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Chapter 13: All of Me

Yuu became deadly – he became reckless and desperate and absolutely furious upon learning Allen had been sold. All logic and reason left him.

Tyki and Lavi tried to hold him back but Yuu bolted off the moment he heard that Allen had been sold as a NECO slave. He ran towards the auction house faster than Lavi had ever seen. Lavi bolted after him and Tyki arrived shortly afterwards at the auction house, all pretense of a Master and his NECOs lost in the panic.

By the time Tyki found the other two, Yuu was beating the auctioneer bloody and Lavi was barely restraining him. Tyki immediately dove in to help restrain the cat NECO, whose eyes were near black as he snarled and clawed at the helpless man.

The auctioneer was all but crying, his voice cracking and his bloodied arms shielding his trembling lips as he spoke.

"14140 Genesis Ave! - Oh god, please I swear all I know is 14140 Genesis was the address the carriage went to with the white-haired NECO! -"

Yuu suddenly lunged forward towards the man, almost breaking free of his friends' grip, and the auctioneer shrieked again and began crying out for mercy.

"Where is he!?" Yuu bellowed. "Where is that place!?"

"Yuu!" Lavi tried to rationalize with his friend. His only reward was another bloodthirsty snarl and Yuu struggling to escape the hold he and Tyki had on him.

"Th-the east! The house is due east of here somewhere, but I swear to god I don't know anything else! It's –"

Yuu violently and suddenly drove his elbows into Tyki and Lavi's abdomens.

Hissing, Tyki released Yuu for only a moment – the same moment Lavi did – and Yuu was shoving past them in a blind run both before they could inhale to call out for him to stop.

"Fuck" Tyki muttered. The auctioneer continued to tremble at their feet and Lavi clicked his tongue against his teeth.

"Do we go after him?" Lavi muttered, looking to his mate. His long rabbit-ears twitched as a thousand thoughts flooded his mind. "You're strong enough to hold him down if we catch him again, but even if I run to catch him there's no telling what will happen… I've never seen Yuu like this…"

"I know, querido… I know…" Tyki's bit his lower lip, lost as to what to do. Silence stretched between them as an uncomfortable question came between them.

"I think it's best we follow behind him at a safe distance" Lavi finally confessed, breaking the silence and beginning to jog out of the auction house. Tyki followed him, nodding in agreement. "We can track his scent and avoid him mauling us this way as well. Yuu's desperate to find Allen right now and he's dangerous when he's mad. I really don't think we don't have another choice."

Tyki nodded his consent, knowing his lover was right. Any other option would just result in them getting hurt alongside anyone else who got in Yuu's way. Tyki inhaled sharply through his nose, gold eyes narrowing as he caught the Japanese teen's scent.

"Let's go, querido"

"I really hope Yuu finds Allen before he tears this whole town apart… or I don't know what will happen next…"

Yuu arrived at 14140 Genesis Ave and ripped down the door. Literally.

A flurry of maids screamed as the door broke off its hinges and a snarling, dark-haired NECO landed on all fours in the entryway. Feral and single-minded on finding his mate, Yuu went speeding down the halls, throwing himself into every room along the way. If he could not see or hear Allen, his claws marked his frustration two-inches deep into the ornante walls.

"Moyashi!" Yuu called, moving desperately, blindly through the house. He sped past more hallways and more ornate doorways, more screaming maids and more empty rooms, constantly looking for a sign or a sound of his precious mate.

"Moyashi!" he yelled again, fierce and determined not to leave until he found his mate. "MOYASHI!"

"- Yuu?" came a soft voice from down the hall.

Yuu took off in a blur of motion, breaking open the door and diving into the room on all fours, fangs bared and eyes narrowed to slits. The room was cool, festive and it smelled far too sweet for Yuu's taste. But his eyes caught sight of his lover, his Moyashi, and suddenly all his senses narrowed to focus on him.

Allen sat in a fancy chair turned to face an adjacent wall and an adjacent chair. His silver eyes went wide and a brilliant smile lit up his face -

Yuu ignored everything else upon seeing his silver-haired mate. He leapt at Allen, sweeping him into his arms.

As soon as he did so, the Japanese teen caught the scent of a foreigner and he whirled in a single, fluid motion to tuck his Moyashi into a corner and assumed a threatening stance again.

He glared darkly at the human on the other side of the room, whose eyes were wide and blinking at him slowly. Yuu snarled at him.

Yuu had his Moyashi again – nothing else mattered. He'd kill if he had to escape this room and take his mate far far away from this bastard who had stolen him. uu's eyes gained a tint of black, bloodlust and desire to escape making his heart pound. He wanted to run away with Allen in his arms, after he'd been gone a whole day it had been terrifying to think Allen had been hurt and now his Moyashi was safe, and all Yuu wanted was to protect and fight and the urge was overwhelming –

"Yuu, Yuu stop! Stop it's okay!" Allen's voice brought him back to reality. It broke through his angry haze and he realized his mate had his arms wrapped tightly around his waist. Allen was holding him back, trying to stop him from becoming violent.

Confused, but none-the-less threatened, Yuu continued to growl and didn't move from his feral position. Still, his dark ears twitched towards his lover's voice as his blue eyes remained unmoving on the human stranger in the corner.

Behind his back, Allen tried to wriggle out of his mate's hold, but was held fast by an iron grip that he knew Yuu wouldn't let him escape from.

"Yuu," he crooned, rubbing his lover's back and trying to calm him – to tell him that things truly were okay. He kissed Yuu's cheek, but nothing in his mate changed. "Yuu" he called again. "It's okay really. I want you to believe me."

Midnight-blue ears twitched.

"Yuu, this is Adam. He is Mana's brother! Do you remember me telling you about Mana? About my Papa?"

Allen kissed his lover's cheek again, purring low and soft. This time, he felt the muscles in Yuu's back shift. Yuu's posture rose, just slightly, and Allen breathed a sigh of relief. He knew his mate wouldn't attack Adam blindly now that he knew that he was Mana's brother.

"Yuu, Adam saved me. I'm so sorry I wandered away from Lavi and Tyki. After I got captured, I was so scared Yuu. So so scared – but Adam saved me, just like Mana did! Yuu, he bought me when the slave owners tried to auction me away. "

From the other side of the room, Adam cleared his throat gently. "I recognized your dear Allen the moment I saw him."

Yuu growled at that, causing Adam to throw his hands up in defence. Nonetheless, Adam laughed. "My my, your mate is even more feisty than you mentioned, Allen."

Allen stroked his lover's sides again, trying to calm him and smiling up at him in hopes it would ease his mate's temper." Mana talked about me to Adam all the time, Yuu. He told him all about me."

"The moment I saw your white hair and your scar, dear boy, I knew you were Mana's. There could never have been another. I only thank God I was in town when that auction was taking place and that I managed to have enough money on me to buy you."

"So you purposefully went into town looking to buy a slave?" Yuu snarled. Dirty human.

"Oh no! Not at all." Adam's eyes gained a steely tint. "Let's be straightforward, shall we? - I know you don't trust me, boy. You have every right not to, but for heaven's sake stop glaring at me like I'm evil. I saved your mate, I have fed him and clothed him and I mean you no harm."

Yuu made no response, his eyes still narrowed to slits. Adam sighed heavily.

"Well I can see you refuse to listen to reason in your current state. I meant to offer to you and you mate a home here –"

"We have a home," Yuu's voice left no room for bargaining. "We don't need your fucking pity. Now let him go or I'll leave you bloody and bruised before I take him."

Adam rolled his eyes, sparking Yuu to growl threateningly again. Adam merely sighed again, looking to the silver-NECO held tight against his mate's chest.

"You may go, Allen. I never intended to keep you against your will. Still, Allen my dear boy, if you ever are in trouble again feel free to call me. Mana loved you more than anything and I loved Mana the same way. If you need me to, I'll act as your Master –"

Yuu hissed in disgust.

"—I'll shelter you, and give you whatever I can. I swear it. The same offer applies to your mate and your friends, should they need assistance as well."

"Thank you," Allen responded, smiling. Yuu clutched him tighter to his chest.

After a tense moment, glances exchanged and a thick silence suffocating the room, Adam motioned that they could go. Yuu took his mate firmly by the hand and hurried them both out of the elegant house. His grip was hard as steel as he dragged Allen out into the sunlight and forced them both into a run.

The silver-haired NECO kept stride with his taller counterpart, biting his bottom lip between his teeth at leaving Adam's house so abruptly. He hadn't even been able to say thank you properly.

"Yuu, Adam isn't bad. I promise."

"Che! Moyashi, you're naive. Humans are nothing but trouble. He's using Mana against you!"

"But Yuu – "

"No, Moyashi!"

Yuu's voice left no room for further discussion. Allen submitted, knowing he had already caused his mate so much worry and heartache to dare bring up the subject again.

Yuu ran with his mate out of the town and didn't speak a word. He kept his solid grip on Allen's wrist and refused to let go. Despite not speaking after leaving Adam's house, the line of Yuu's tense shoulders and the downturn of his mouth told Allen all he needed to know.

Yuu dragged him, refusing to stop for anything, into a secluded area of forest – far from their original home and far from human contact.

Suddenly, Yuu released him and whirled around to face his mate.

"Why on earth would you be so stupid to wander off alone!?" Yuu barked, his voice louder than it had ever been with his mate. Allen's ears flew back against his skull. "What the hell did you think you were doing Moyashi!? How could you be so stupid!? – You could've died! You were sold as a fucking slave and I had no idea where you were or how to save you! You are so -! So - ! ARRRRGHHHHH!"

Yuu let out a roar, unable to form words, and glared darkly at his mate.

Silence, thick as blood, filled the air. Neither NECO spoke, simply stared at each other – Yuu panting heavily and his eyes unrelentingly focused on Allen, whose pale ears were pinned back and his eyes wide.

Allen looked away then, shame painting his face, and swallowed hard. He tried to form words but failed multiple times upon thinking of what he had done to Yuu.

Yuu felt contrasting feelings fill his chest as he continued to stare at his silver-eared lover. His instincts screaming 'Your mate needs you. He is sad and ashamed and needs comfort. Go to him. Soothe him' but his anger was over-powering as well.

Yuu huffed air out of his nostrils then ordered out for Allen to look him in the eye again. He repeated the demand more firmly when Allen tried to avoid doing so.

Silver eyes met navy blue. One hesitant and scared, the other filled with anger and concern. Finally, ensuring his mate wouldn't look away, Yuu let his emotions show in a rare display.

His navy ears flew back, his own tail flicking at the air in rapid moves, as if batting away an unseen enemy.

"Moyashi… Allen… do you have any idea how scared you made me? I was so scared I had lost you."

His voice was low, quiet. Allen's eyes widened at the words, guilt filling his chest and his ears perking at the sound.

"Yuu, I'm so sorr – "

"Sorry doesn't change what you did, Moyashi."

Allen's ears flew back again. Yuu's words were harsh in their honesty.

"All I want in life is for you to be safe, Moyashi. I love you – Why would you wander off on your own? Why would you risk losing me and getting hurt? … I would've died if anything had happened to you…"

The very thought of Yuu dying filled Allen with a cold, gripping fear. He ran forward, pulling Yuu into his arms and looping their tails tightly – silver and navy in an unbreakable bond.

"Yuu! Please don't ever hurt yourself or want to die. You mean the world to me! Please, please – I'm so sorry! Forgive me. I swear I'll never do it again - just stay safe! As long as you're safe I'll always be alright, Yuu… Yuuuuu…" Tears filled Allen's eyes. "I'm so sorry. Please Yuu, I need you. Please don't ever stop loving me and don't leave me."

Yuu buried his face in his mate's hair, yet said nothing. Allen could hear his mate's heart pounding hard beneath his chest. More guilt welled up in him.

Oh God, I really scared him... I actually scared Yuu… And Yuu isn't scared of anything…

Allen tightened his arms around Yuu's waist, murmuring into his chest 'I'm sorry' like it was a prayer.

"… town to get … gift …" Allen mewled.

"Speak up" Yuu ordered. Allen fidgeted uncomfortably, yet looked straight up into his lover's eyes.

"I left Lavi and Tyki - it was stupid and I swear I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to you! – but I did it so I could get an anniversary gift for you."

Yuu's eyes widened, not expecting those words.

"After Rhode and the others ate your cake, and I put on the bracelet you gave me yesterday, I wanted to do something special for you. You've loved me, protected me and been perfect to me for so long. I truly am the luckiest NECO alive to have Yuu… I love you with all of my heart…"

Allen smiled up at him timidly.

"I wanted to get you something special – something that showed you that I always want to be yours and you to be mine. Forever. So I went and stole something – the same way you stole me this diamond bracelet the day after we escaped. So…"

Allen hesitated, then leaned up to kiss his lover's lips gently, apologetically. "Happy anniversary, Yuu. I love you and I always will. You're the perfect mate."

His voice was soft and loving. Sincere.

Then Allen pulled a stunning sapphire bracelet out of his pant pocket.

The dark, glittering blue stones shone in the sunlight, blue reflections dancing across the grass around them. A flawless silver metal, swirled in a simple pattern, surrounded each gem and highlighted the stunning colour even more.

Yuu's eyes widened again at the sight, his ears perked to their full height. Yuu looked between the bracelet and his lover's silver eyes. He saw so much love and trust in those eyes… his beloved Moyashi… his perfect, precious mate…

Then Yuu smacked his lover hard on the head.

"Oww!" Allen cringed, right before he was pulled against a warm, strong chest.

"You fucking idiot," Yuu hissed, tightening his hold to the point of pain. He nuzzled Allen's cheeks, rubbed their tails, and then bit him harshly on the neck.

Allen yelped in pain and submitted immediately, Yuu's sharp fangs and strong arms forcing him to his knees before his mate. Yuu knocked the silver-NECO's feet out from under him, the bracelet went flying into the grass, and before Allen could blink Yuu had him pinned to the earthy ground below.

Strong, steely blue eyes glared down at him. "You fucking idiot," Yuu repeated, still hissing. Allen swallowed hard, eyes flickering over his mate's face for any indication of what was going on.

Yuu leaned down til they were nose-to-nose. Allen offered his neck and his ears flattened in submission. Yuu growled in acceptance, then gently bit his lover's ear. Allen yelped again.

Yuu forced them nose-to-nose again, their eyes locked on each other.

"Moyashi, the only gift I ever want is you." Yuu kissed him then, hard and firm and passionate and desperate – then it was gone as quickly as it had come. Allen blinked, dazed, until Yuu's firm hand brought them nose-to-nose again.

"Listen! I want you safe, happy, and by my side always," Yuu growled, though there was no menace in the rumble of his chest. "If you thought risking your safety, risking being caught and losing me forever was worth some damn bracelet – I'm going to punish you until you learn your damn lesson. You're right, you will spend the rest of your life making this up to me, because I'm going to spend the rest of my life teaching you that all I want is you – no gifts, no cakes, no putting yourself in danger ever again."

"Yuu –" Allen began, breathless with happiness and apologies. Yuu just bit his nose, making him cry out yet again, then bit his neck hard until Allen yielded and submitted to him again.

Yuu soothed the bites with a kiss and lick, muttering curses into his neck.

"Baka moyashi… worried me to death… fucking idiot… I'm never letting you leave my side again… fucking bracelet…"

Allen laughed softly and wrapped his arms tight around his lover. Yuu let his full weight fall atop his mate, burying his nose in white hair and alternating between biting his neck and kissing him, cursing him and muttering that he was safe now.

Allen let him do as he pleased, taking the pain and the pleasure afterwards. He ran his small hands through the long mane of Yuu's hair, the strands sliding between his fingers like silk. He purred chest-to-chest with his mate and entwined their tails again.

"Baka moyashi!"

"I'm sorry, Yuu. I love you too."

Allen felt tears well up in his eyes – a mixture of relief and realization of just how badly things could've been. He continued stroking his hands through his lover's long, dark hair.

Yuu's harsh bites, kisses, and complaints merely continued.

Allen kissed his skin wherever he could reach, and knew he was forgiven.

By the time Tyki and Lavi found them both, Allen was covered in bites and smiling ear-to-ear, Yuu's arms wrapped impossibly tight around him.

Lavi promptly burst into tears and threw himself on top of the two lovers. He kept trying to hold Allen in his own arms only to have Yuu constantly smack him away and hiss protectively.

Seeing them, Tyki's whole body dropped in relief as he saw the others in a pile of limbs and Allen's beaming face looking at him. Smiling softly, thanking heaven, he placed a large tanned hand on his mate's red hair, petting him to soothe his tears. The other large tanned hand went to Allen's white hair, which he ruffled firmly to reassure himself Allen was with them again.

Yuu, naturally, smacked at their hands and hissed increasingly threatening curses at Tyki and Lavi to stop touching his lover.

Tyki and Lavi, naturally, ignored Yuu completely and cuddled the two cat NECOs until they could barely breathe.

They had lost all their supplies in the panic of finding Allen. They had lost their home to white coats, who were no doubt still somewhere out-there in search of them.

But none of that mattered –

They were all safe, with their mates, and reunited again.


I might write some little flashbacks to go along with this, as lots of you have asked to know more about the NECOs past... plus I never did write a Lucky (Tyki X Lavi) lemon... Oops. To be continued!