound. The only sound that could touch me in this endless instant.

A frantic pounding, a racing beat…

A changing heart.

What The Hell Is Blondie's Problem?

I shrugged the sound off, it had touched me in this eternal moment, of course, but I could not yet register why the noise of that speeding heart flooded me with relief. To be honest, I was surprised I could feel anything else at that moment, I felt so full of other things, swelling with love. A love that shouldn't have made sense but made more sense than anything I'd ever known. Love for the baby girl…for Renesmee.

The baby's perfect brown eyes bored into mine and I thought my heart would burst. They were Bella's eyes, and yet this was not Bella. My body kept on trying to understand the intense pull, the one that I'd always connected to the owner of those deep brown eyes, now belonging to someone other than Isabella Swan. Meanwhile something else was telling me that I didn't need to understand, I was like a man seeing the sun for the first time: I didn't care how I was just…stunned by the beauty of it.

I absorbed all this in the moment it took for the blonde to follow the baby's gaze and her eyes to come to rest on me.

"Pass her to me," I murmured.

Immediately her eyes grew tight with suspicion and she pulled Renesmee further away from me. "Get away, dog," she snarled.

I paused. I had not expected her reaction; couldn't she see everything was different now? That the universe had realigned itself? That I was a different person?

With a jolt I realised that she could not, not Blondie, not anyone else. The world looked no different to anyone but me, suddenly I managed to put a name to the pull that centred my world. That had so instantly focused my life around that baby.


The blonde's eyes were still suspicious, but there was confusion there now, in response to my muttered word. I wondered whether it meant anything to her and repeated my earlier request. "Let me hold her…Rosalie." Again more confusion, my use of the bloodsucker's name had shocked her.

"No, don't touch her, I know what you're thinking mutt." It didn't come out as a snarl this time, her voice betraying that she was unsure, protection was fierce in her stance nonetheless.

My eyes flicked up to the little girl again, still gazing back at me, I concentrated on my unstoppable urge to hold, to protect, to keep that little body safe from the world. Two little arms reached towards me.

My gasp was audible, I didn't know what I must have looked like but I could feel my face splitting into a grin so wide it didn't feel like it would fit. "Don't you see? She wants me!" There was an edge to my voice now, the desperation to protect becoming urgent in my voice.

I stepped forward.

A snarl ripped through the blonde's body and immediately I heard two desperate howls from outside the house. Seth and Leah, what must they be thinking right now? Only able to hear the crashes of me tackling the blonde upstairs, commotion…and one fierce attacking growl. Before I could register what their reaction might be I heard the thud of paws.

Seth smashed into the house head-first, skidding on the floor. He paused just long enough to register the scene, me facing the leech in what was clearly a confrontation, the baby being held out of my reach.

With a growl Seth lunged.

It was as if everything was happening in slow motion, I saw the direction he was heading, his strike, every massive horse-sized wolf inch of him directed at eliminating the danger to me, which of course he saw as the blonde-and the baby in her arms.

"Seth! NO!" I had time to scream nothing else, the threat to Renesmee overpowered me, instinct took over and I acted faster than a bullet out of a gun.

I threw myself in front of my brother's attack.


Seth yelped at my sudden move. It was so unexpected and he had no time to change course. We collided with a crash, I felt his outstretched wolf-claws grind against my neck, ripping the soft human flesh there, I hadn't even had time to phase.

A moan escaped me as we skewed opposite ways across the floor, propelled by the force of our collision. The scratches were deep and I could feel blood flowing freely from them even with the accelerated wolf healing. Another howl rent trough the air, no doubt Leah was seeing the scene of spilt blood through Seth's eyes, bewildered yet still hesitant about entering the Vampire lair.

Suddenly a new sting distracted me, the sting of vampire stench against my nose, burning, overpowering, it was carried on the air that now blew through the open door. If there was anytime I was glad to see the rest of the Cullen family-it was now.


I briefly registered that they must have run like bats out of hell to get here, before they crowded the room. And then it all happened at once. The big one-Emmett-was at the blonde's side immediately. I didn't like seeing him so close to Renesmee, it made me nervous to see all that dangerous bloodsucker strength so close to her. I whimpered, but when I tried to get up the stinging in my neck increased, the scratches were very deep, they could take up to minutes to heal.

In response to my whimper Carlisle was by me, examining my bloody neck, asking me questions that I did not answer. Seth had phased back, pulling on his shorts whilst frantically hopping towards me, it would've been funny if my neck didn't hurt so damn much.

"Jake! Jake! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" I studied his face more closely as he stumbled to my position on the floor, he looked like he was about to cry. Why the hell was he so upset? The scratches would heal.

And in the background I could hear the shouts of the other Cullen's. Alice's trilling voice rose above the others, "I can see her! Jazz! Upstairs!" Jasper followed her up the staircase in response to these seemingly senseless instructions. I could see the mother, Esme, across the room, looking distraught, clearly unsure as to which one of her children to tend to.

And all the while a noise, accelerated and incessant, drummed through the house. I saw Carlisle glance towards the ceiling as he still touched my neck with his too-cold hands, "Her heart…" he muttered to himself, and a small but firm smile appeared across his features.

But I was focusing on another heart rate-I pushed the doctor away from me, ignored Seth's unnecessary sobs and moved deliberately towards the centre of my universe.

"Renesmee…give her to me." I ordered loudly. I wanted to take her away, away from the horde of dangerous leeches, away to safety, where no-one could hurt her.

The blonde hissed again in reply and the big one crouched low.

Carlisle moved swiftly between us, confusion furrowing his brows, glancing from Blondie, to me, to Renesmee, I kept my eyes on her.

Suddenly the doctor's eyebrows shot up, understanding flooding his features as his perspective on the scene, the scratches on my neck, shifted.

"Rose, I would give him the baby if I were you." The smile was spreading across Carlisle's features now, but I barely noticed it. Blondie looked at the doc as if he'd gone mad-"What?!" she shrieked.

"Don't you see? He won't hurt her…he can't…" I didn't listen to the rest of his explanation, entranced as I was my those big brown eyes staring at me from across the room, willing me closer. In several quick strides I was by the little girl, her tiny arms stretched out to meet mine.

The blonde's face was a blur to me as I lifted Renesmee up, cradling her against my chest where she was safe, finally, in my arms.