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Go Ahead, Take A Swing, It Won't Be The First Time Today

I stormed downstairs, heading as quickly as I could for the door. Except…I paused in the living room, Renesmee was in the crooning blonde's arms and I felt the pull again, wanting to stay here with her, not wanting to leave the house…I shook my head, there was time for that later, now I had to think of my pack.

I lurched out the door, knowing I would not have to move far I stayed in my human form, and, sure enough, the panicked brother and sister were found not a few yards into the forest.

When I turned up, unscathed and clearly un-vampire-attacked, I really thought Leah was going to hit me. Instead she swore so loudly I felt like my ears were being defiled.

"What the hell is going on?" she screeched, not unlike Blondie I might add (although I was dead if she caught me thinking that.) I blinked, having trouble coping with all that concentrated anger directed at me. "Um…what do you mean Leah?" I played dumb.

Clearly dumb was not the way to go.

Leah was shaking from head to toe with rage, "I was sat here," she said through gritted teeth, "Only able to see through Seth's eyes as he tries to stop one of those filthy bloodsuckers attacking you, when somehow you get in the way!"

I shrugged, what was the big deal? "That was a misunderstanding, no harm done."

Again she gave me that look, that I'm trying really hard not to rip your throat out look. With one shaking finger she pointed at Seth, who was sitting on the ground behind her, hugging his knees, looking like he was about to cry.

"Seth, kid, what's wrong?" confused, I sat down next to him and he gave me a weak smile.

"It's stupid really…" he sniffed and I waited, "I'm really sorry I scratched you Jake," he continued. I chuckled, "Is that what this is about? Seriously kid, get a grip, I'm fine!" I showed him my healed neck to emphasise my point.

"Yeah I know, but you don't get it, when you threw yourself in the way and I accidentally attacked you it felt really…bad." I thought back to Seth's panicked reaction in the house, "Bad like how?"

"Like I was, I don't know, ripping a piece out of myself." He ducked his head, embarrassed. Leah gave me a shove,

"See, you idiot, did you ever try attacking Sam before you went all Alpha? Probably not, but if you'd tried, I doubt you'd have had much success. You would have probably been incapacitated by the pain of hurting the head of the pack. That's what Seth felt when he accidentally attacked you, when you got in the way-we can't hurt you Jake, harming our Alpha would feel just like Seth said-like ripping out a part out of ourselves."

I stared at her, I had thought that I had dealt with all the weird wolfy crap my ancestors could throw at me, but becoming Alpha had been like opening the floodgates. Seth sniffed again and I instantly felt a weight of guilt settle upon me. "Ah, man, I'm sorry! I didn't know!" I shifted closer to him and he grinned at me,

"It's okay, I'll get over it somehow!" He waggled his eyebrows at me to let me know he was being melodramatic but I still felt bad,

"So where did you go after attacking me?"

Seth winced at that last phrase but answered anyway, "There was too much chaos going on in there, Leah didn't really know what was going on, and after Carlisle looked at you and you went all weird over Bella's baby I thought it would just be easier if I got out of there."

That reminded me, I still had to tell them about Renesmee. Well, Seth looked like he had pretty much guessed what had happened and looked fine with it. I shook my head, honestly, that kid handled weird almost as well as Bella.

Leah, however, was something else. I glanced at her, and her eyes were narrowed.

"What does he mean 'all weird' over that thing?"

"It's not a thing Leah," I couldn't help myself, I just blurted it out angrily, "Her name is Renesmee."

Comprehension was dawning on her face in a combination of shock and rage. "No," she denied, "No, not even you Jacob Black would be so pathetic, so disgusting as to imprint on that, that monster!" Her voice gradually rose to a screech and I lost it then,

"Renesmee is not a monster!" I yelled before exploding outwards, fur and muscle flying out of my skin. Leah did the same and without hesitation I leapt at her.

The force of this carried us out of the forest completely and right into the Cullen's back yard. We bowled over the grass before coming to rest there, where I pinned Leah to the ground with my paw. She snapped at me a bit but made no actual move to harm me.

Seth jogged out of the trees behind us still in human from, "Look, I thought we just established that Leah isn't going to attack her own Alpha, and Jake, I know the whole obsessive protective imprinting thing now applies to you and everything, but Leah really hates vampires, so I think you should let this one go." I growled at Leah but lifted my paw, with a snarl she shoved passed me and loped into the trees, I caught her overtly bitter thoughts as she went:

I'm getting out of here.

For a moment I wondered why on earth she was taking this so hard, before I heard a vampire come out of the house.


I spun around. Considering it had been about ten minutes since I'd last seen him, Edward looked like a new man. He wasn't covered in blood for one thing, he'd changed his clothes and he was smiling. Edward still looked tired in a weird vampire way but he certainly wasn't the guy on an emotional edge he had been. Huh, getting over almost killing Bella couldn't have been that hard.

He frowned at my thoughts but didn't comment, instead he said, "I've been sent to find out why two werewolves are brawling in our back yard." I rolled my eyes, and padded up to the porch where he was standing.

It's just a pack thing. I was trying so hard not to think about Ren-about the reason for our fight that I must have thought it pretty loud. I think Edward actually winced. Then he looked at me, long, hard, calculating, he knew something was up.

"Something?" he asked,

I huffed through my massive nostrils, ruffling his perfect hair…more than perfect really, I was off admiring again. It really was the most awesome colour…

Edward was staring at me like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. What was he shocked about? It wasn't like he didn't already know that his hair was pretty and I had just realised that on a girl it would look, well, beautiful.

Edward made a noise like he was choking, but he still couldn't make the connection-to him I was just prattling on about me being attracted to his hair. I knew he would find out sooner or later, it's just that that sooner or later brought with it a whole host of painful activities.

"What is it that my family is refusing to think about around me?" he asked quietly, deadly quiet. "Something that I know involves you. Alice is acting like Christmas has come early and Rosalie seems to think that you deserve to be hurt very badly. What have you done?" The last question came slowly, each word deliberate.

I considered it, trying to touch lightly on my thoughts without him seeing what was going on. I'd break to him gently:

Okay, so have you met Renesmee yet?

Let's just pause here and point out it wasn't my fault, okay? I wasn't provoking Edward, I couldn't help it, just thinking her name brought a whole load of emotions to the surface: Protection, fear, joy, love.

Love. Above all love overwhelmed me.

I watched as realisation dawned on his face like the calm before the storm.

It all happened in a few split seconds then.


When a leech throws himself at you a whole load of things will shoot through your mind. I won't lie, it's scary, and a lot of those things include wishing you'd said goodbye to your loved ones.

But then the instinct kicks in, the need to bite and rip and fight.

At that point only one thing is on your mind, and it changes every time.

Sometimes its stuff like: I don't stand a chance.

Or: Christ! These bloodsuckers are strong.

Right now the thought in my mind read clearly:

How many times can a guy get tackled in one day?