My friends, I give you this short 6-chaptered fic based off my first one-shot for Yullen week. I don't know how good it is but, meh, it kept me sane between exams.

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Pairings : Yullen and Lucky

Rating : M (for language, lemons, groping, and mentions of humans being evil.)

Summary : Allen and Yuu swore to be mates when they met in a Rejection Center for unsellable NECOs. Years later, people are still hunting them, trying to seperate them, and trying to collar them. But these two, along with their friends -- Lavi and Tyki-- plan on showing everyone what being true to your mate means. After all, mates are for life.


--- Love from, CK

Chapter 1 : September Song

NECO's – Nymphronic Experimental Commission Outlets.

They will be the revolution of our time.

These creatures we have created from a hybridization of cat genes and human embryos, were specifically designed for you - the owner- to use at your will.

For your satisfaction, once they are implanted with their licensing chips and are purchased, these independent and obedient creatures will do your bidding and any task you give them, providing you the ultimate life of luxury and pleasure…

8-year old Allen Walker, trembling and timid, was lead into his cage by the scientists towering over him. With his head down and without a word, he climbed into his cage, pushing knots of platinum hair out of his eyes. His cat ears picked up the tell-tale 'click' of the latch locking him in for the night. He fingered the bars of his cage as he waited for sleep to claim him in the Rejection Center.

He'd been put here because of his left arm and the long scar over his left eye.

Although there was no denying that the young cat-boy was beautiful, as were all NECOs, but his hideously deformed black arm made him 'unsellable.'

However, with his unique platinum-coloured ears and tail, he was incredibly desirable and many Masters had offered to buy him. But he was instead, stuck here in the Rejection Center where all of the 'unsellables' were put until they could be altered and be sold.

Still, Allen was scared and bored and wanted to leave. It was the same routine each day -- wake-up, experiments, lunch, experiments, talk to the men in white coats about how he was feeling, more experiments, then dinner, and he was locked back in his cage for the night.

Yet he knew better than to complain or cry if the experiments hurt. If you did, they would take away your food or make you go through more experiments. Or, you if you were really bad, you got taken away like Lenalee had and then never came back.

Allen wiggled in his cage, trying to wrap his small white tail comfortably around himself as he lay down to sleep. He had overheard some of the scientists talking about giving him bed because he was being good. A bed instead of a cage… Allen could only dream about what that would be like…

Suddenly, there was a loud crash and the door to the room swung open. He hissed in fright and barely a moment later, he found himself starring in awe as a struggling boy was brought into the room.

The other boy was dirty and snarling and clawing at the ones who were trying to push him into his cage. He got his teeth on one of the handlers, biting hard until a yell erupted from his captor. There was a resounding slap as the boy was struck across the face, sending the boy's dark hair falling like a curtain to cover his face. Allen flinched as he witnessed the assault and he closed his eyes as the taller boy stumbled back from the impact.

One of the men in white coats cursed before grabbing the boy by his dark, beautiful hair and used it to shove him into his cage, swiftly locking him in. As soon as his hair was released, the boy charged at his captors. Allen jumped as the boy rattled the cage, his midnight-ears pulled flush against his skull in fury. Allen felt the other boy's rage filling the air, practically suffocating him with its pressure.

The older boy snarled, baring his sharp teeth at the men in white coats and yelling in a language Allen couldn't understand.

Then, the dark-haired boy turned his head swiftly in Allen's direction.

Allen flinched and hurriedly looked away, saying a rhyme in his head to regain calmness over his fast-beating heart. It was hard to tell if his heart was pounding because the boy was so frightening or so beautiful.

Allen couldn't tell, and was afraid to find out.

Still, this boy could be trouble. Allen had to be good or else the white coats wouldn't give him a bed in the next few weeks.

The other boy's heavy angered breaths were the only sounds Allen could hear and he was startled to realize that she couldn't focus on anything except that sound. He couldn't even remember the rhyme Mana had taught him to say when he was scared, let alone finish it.

After a long moment, Allen not-so-subtly peeked through his white bangs only to see fierce blue-grey eyes, the colour of an unforgiving storm, starring back at him through the cage bars.

"You look like a moyashi," the other boy said, a hint of curiosity hidden in his tone.

The older boy's face, Allen realized, was just as beautiful as his hair. Even if his face was twisted into a frown, it appeared calm and observant, although the boy's chest was still heaving from anger and his dark tail was flicking from side-to-side in agitation.

"… I don't know what that is," Allen confessed quietly. "The only thing I've ever been called is an angel by Mana. He was my Papa."

"Hn, My old man only called me a…" The dark-haired boy froze momentarily and then his eyes narrowed accusingly at Allen. "Wait, why the hell am I talking to you? Who are you, moyashi?"

Allen had no idea what a "moyo-rashi" was either, but figured that asking the other boy would only results in him getting yelled at.

"Umm, my name's Allen. I'm 8."

"Hmph. I'm Yuu. Age 12."

"Yuu. That's a nice name. It sounds royal."

There was a moment of surprise between them, where the older boy's eyes widened momentarily. Then, as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished.

"Anyway," Yuu continued, "the only thing my old man ever called me was a bastard."





"…You have no idea what that is do you?"

Allen said nothing, not wanting to admit that he had never heard the word before. But from the way the other boy had said it, it sounded bad.

Yuu peered intently at Allen. The older boy cocked his head, his dark hair falling over his shoulder like water as he regarded the white-haired boy for a long moment. Allen looked away bashfully and shifted under the intense gaze he was receiving.

"You look like one," Yuu finally admitted in a low tone. Allen's silver eyes met Yuu's dark eyes. Both felt a flash of something go through them at the contact.

"I look like, one of those…umm, 'b' things?"

"No!" Yuu said suddenly. Allen jumped and could only stare at the other boy in confusion. The elder scoffed and looked out of his cage, a hint of red gracing his pale cheekbones.

"… You look like an angel," Yuu clarified. "Not a bastard."

Allen felt his face grow hot as his stomach fluttered at the compliment. He couldn't believe someone as cool as Yuu thought he was an angel.

"Thank you," Allen said politely, and bravely ventured what he was thinking. "I think you look like one too."

For the first time, Yuu grinned, looking more animal than human for a moment. "No I don't. Don't lie, moyashi. I look terrible, don't I?"

"Well, no. You just…" Allen tried to explain, but hesitated momentarily.

The boy couldn't see it, but to Allen, Yuu really did seem like an angel. He was so pale, and so pretty, with his dark hair and dark eyes. And there was a fierceness about him that Yuu seemed to have without even trying. Allen wished more than anything he could be the same.

But… now that Allen saw the state of the boy's hair and clothes… The white-haired child bit his lower lip as he looked over the older boy for a second. Allen allowed himself a small smile at Yuu.

"Well, yeah actually, you do look terrible. And dirty," Allen confessed.

"I know. Thanks," Yuu said gruffly, puffing out his chest just a little in pride. A silence stretched between them until Yuu gracefully shifted himself in his cage so that he was face to face with Allen through the bars.

Allen waited for Yuu to speak, but there was not a sound from the boy.

His dark eyes just starred at Allen, flickering over the child's pale eyes, face, hair, and his tattered clothing. Allen blushed shamefully under the scrutiny. Yuu looked tough with his hair all dirty and his clothes torn and battered from the experiments. Allen knew he just looked like a big loser.


"Hmph what?" Allen asked.

"You're cute," Yuu boldly said, causing Allen's face to turn bright red.

"Thank you."

"And innocent."

"Umm, thanks?"

"And obedient."

"Hey, no I'm not --"

"Shut up."

"Okay," Allen whimpered. Yuu just smirked, his dark eyes glinting as his tail took on a more pleased swish.

"Hn. You're going my mate, moyashi."

Allen choked on his tongue as he struggled to remember how to breathe and how to stop blushing.

"Wh- what?!"

"My mate. You belong to me now. I'm claiming you. I'll protect you and kick the ass of anybody who tries to touch you."

Allen's eyes went wide. No-one but Mana had ever wanted to protect him.


Mana had been nice to him and wanted to break him out of this place so the rich people couldn't buy him. But since Mana was a white coat, when the other white coats found out about it, Mana was killed.

Allen swallowed a lump of hurt as he thought of his beloved Mana and thought back on what Yuu had just told him. The younger one flicked his tail around the small cage, wondering if the dark-haired boy was being serious when he said Allen was his mate.

"B-but," Allen began, "I don't know what a mate is. And I'm not sure if I wanna be your …'mate', even if you would protect me."

Yuu's eyes narrowed and his tail stopped suddenly.

"You don't know what a mate is?" Yuu sounded both offended and amused.

"I'm sorry," Allen protested weakly. "I've never been outside of here except to do tests and experiments."

Yuu's eyes went wide. Then, the dark cat-boy suddenly hissed viciously, eyes narrowing to slits and the fur of his tail going wild.

"Bastards! They've kept you locked in here all this time!?" Yuu lashed out with his fists at the bars of the cage separating them. Allen flinched and pinned his ears down.

Midnight blue eyes stared steadfast at Allen through the bars. Allen looked away, but found himself drawn back to them no matter how shy or confused he felt. The platinum-haired boy bit his lower lip out of habit and then looked at Yuu through his lashes.

Daringly, Allen shifted to put his hands over Yuu's on the cage bars. Yuu's anger seemed to flow out of him at the contact. Possessively, Yuu looped his long tail through the cage to caress Allen's white one in a smooth stroke. Allen could only purr, feeling soothed by the gesture.

"Yuu," he said, once he'd regained some control over his noises, "if I were to be your mate, would that make you my mate too?"

Yuu nodded once and made careful to not to let his anticipation show. He didn't want to scare the moyashi like when he had first come in. He was only after the fucking scientists in their white coats. He would never scare his moyashi ever again now that they were mates.

"So if I were your mate, what would I have to do?" Allen asked gently.

Yuu wrinkled his nose and scoffed. "Do? You don't need to do anything. I'll do everything for you. I'll protect you and get you anything you need. You just have to promise you'll be mine, and you won't let anyone else love you or own you."

"So you'd be like my brother or my Master?"

"I am not your brother. And I'm not like those fucking dirty human Masters, baka moyashi! Don't ever associate me with them! I'm your protector and your lover from now on."


"You'll understand when you're older."

Allen could only nod as he looked at his new… mate (the word felt funny on his tounge) and resisted the urge to smile. Yuu was strange, but nice and very handsome and strong. Allen really liked him and was glad he had been given such a good mate.

"Sure, I'll be your mate and you'll be mine. And I promise not to be anyone else's."

Yuu's ears perked up at the oath and he nodded firmly in consent. He couldn't help but feel regal at the thought that the white-eared boy was now his. The boy would be an even more handsome mate once Yuu got them out of here and his moyashi got a good grooming and some better clothes. Which reminded him…

"Oi, moyashi, when we get out of here, I'll buy you something sparkly so everyone will know you're mine."

"What?" Allen breathed out, hardly moving for what seemed like an eternity because he was so stunned. There was silence between the two.

Allen said quietly, "Really? You would do that for me?"

Allen sounded so hopeful and so filled with joy at the thought that Yuu was torn between purring at the boy or trying to kill the men who had put his moyashi in this cage. Allen smiled shyly again as Yuu nodded.

Suddenly, a thought hit the platinum-haired boy.

"Yuu, you said that if I was your mate you would do stuff for me, right?"

"Anything," Yuu swore, eyes brightening with the same intensity that Allen seemed to be getting a lot of. Allen gave a timid, heartbreakingly hopeful smile.

"Yuu, I don't suppose you could get us out here?"

Yuu scoffed with a hint of what Allen thought may have been a smirk on the other boy's lips. Yuu nodded and then elegantly twisted himself in his cage to face the opening.

"Of course I can, baka moyashi. Just wait a little bit. I'll get you outta here and then we'll be free. And I'll buy that pretty thing and I'll introduce you to the other NECOs and tell them you're my mate and it'll be better. I swear, moyashi."

Allen nodded quietly and watched as Yuu pulled at his bars thoughtfully, already planning on how to break them both free.

Yuu was so amazing. He was everything Allen wasn't and he was so much better than Allen thought he could ever be. He was so strong and handsome and so sure of himself that Allen almost believed the older boy about escaping... almost

Maybe, one day, they really could be free together.

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